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  1. As far as I can tell, what happened is the PT10 installer tried to install a really old iLokdriver even though I have the current one installed. Neither the PT10 installer nor the iLok installer ever detected that there was ANY version already installed. When it got to the point where I had to reboot to complete the installation, the old iLok installer ran into some kind of issue because of the current drivers already being loaded and it just broke everything and stopped Windows from booting entirely. I just rolled back the iLok installation completely and everything worked fine, even though the PT10 installer gave me a warning that there was no iLok driver installed (there was). That would be bad for C-tier 90s shareware.
  2. https://www.elektronauts.com/t/a-polished-version-of-merlins-ot-guide-here/42860 Or do what I did and book a show before you actually get it so you have a hard deadline. I just barely learned enough to pull off a semi-improvised, 25 minute set in about 20 days with that method, and I think it worked well. It's easier to not get caught up with trying to do everything when you know in a couple weeks you'll have to be able to pull of something in front of an audience. I've been using it for 4 years now and I'd say I've learned maybe 15% of it really well at this point. I've still never used the arranger. EDIT: I'm also using it in a completely different way now than I did the first year. Almost no overlap.
  3. The whole Save the Kids crypto scam implosion that's unfolding right now is extremely entertaining EDIT: I mean, other than the part where a bunch of mostly teenagers were scammed. That sucks. But the schadenfreude of watching crypto douches and INFLUENCERS fucking themselves is rich.
  4. I'm up to 6 working, 1 that has speed issues but should be fine with a new belt, and 6 more that are less promising (but one or two might still be OK with new belts).
  5. PMD221 Did basic tests on them. 4 work perfectly, 1 or 2 are probably fucked, and the rest might be fine and might not be, a few need belts but they all have various degrees of quiet/muddy audio and it's just down to whether it's cleaning or head alignment (fixable) or head wear (i.e. sell cheap for parts). But even if we didn't sell any for parts and only ended up with four, that's around $60 each and that's still really good. EDIT: also the most messed up one is permanently stuck in record but otherwise seems fine, so if we can't fix the record switch we will probably keep that one, take out the erase head completely and use it as a dedicated sound-on-sound looper.
  6. Nah, they have $10 price stickers on them from the government surplus sale and he turned out to have mutual friends (one of them showed up while we were talking) so I think he was legit. They come from a police dispatch, hopefully they aren't too worn out.
  7. Yeah, I've considered it but the jankiness of those old Quake and Build engine games is a big part of the charm for me so I haven't quite bit yet. I might just take a rest on half life and play through Shadow Warrior or something. I was never as in to the Build stuff as a kid but I've been really enjoying it lately.
  8. I will, although we're trying to keep as many as we can.
  9. Not technically mine yet, a friend and I got all of them plus four Eiki 7070a classroom cassette/CD combo decks (with CD pitch control) and about 50 unused blank cassettes for $213 this afternoon from a random dude on the street. My friend fronted the money, I'm going to test them all and then we're going to ebay a couple to cover our expenses, divide the rest between us, and then set up a giant delay network with about 10 three head cassette decks running in parallel.
  10. I realized last weekend that I don't think I've never actually played through the original Half Life on the hardest difficulty, so I took a couple hours to go through most of it and it's not that bad at all, but now I'm at the portal and I really don't know if I can bring myself to play through XEN etc. again on any difficulty.
  11. Sometimes I just run the whole mix through an Alesis Microlimiter.
  12. MDE did one decent video (the parody of a New England car audio system commercial) and a bunch of try-hard crap.
  13. I couldn't resist getting a Behringer UV300 Ultra Vibrato when they were on sale for $19 shipped at Sweetwater a few weeks ago. Showed up this morning. I've never used a real vintage Boss VB-2 but the consensus seems to be that the UV300 is a pretty much exact match, and whether it is or not it sounds really good and I don't feel like I'm missing out on much except for build quality, and it's certainly not a $530.00 difference in build quality. I guess I'll have to pick up an SF300 Super Fuzz, since it's supposed to be one of the other dead-on clones they've pulled off. The CE300 is one of the nicest sounding choruses I've ever used. Getting the Boss originals of those three in nice condition could easily break $1000. Yeah, Behringer is kind of a dick company (as are a lot of other big music companies - or rather the massive holding firms that own a lot of them - they're just more quiet about it), but sometimes you've just got to hold your nose. It's not like boutique gear isn't full of Behringer manufactured specialty ICs these days.
  14. Getting ready to have some friends over for a serious pro mixing session tonight. EDIT: also hotdogs.
  15. You could buy a Nager IT Fair Mouse kit for $23 euro and make a n0b style device from that with only very slight modification and another 5-10 euro of parts. Because it's literally just a mouse with the sensor swapped for an encoder and a switch toggling which axis the encoder is connected to. For the price of the n0b I'd probably go for an off-brand LCD drawing tablet and use that as a tactile interface for mixing. Depending on how risky you want to be with low end drop-shipping suppliers you can get definitely get a decent size Wacom knockoff for under $200 USD. EDIT: I checked some negative reviews and they were all about things like color accuracy and stylus feel that aren't really relevant to using it as a mixing surface, so now I'm kind of considering whether I would get enough out of it to justify buying it. I hate mixing with a mouse but the limitations of hardware controllers are just as bad.
  16. I'm still waiting on parts, some stuff backordered until 2022 but once everything else is ready I'm going to have them send the two orders and source the last couple parts somewhere else.
  17. What kind of layout did you use? I like working on turretboard a lot so I appreciate the thing he did with the DIN jacks, but I'd rather use a simple vero layout to make it easier to fit in a smaller enclosure, or add it as a stage in a bigger project. I could make one myself, but I'm feeling pretty lazy and making a layout that has all of that off board wiring without being a mess takes a little doing, so if one exists that I'm not finding that would rule. Otherwise I'll probably make myself some primitive terminal strips with hardwood and nails and build on that.
  18. I mean, the whole concept of an "online festival" has that so I guess it fits.
  19. If I was going to spend that money on a knob controller I'd probably go for an X-Keys module:
  20. There was a really old Tape Op article about building something that was sort of similar to that in a way. Except the idea was to get a mechanical trackball (the kind with little wheels, like an old ball mouse) and disabling the X axis so that you could put your cursor over a fader or control with your mouse and then use the Y-only trackball to have a really tactile way to make fine adjustments. This thing seems like the logical next step of that idea.
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