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  1. Almost a separate track! Glitches into the dark by the end (from today):
  2. The same one, just a bit more loud (played directly before):
  3. Made a chronological playlist of bitroast and ye olde one uploads of most streams including yesterday's. Also really liked this iteration of the audio, sorta euphoric trancey one:
  4. He never really sounded in the vein of raster-noton (it's just raster now, btw)
  5. Just look at the latest videos on that channel. And it's not S&R, it's only S
  6. bitroast usually uploads these streams, all the videos are on his channel:
  7. Amen Lare


    Pic? It's not looking cool on the site, especially the "Live" on the back side
  8. I made a pissnoise track out of a small fragment of the first stream (added external melodic layer for the flow), thanks to bitroast for uploading and user James Kelly for highlighting one of the cool parts in the comment section
  9. There's not only added kick drums, but also different types of "snares" (rather quiet and non-invasive ones), the percussion is added from outside the sources undoubtedly.
  10. Amen Lare

    Autechre Cover?

    I suspect if he would isolate his bass playing part, it won't sound particularly intriguing (sort of like Squarepusher on his bass escapades). I mean you could do a lot of rhythmic stuff on top of those tracks and sound cool
  11. Wow, the second excerpt didn't live far
  12. Ain't shit hot as fire, a couple of clips (took by phone first and then by screen recorder on the phone)
  13. The Fell & Lazar collabo has more to do with Gabor Lazar, i believe, it was recorded in Budapest while Fell was there for a concert, Mark kinda just added his drum machine patterns to sync. Check EP16 by Lazar for indication of sound. Also i found nineFly has some resemblance to Fell's Ten Types of Elsewhere in timbres, though by no means there's a connection, i just haven't really heard much in that vein (one of my absolute favourites, that nineFly).
  14. It's all bravada, the thing is tiny
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