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  1. i might divorce you for plus tough
  2. Afx likes mortician 🧟‍♂️ he posted necrocannibal on his soundpuke if you dont like mortician you are not a true kanye fan
  3. Anything or anyone that plays on the mainstage of tommorrowland, etetnal shame to you
  4. Ecs desc is the best track on donda imo
  5. i was having a good time, smoking a joint and then i played this record. i crapped my pants throught the whole album except maybe the last half minute praising god i survived and it was almost over. gonna roll another one and listen to it again 10/10
  6. just wow, one listen in and i'm blown the fuck away love the features 2, fire indeed!
  7. Never was a fan but i'm kinda curious what they came up with
  8. autechre is psychedelic therapy music, to hell with this crap
  9. now he got beef with drake, and Peppa Pig
  10. I like the album a lot 😄, pt2 bonus traxxx are cool 2 Lol that they cut all the naughty words out and the gospel stuff at the second half is giving me migraine in my butt but none the less, chaos cowboy ye delivered 🤌
  11. yoooo fuck yeah on my first listen, shit BANGS my meng Ye fuckin did it
  12. Ivan Ooze

    170871 50

    cheers beerwolf my meng 🤘 50 fuckin years old, let that sink in. I heard he plays synths in dire straits now.
  13. vocals, mix and samples and stuff heh
  14. I recorded some tracks with my m8 shiteater glorious artwork by Hello Spiral should be on a split with the band Toi Toi
  15. New machinedrum ep comming out and the single is superdope https://youtu.be/JN-5mPtluhQ A view of U is an amazing album btw except a few trx i still constantly rotate it 👍 criminally underated
  16. Ivan Ooze


    i played this last (wild) weekend after years of listening to other othercre and it's my favorite right now, it's also the first one that introduced me to em. perfect album also redruth come back, we're sorry
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