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Kit or empy PCB for a eurorack 909 hi hat clone - does such a thing exist?

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I know TipTop and a few others have complete modules for sale, but I'm looking for something to go in a non-eurorack, semimodular drum voice thing I'm collecting parts for. I'm going to be using a Eurorack power supply so I'm basing it mostly on PCBs designed for Eurorack stuff, but It's all going into a custom box. Plus I'd rather pay less and get some soldering practice.


I'm not having much luck with the hi hats though. Plenty of 808 based stuff but not having any luck with 909 hats on the DIY side.

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TipTop is almost $200, at that point I'll just build some 808 hats for $like $50. I'm sure it's nice but I can't justify spending that much, it's something I'd like to have not something I need to have. I'm just kind of surprised there isn't more out there. All of the wavetable/sample playback type modules I've seen do more than I need and cost too much for this project as a result.


They're samples but with an analog VCA and lowpass filter.


If my electronics skills were better I'd try to design my own based on the Trevor Page 9090 designs.



Or maybe I should just stop collecting parts for this and put the money in to having a prototyping company make me a set of 9090 boards. So far the only 909 bits I have are the NOS transistors and shift registers, and a Hexinverter PCB for the kick. Everything else (power supply, a couple inexpensive Synthrotek modules) is just as useful for other projects.

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Never mind that last plan, I forgot that you can't really get the PCB layout files, just the parts layout silkscreens. Trying to recreate the actual board layout from the schematic and silkscreens sounds like a huge pain in the ass.


It's just a 909, after all.


But his hi hat schematic looks pretty simple, simple enough I might actually be able to figure out how to make one.

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