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  1. Reminds me to go whore myself out for pennies on the local Karl Marx street, fortunately it's 40 minutes of walk from here. There, or on the nearby Engels and Rosa Luxemburg streets i'm gonna find me a paying dick to suck. Focking bourgeoisie
  2. https://www.thewire.co.uk/in-writing/interviews/the-musical-score-is-the-worst-thing-that-ever-happened-in-the-history-of-music-mark-fell- Here's the short article in question (thanks for mentioning). He criticizes a method of composing that is alien to him based on the work which he nevertheless loves, so i don't think he's trolling, just leaves a space for non-dogmatic thinking on both sides. It seems to me a continuation of earlier Fell's essay, where he describes two ways of doing music: knowing exactly what you want to do and the opposite situation, his preferred one https:
  3. fixt I demand a subforum for Mark Fell & Rian Treanor, the first IDM dynasty
  4. Yeah, the album is solidly put together, among my favourite this year. I'm still on the in the ciliary copse boat, also like the r-process groove a lot. Cool sounds, cool patterns, concise and varied yet stylistically consistent selection, that's how to do albums
  5. Seems legit: Good conspiration effort too
  6. By using fractional digit they're making the same argument (of a self-irony sort, it doesn't matter if it's intentional), as in "giving scores is dumb so we'll do it with fractional digits". Having that settled, it makes their scores useful to not have to read their watery reviews. Your score is helpful too, for example. Then there's an "art" in your attack, when in fact it's called music in this case, assigning a sort of higher and more general level to it. Not any "art" is art, not any music is artful, so to speak. A lot of it already at home in the "dumb" category
  7. Solid work, lotta cool melodic unhurried burners on a matured 90s idmz framework with good variety (i wasn't personally feeling it until the middle of the record at tracks 7-8, this is not even a one street journey). Local peeps should check out, so posting in a thread
  8. Both tracks are enjoyable. Particularly, tasty acido croaking in inspirals, funky electro groove in in the ciliary copse -- the second one is probably my favourite and pretty deep diving with classy touches and just slightly offbeat
  9. We got Sean-god's second coming correcting a brief Belgian interview for getting it wrong about Radiohead etc. and then we post a translation of a translation from Japanese by non-native Japanese speaker a size of a fucking novel, i applaud this shit! Apostles Ju & Ja, is this canon? Sean-god? (cheers for good work, excuse my tone, not a fan of them chitchat interviews with bullshit ideas thrown in, the 1000th time of recalling the origins story, what do younguns listen to nowadays from a UK nursing home perspective, black producers are nerds like academics and sheeit i be tellin
  10. These are equally as mediocre, the idea itself is pretty hacky
  11. Poor labour folk like me can't afford the forum fees to have the privilege to delete posts. Not saying that i'd do it, i'd prefer the guillotine
  12. I'm against eating the Chinamen -- not tasty, yellowish and disgusting, White imperialist Americans on the other hand -- yummy! Especially women, lotta good parts.
  13. All i see is a totally bullshit praise written in stupid slang (calling anything remarkable genius worn out, so now everybody's the greatest ever) and some mildly critical comments almost a decade ago. This Ocean maggot received more than enough attention to guard him instead of concentrating on someone less fortunate.
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