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  1. Agreed, otherwise they would be all over the Jake Muir new album thread in a snap, SIGN messed up priorities
  2. I hear more of Cocteau Twins' Beatrix in known(1), they played it in one of their marathon streams somewhere (and regarding SIGN -- F7 definitely resembles known(1) to me, that was my immediate reaction on the premiere, and not only mine, i recall somebody throwing known(2) comment)
  3. Orange man stupid, media good, analytical
  4. Part of the album title "operation" implied?
  5. Probably, but also encore (which makes the track titles seem not that careless, considering telling titles like si00 and au14)
  6. I seriously think that, how do you know there's plenty? Do you have an idea ~how many people buy regular releases for a start? And what's this argument that sketchier comps were released? Ae should lower their standard closer to the worst releases in history coz they don't care or why, exactly? Shitty or not to you, they were deemed as good as bonus tracks go by their creators, and in a comp context they would flow way worse than as an optional outro.
  7. Embarrassment at how shitty and non-selling it would be?
  8. You, like, answered your question yourself -- if you consolidate most of the stuff on, say, bandcamp (one fridge for everything), why would you go to other places (separate fridge for Ae, separate fridge for this, another one for that) for some unknown cut economy every time? It even maybe so that keeping up bleepstore is costlier than using bandcamp for a label. Tho that's not a question of label's convenience but customer's. You keep it in one place and have less customers as a result.
  9. Why wouldn't they use everything possible just in case? They lose what exactly? Some people prefer bandcamp as a place to buy music. Warp may not like it coz of the fee, but the cut from Spotify, Apple music etc. gotta be incomparably lower, yet they are there (and not in one streaming service but all of them).
  10. It's named SIGN as in ABBREVIATION, no atures and ificants for you dyslexicians!
  11. It's for the last track to work (i personally hated that reverb turn they took after Untilted, it's such a boring experienced producer thing to do)
  12. Unconvincing to me, a critic has absolutely understandable inhuman bias towards something he doesn't like, a fan has human bias towards something he listened thru a hundred times. A lot of people find Ae cold, alien etc. even while sympathising to it (i recall one robotic electro fan saying he liked to turn on Confield to be irradiated), so there must be a dimension of impenetrability. Of course there are fragile melodies and "emosh" stuff here and there, but that's not the general line, not why you come to Ae instead of BoC, for example. My take is that being cold, alien, autistic is int
  13. (I haven't read the book) How is inhuman music concept bullshit even if banal? Loads of noise and algorhythmic stuff and whatnot is intentionally inhuman, what's the argument against? Some just have a different picture of the border disposition between human/inhuman. That there's still human decisions behind it -- well, Reynolds clearly doesn't forget that with autistic boys metaphor (not reptilians or something). What i mean is that despite his own dismissive view towards Ae, the way he describes his troubles with it makes it seem cool if you don't follow on implications such as, sc
  14. And that was published in 1998, so before LP5 at least, which is funny. Tho this description feels complementary / gives an intriguing angle, if you don't take dismissive implications at face value.
  15. Yo, i address loudly so errybody hears: it's named SIGN as in abbreviation, there's a difference there, do you also call Untilted Untitled coz who cares or what, we're in Ae subforum
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