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DJ Keri - Never Let Geaux! (Jackman remix)

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As all of you know to expect from me, this is not exactly IDM or acid or anywhere near it. It's also a little departure in style from the stuff i normally make as this artist and label (breaks/prog house) was looking for a more straightforward edm type of remix... but i thought i'd post it here anyway, as i find it groovy. the label i made it for released it on beatport today, so im pretty psyched, curious of all yer thoughts! thanks




Dj Keri & Dark DJ - Never Let Geaux (Jackman's NOLA Wave Mix)

[Genuine Dj Debbie D Records)



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Friggin great to see some genuine party music on here. Production is a bit spotty and I would have liked a nastier drop for sure, but this is groovy. Would love to spin it next time I'm out DJing

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Dude, thanks for love Chim! Glad you're diggin it.. for sure, on the production.. it was a bit rushed due to the deadline, and i had to master it myself ( im no mastering engineer haha) but it works for what it is, it seems (:


dude, i'd be honored if you were to play it out! :D here's the beatport link btw if you're interested..




cheers mate!

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