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  1. Amen Lare

    Mika Vainio

    Stumbled upon a long finnish post-mortem article on him with many personal stories in it just yesterday, I transferred one enthusiast's translation to readable format here in two parts: https://telegra.ph/Mika-Vainio--A-Quiet-Life-part-1-08-03 https://telegra.ph/Mika-Vainio--A-Quiet-Life-part-2-08-03 Finnish original: https://yle.fi/aihe/artikkeli/2017/12/18/mika-vainio-a-quiet-life Some excertps in regards to his tracks:
  2. I was burgering you until you came up with this small theory, I was/remained disappointed by both aside from a couple of tracks. Quaristice a bit more so, coz it was the first in line and got flaccid additions where Oversteps had MoT. In cases of both albums among my biggest joys were low bitrate radio previews (Tankakern, rale, WNSN in horrible quality on the Wire podcast and see on see with german presentation, i heard more phantom grandeur in those).
  3. More like everybody, the link is playing alright. http://offliberty.com/ -- paste the mixcloud link in here to download the file
  4. 14.88 bucks would be more extremist and also cheaper, greedy bastardos (likely Actress is just playing on ambiguity as usual)
  5. I agree that it's one of the greatest things to ever happen to Quaristice and that's not much. fixt
  6. Amen Lare

    ? - twels

    Everyone's busy about themselves and noone gonna give credit to our ragazzo Draft?
  7. It fits too, ofcourse, hence /]{- /](||) name which is AE ACID written playfully (just to be clear, probably we all know it here). It's a lot closer to traditional acid sounds tho, where Slow Acid accommodates to Ae taste extremely, thus not having "true" acidic nature on synths or rhythm. The concept is, tho. I would say it's a constant in a lot of Ae tracks, like Parhelic Triangle, Iera etc. And Acdwn2 isn't even hiding it. That toggle rhythm i find to be a groovy foundation to not become bored with while repeating it, instead of that drum busyness shown in Excerpt.
  8. Slow Acid is more of a far continuation of much older "proof of concept" which was the early acid (a minimal beat plus acid line), it does nothing on top of it conceptually, yet goes out of its way to modify it sonically. Fold 4 Wrap 5 and Dial (and IO is already recognized as something in the vein of Dial, i believe), they try out the somewhat abnormal thing -- now i don't hear what is abnormal and concept-y about Slow Acid, i mean it shows out nothing beside a very minimal Ae-type repetitive breakbeat and swooshes of acidic lines and a little Autechrian play of nuance. Not that i see anything unfulfilling about those examples, on the contrary the somewhat standard idea behind Slow Acid is probably its disadvantage to me, yet the level of lushness is irresistible. I think this was partly the logic behind releasing this track outside of Ae (given its minimal nature it's hardly done by more than one half of Ae).
  9. If that is a proof of concept, where is the concept's output? Anyway, it feels like ear candy in all regards to me, the end "pop song" result of certain sound sculpting.
  10. @thumbass I prefer Slow Acid
  11. Again based on one type of breakbeat like with the last one? There seems to be some variation later in the mix, not drastic. This is more of a 4hr Dekmantel podcast anthology branch, almost all of the tracks were there.
  12. Better before Saddam leaves Ae for a new more prosperous career in producing Flep Bird alikes for mobile
  13. Whaddafa, was it the algo trying to play the game? Saddam's targeting moneh in gamedev? We must sabotage his attempts before it's too late
  14. Almost a separate track! Glitches into the dark by the end (from today):
  15. The same one, just a bit more loud (played directly before):
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