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  1. Germany is a US colony after losing the WWII and have little say in the matter since. I generally agree with the notion (discussed in detail in this Yale lecture by a TV guy who worked both in US and USSR, now in Russia) that it is the US who created Putin by continuing to disregard his objections, mainly to NATO bases crawling closer and closer to the Russian border. Not to say that Putin is innocent or anything (though he's made greater than he is by Western media), but the lecture notes how USSR and then Russia did not do a single thing against US foreign interests for about 20 years p
  2. His reaction was that he hadn't heard it! And if the following kind of taste is superior to mighty Sean Anthony's showering us with hours of stuff you're in hearing trouble: https://forum.watmm.com/topic/81109-aaa-ask-autechre-anything-sean-and-rob-on-watmm/?do=findComment&comment=2089117
  3. He's technically good but really trivial, sort of IDM-sellout, the hate is natural even outside of any context. He's a "guitar-holding guy" that is alien element. That said, he seems principled, releasing by himself and sticking to his unfashionable style
  4. Well, i remember him writing (in Myspace days) how painstakingly he built that album trying to make it the absolute best he could, so it says nothing that he hated the process (especially in hindsight) while people may be right in accessing it as his best. Regarding every discussion returning to that album, i haven't seen anything of sort, i suspect you're hyperbolizing -- perhaps it's your own favourite? One i saw regularly praised was Body Riddle. Personally, i think he mellowed out considerably post-2009, around Iradelphic.
  5. Second quote in this post: https://forum.watmm.com/topic/81109-aaa-ask-autechre-anything-sean-and-rob-on-watmm/?do=findComment&comment=2088868
  6. You remember incorrectly. I saw a link to that post recently: someone linked to this song asking for an opinion and Robert John asked it if's a spam and Sean Anthony said he bought it and it's fucking great.
  7. Respect to Syl Kougai, RDJ, Louis-Ferdinand Celine, Gaz from FSOL, BoC
  8. Cardboard cutout of yourself in your home -- i mean it's probably a gift or whatever, but i'm kicking this narcissistic load out the first chance i get
  9. I enjoyed it, but there's a clear conflict of methodical gameplay mechanics introduced in RE2 and RE3 style of action. It feels like a DLC to indulge in more dynamic and less developed aspects of the main game. The constant boss fight comes off too corny narratively
  10. Only scrolled thru the first and the last pages of the thread, so soz if the point is already discussed over, but seriously -- fuck celebz, disgusting attention whores who you irresponsibly feed with terrible social consequences, we need to cut that shit to absolute zero! Otherwise, this behavioral model is naturally perceived as success in life, and most of the people, by contrast, a failure. Recently i was reading about Ariel Pink scandals (he came to DC on the historical day with John Maus, his label Mexican Summer dropped him) and checked this girl Charlotte Ercoli, who's not even a c
  11. Is this from another communist manifesto? The thing is every new quickly becomes the old, a rather decayed at that. Stop this worship of the new now, embrace the tradition!
  12. Apple should change their name to Orange (tho it's bad as well!) or something, because the apple mythologem is strictly connected to white male privilege as in Isaac Newton story, God forbid to mention the original sin story (shaming women for nothing! They're absolutely beautiful and repressed and under-represented) Taking jabs at weak brands like gearslutz is just helping our enemies
  13. Surprised it's that old BIPP track, i recall Sean Anthony complimenting it in AAA, so perhaps Sophie took notice of that comment. The mix is cool, they un-kawaii-ed the original elegantly
  14. Well, it's still not that O album properly continuing the Leaf series, so the wait from 2007 is not fulfilled by this, he did a bunch of other stuff after that
  15. Check the Uchelfa bandcamp https://uchelfa.bandcamp.com/music it has most of the other stuff, click any Tatamax (beatless yet somewhat rhythmic textural stuff) and Tap Throw (jungly) to get a feel, they're pretty different from QY hits
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