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  1. I couldn't make it either, international travel isn't quite in the cards for me yet.
  2. I have them all lined up now. Even installed Citra to play Samus Returns. 👍
  3. Yeah, I started Fusion tonight. Getting the hang of this now. 😄
  4. Just played through Metroid Zero Mission, my first Metroid game ever. Will pick up Dread on Friday. Retropie -> Pi2Scart -> B&O CRT... 240p is lovely indeed. ❤️💚💙
  5. The Stephen Hawking of IDM.
  6. I wish there was given more of a heads up than three weeks before the London show from May 2020 is BACK ON AGAIN.
  7. Fuck me, I got tickets for row 6. Will be my fourth time seeing them. 😄
  8. Funny how Igor Cavalera's sons pop up there. 😄
  9. Saw them in a small club in '93 opening for RATM, both bands were killer. Then again at an outdoor festival in 2006, which was decent enough.
  10. Ah, thanks for the reminder. Ordered.
  11. Having fun with the headless M8 on my B&O CRT. 📺
  12. I had a good laugh the first time I realized Haake was deliberately counting in off beat. Thought there was much more to it the first few times I heard the song.
  13. Pretty sure this is the exception to their principle. I've always heard this song like you describe, with the intro, the verse, the breakdown and the last hit of the song landing on the one - with the cymbal crashes denoting the downbeat of every new phrase. And then you have the hi hats counting "cheekily" and the breakdown snares being syncopated. I aligned the two interpretations of the meter with a metronome, and the hi hats is the only thing that makes sense in the first version. Even with the metronome screaming ONE for every bar, you can't really hear it musically. In other noted examples - like Spirits in the Material World and Battery - there are parts in the song where the one becomes indisputable, and the meter can be extrapolated from there to the rest of the song. Combustion doesn't have this. 🙂 Also... Tool-iest riff in the Meshuggah catalogue? 2127203794_MeshuggahCombustionMetronome1.mp3 689739162_MeshuggahCombustionMetronome2.mp3
  14. (That stupid smiley is "C colon". And god help us trying to edit on a phone.)
  15. I think I had one when the 😄 drive failed ~5 years ago.
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