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  1. I have the K&Ms. They are half an inch or so tall at the base, so not super flush with the table. But an Analog Heat or something of that size fits neatly underneath.
  2. I built panels for early reflections. Just a simple frame behind a Rockfon Industrial ceiling tile, and finally the whole thing was covered in cloth. This particular material is important, because it is relatively dense and therefore absorbs lower frequencies than most other insulation materials. It is best to mount them so that there is an inch or two of air between them and the walls, too. https://www.rockfon.com/search/?q=industrial
  3. Can you handle a saw, a hand drill and a stapler?
  4. Probably old news to the brits, but I recently stumbled across this night mail gag by Alexei Sayle.
  5. Good call.
  6. Ah, shipping is just stupid expensive for a 7" single from the USA...
  7. I'll be raving 2DaMaxx hard on Goldefish, Mause, Jerry La Flim and Rognvald, and then I'll be checking out lots of new stuff!
  8. Probably new, with the Cirklon drum fux? And it was performed live?
  9. Admin saying this thread will close next week is a silly joke, right? We're nowhere near the end of this yet.
  10. Yeah, will be interesting to see just how faithful the FPGA will be. 😄
  11. How's the mono working on the Analogue Pocket?
  12. Oh dear me, there are a few things going on there that I've never seen before.
  13. The fucking Vice video is fucking geo-fenced.
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