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  1. The Devil Daggers follow up looks like a completely insane piece of psychedelia...
  2. https://rolandosimmons.bandcamp.com/album/human-remains
  3. Bergen November 2 https://ekko.no/artists/autechre
  4. @TubularCorporationNo idea why I was being so pedantic and aggressive. That was uncalled for, sorry for being a dumbass.
  5. I contradicted your anecdotal reasoning with a single anecdote, implying that you were hung up on anecdotes. When you kept anectdotizing I spelled it out to you. Of course home tests have false negatives and false positives, that's the trade off vs the cost and the time it takes to perform a test. Sorry to hear you're down with it now, hope you get well soon!
  6. Ah, I recognize the Mr Bungle artist.
  7. The M and the P have the GBA aspect ratio, doesn't the MP too? I have the RG351V, which is proper 4:3. Retroarch is great on it, plays everything up to PS1 well. For ergonomics I think I'd prefer the M or the P or the MP.
  8. Very fresh C64/SID/defMON version by another WATMMer. Sonically it's surprisingly faithful. Cool stuff!
  9. I did a workaround once for the MIDI limitation of the M4L devices. I think I ended up running a separate Max patch outside of Ableton, which was exchanging MIDI with the M4L device via TCP/IP. It was all running on the same computer, so it was low latency and easy to set up via localhost. Not at the computer at the moment, so that's just the gist of it from memory.
  10. Probably sitting on 50 copies of new old stock, carefully eyeing the online prices. The new artwork is absolute shit, btw.
  11. LOL, exactly my impression of it. 😂 3/4 through the sixth episode I suddenly realized "Oh, they're wrapping it up, now!?!?!". Thought there were gonna be 12 episodes or whatever.
  12. A couple more: Gorguts (Obscura), Cyriak, Refik Anadol
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