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  1. You (or dat redditor) talk like it's a bad thing. There's a shitload of Commies out there (and probably here) and they're nice people overall despite Commies being sickening bloodsuckers historically. There's no such thing as Judeo-Christian culture, it's two separate cultures that had a lot of co-living with a lot of struggle. There's nothing bad in prefering certain cultures, especially your own, the moment you stop doing it that culture starts to deteriote which we see currently. Calling everyone slightly conservative a Nazi is a part of that suicidal tendency. That's a bit jumpy argument, to be fair. Also I don't personally feel the "salivates" bit, I mean does he? Is he also jerking off to it? Lubricates it with saliva first? What does he do next with it? You can't talk with those people, there's a Gulag for that! By the way, did you know that Gulag was installed and administered by Jews all the way thru the beautiful 1937-1938 purge of millions of innocent people? Nothing to do with ethnicity, in fact! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gulag#Gulag_administrators He gotta have a brand to sell. But yeah, all those trannies from Twitter with hammer and sickle and quite aт innumerable bunch of openly Marxist "no borders, no genders" activists have nothing to do with culture or Bolshevism, it was just a coincidence that Bolsheviks pursued identical policy after the Revolution. Apocalyptic meat/apple induced fever dreams! That's poetic. Well, that's a good point, if you think about it. So it's not only a Hitler thing, but a more general Nazi trait? I think he just wants to fuck Stalin and compensates for it. Isn't Stalinism a much lesser enemy to a Nazi than Bolsheviks though? In art they actually have a lot in common. Josephaila? Gorbachev was too much of a cretin to topple anything. They sorta worked for hundreds of years before fascism, but OK, this longing is a Nazi trait. And Cultural Bolshevism is a conspiracy. Hmm. What's wrong with that absolutely healthy view? It's not like any other civilizations are run by more than one race. So whites are like 11% of the world population and their countries should host all the coloured folks and be replaced by them even if some countries didn't mess with them at all ever. In the desired end whites would be the only ones on the planet not running anything, because colonisation was a common sin. Everyone has their kinks. They're deviant by definition. Not for long, of course! Again, his obsession clearly masks a sexual tension. It's all unarguably untrue. Proven by science! Yeah, what a monster, masking oppression by biology! I mean look at women's reproductive system, we have abortion for that. Fair enough, still much less than any significant BLM, LGBT-nity, pro-migration, anti-hatespeech funds and the like get from our corpo overlords. Indeed, a stupid hater. I like anal sex, too. Eh, it kinda repeats the previous points. Is this for a stronger effect? Like he's definitely a Nazi by this point! Yet there's more! Suicide is a sort of apocalypse, i guess. Frankly, he kinda makes it seem cool. You can never defend Jews enough, I know! https://www.jordanbpeterson.com/psychology/on-the-so-called-jewish-question/ Far-rights love him: https://voxday.blogspot.com/2018/04/the-myth-of-jordan-petersons-integrity.html Well, Jews control most of the media and the money. Maybe they're just that good. Ohhhh, those Nazies with their cancelling! Someone gotta stop the fuckers! Attacking intellectuals is bad, I agree. The key is not to misuse SCIENCE! Disgusting! Myths??? What in the fuckk Eco won't tell no bullshit, he's an expert. Indeed, they're creepy. Gay.
  2. (if you insist on appreciating) I dunno, it strives for this very common, watered down kind of beauty
  3. Amen Lare


    I see you're into robot chicks? Humanophobic much?
  4. By the way, it is known that certain fungi and toxic bugs digest even the hardest plastic fully (search The Guardian articles for examples). You can then eat the resulted fungi. But the problem as I understand it is not with plastic per se, but especially toxic components within it, like PFAS, which are used in all types of regular products. This shit is making us infertile and perhaps less man/woman-like too
  5. Yeah, this shit is the most serious and, like, really solvable ultra-problem we face, not all that other shit. But they'll deal with it tomorrow! Not a fan of stand-up method of making statements, but this struck me as insightful when I heard it ages ago
  6. It's subscription-walled. Why do you care so much about some bullshit paper? Is it because you count fooking likes on posts? If anything, getting 1:10 ratio is not indicative of anything you declare to be truthful. Racism is overplayed like shit in UK, there are no racists in their political establishment, you are being played like a stupid Commie over a fictional political divide.
  7. "Their obsession" is one lame toilet paper for a merch table in a fooking political conference. Hillary should be in jail is a boomer-tier old meme, a slogan that clearly worked in the TV debate and agitation. Also your comment is mysogynistic, some ex-girlfriends tend to not move on from their ex-boyfriends because they're not evolutionary adapted to have many partners unlike males. Being "psycho" is a stronger manifestation of a quite natural reaction. Sexual liberation was a disaster. It's quite justified, Hillary/Pelosi are lame and embarassing, maybe too miserable to really hate. They're both shallow bureaucratic drones. Trump's description is funny at least (oh no! The US president can't be like that!), Obama's just a standard muttering like all US politicians do, imperialist heroes of our world. LOL CNN, Fox News is a no-no, but CNN, it's totally watchable! (it's one-sided trash)
  8. Nice last minute subs for penalties (Rashford & Sancho, both missed), also pewtiful decision to give yung Saka the 5th. Fair result, England tried to take it pragmatically the whole tournament, so yeah, beat the penalties then
  9. Amen Lare

    elseq 1-5

    Underrated is overrated. Long-form often gives Stockholm syndrome to its avid listeners. All end is a good example, nobody cared that much when it was at the end of bladelores years ago, then, by virtue of longevity, title and disposition it became this colossus everybody has in their head. Historically, when Western composers took on a long-form in the form of symphony for example, it was densely packed by all kinds of movements, which you then could cut out as a shorter piece nicely. The rhythm of life was supposedly way slower, yet they respected the attention. Then, by discovering various folklore practices of the world (from where early minimalism drew heavily, see Giacinto Scelsi or LaMonte Young etc.), it became the norm to dwell on something continuously. The thing is, those practices were author-less multi-generational practices as if carved by evolution, the logic behind it is not easily incorporated into compositions.
  10. I see, experts in delusion. Anyway I was commenting on the certain incident. Again, you can't know what exactly happened there (there was a fight). If this movie depicts it as paranoidal murder or whatever, it's just predictable slander for Varg's having "wrong" views.
  11. Is this your take from the movie? His reason was well articulated by Varg thru the years in prison and after that -- he thought he was gonna get killed first. He may be delusional, but we don't know it. He didn't even claim self-defence in the court as it wasn't a self-defence legally. Especially whitewashed is having Cohen play Varg, that's based for sure, the depiction should be unbiased for sure. https://www.bitchute.com/video/qV8vrK6QG3IB/
  12. If y'all gonna spin it like that, I have to chip in: I like juke as a structure, yet this is bland to me, nothing of note at all. The whole gesture of Ripatti saying he's mad into current US rappers gives me cringe vibes of the archetypical rootless white dude hooked on what has vital energy in it. The fact that he does this while living far from cities on a remote Finnish island is a bit baffling. I guess the internet is good there.
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