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Downloads:Aphex Twin - The Peel Sessions Complete


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File Name: Aphex Twin - The Peel Sessions Complete

File Submitter: IrisAndTheLens

File Submitted: 20 Jan 2015

File Category: Aphex Twin


1st 1992 Session:

0:00 Untitled #1
3:28 Radiator (Mixed)
9:49 Untitled #2
16:40 Pancake Lizard

2nd 1992 Session:

21:16 Italic Eyeball
25:17 Blue Calx
32:16 Quixote

October 4th, 1995:

36:57 Untitled #3
40:25 Radiator (Fast Mix)
46:44 Untitled #4
53:35 Pancake Lizard (Edit)

Then follows a so-called "Unknown Session" which is actually just material reprised from elsewhere

58:11 Aphex 6 (Cunt)
1:00:37 Blue Calx
1:07:57 Illumineph (Italic Eyeball)
1:11:21 Quintute (Quixote)
1:16:02 TGT (We Have Arrived - TTQ Mix)


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Weird, as far as I knew there are only two Peel sessions. It's also archived like that on the Peel site (can't find it right now, but I saved it):

1. Lumin F (a.k.a. Italic Eyeball ) [3:23]
2. Blue Calx [6:58]
3. Quintute (a.k.a. Quixote ) [4:40]
4. Aphex 6 (a.k.a. Cunt ) [4:14]
5. T.G.T. (a.k.a. Mescalinum United’s We Have Arrived (Aphex Twin TTQ Mix) ) [5:05]
1. Untitled [3:27]
2. Untitled (a.k.a. Radiator (Fast Mix) et SAW2 CD1 TRK2 (Original Mix) ) [6:20]
3. Untitled [6:50]
4. Untitled (a.k.a. Pancake Lizard (Edit) ) [4:24]

The problem was that these recordings were never properly recorded by anyone but Joyrex (or, he is the only one having full recordings) so they cut away the talking (afaik) and the TGT mix has just been taken from its original source. I've asked Joyrex about this a couple of times over the years but the full proper thing has never been uploaded (or broadcasted) yet.

The tracks in your first 1992 session are definitely from the '95 one though, those are ICBYD outtakes.
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