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  1. 2 more tracks uploaded from the album on bandcamp. Typical current value put very diverse production and sound design is out of this world, got high hopes for this one 🙌
  2. hugh mugnnus vs cyanobacteria that's the kind of movie i wanna see
  3. Not married but still with the same waifu[emoji7] Haven't shroomed/truffeled since 2013 tough. Gotta respect the magic, love and wisdom da[emoji265] gave me or i'm afraid it's gonna deathfukk me again in 8dimension loops
  4. Mega cringing at my own early posts on watmm [emoji961][emoji961]
  5. it's a realy nice and silly track, the instrumental version we got on his website is neat to someone commented that it sounds like a tune they play when the endcredits of a soap role off and i always imagine that now
  6. maybe the best bm album released last year, whole thing is amazing, even the artwork
  7. i just watched inglorious bastards after years, i totally forgot how good it was realy loved once upon a time in hollywood to, gotta rewatch it
  8. i commented on a soundcloud track years ago if he could ever top yeezus and he answered "yes!" well it did kinda came true cause the collapse ep is some of his best work imo
  9. i just want snow to drop a new mixtape, fuck boc
  10. mods, look how they massacred my boy drukqs ban pls
  11. they are gonna drop a video for the new aphex twin album on april 14th
  12. Ivan Ooze

    afx nft

    Afxxx [emoji533][emoji97]
  13. No doubt the holocaust happened but with all respect, what the fuck are the jews doing over there to the people from palistine?? nuke thread pls i'm out
  14. those are the same people who think the disintegration loops is a good album
  15. Rotten is rude and annoying but he got heart
  16. the only drip i want is a used kanye condom up my rectum
  17. New current value album in april, its got a collab track with friggin amon tobin on it cuh Preview track sounds great❤️, bro never gets much buzz here on watmm , what's the deal? i hope it's not gonna be as LOUD as the previous albums, i'm not deaf yet https://currentvalue1.bandcamp.com/album/the-all-attracting He also has been putting some dope unreleased tunes on bandcamp, check it
  18. This venom cover from cradle of filth is hilariously awesome
  19. this is the dumbest and most evil shit i prob ever seen, and they should seriously plant a device in every man's dick that explodes after making 2 kids. save the planet, say no to kids
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