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  1. The most memorable melodies are usually phrased like human speech.
  2. Also finally playing Amid Evil It's pretty excellent. Not particularly hard but really fun, looks great, all around good game.
  3. Still need a few cheap 6' snakes to hook up the 1u rack case that has most of the synths in it and the interface, but progress is being made. Hopefully some day I'll upgrade to a Roland M-480 or a Mackie LM3204 and swap in the M160 for the Rolls RM203 I'm using as a keyboard mixer, but I just cant' afford it right now and 16 mixer channels is almost enough to hok all the rack gear up (I've got 17 channels of stuff if I limit it to main outputs only). I've got to say, nobody seems to like the Roland M160 but for what they seem to sell for (not counting the people on Reverb asking more than twice what this one cost on eBay, of course) I don't think you could do much better. I think I was wrong about the effects sends being stereo but that seemed too good to be true anyway. Inputs distort in the good way when you push them, it seems pretty clean when you don't push it too hard, it's only 4u and it has 4 sends with dedicated returns. You could get two or three of them for the cost of one M480, too. Just a few dozen more cables and I'll be able to make the ultimate late 90s commercial jingle or porn soundtrack. EDIT: also need a second power conditioner, but as long as you ignore the way power conditioners ae marketed for audio you can get a really nice Ametek new-old-stock for under $100 easily, there are tons of them and they're comparable or better than stuff that's in the high hundreds when it's being sold as audio equipment. That AD02 probably needs to go somewhere else, too, since all the i/o is on the front panel. EDIT 2: already reorganized it pretty aggressively. 8 more patch cables and I should be set on the audio side, then I get all the MIDI hooked back up and start using it all again. Also about 40% of the stuff in that rack was free, which is part of how I can justify keeping it all. The actual rack was free, too.
  4. Spend abotu 20 minutes speedrunning Doom e1m1 just now, got a couple 11 second runs. Not big news or anything, but for someone who doesn't speedrun in general and never tried speedrunning Doom before I'm satisfied, will probably do it again tomorrow, see if I can get it more consistent.. EDIT: make that 3 11 second runs, took 4 tries to get the third one. I should learn that SR50 straferunning thing. Regular straferunning is just the normal way I always move in Doom whenever I play it anyhow.
  5. Got a price I couldn't pass up ($120, cheaper than a Volca) on a pretty clean Roland M-160 to use as a synth submixer. I know they're not great but until I find a Mackie LM3204 for under $200 (or win the lottery and buy a Speck Xtramix), I'll settle for this and have enough money for a few cheap, Monoprice 8 channel snakes left over. It was the three true-stereo aux sends (and a fourth mono one) that got me. Smallest mixer I'm aware of with a half decent number of channels and that many sends.
  6. The only plugins that sound good are vintage SAW Studio plugins, everything else is cold and lifeless.
  7. That was a joke. I don't want or need any more gear, other than eventually some more i/o and maybe another power conditioner (which are pretty affordable if you buy new-old-stock industrial or medical power conditioners rather than the overpriced and often not as good kind that are marketed for audio and home theater, so that's no problem)
  8. What's patch memory? The hing that makes me not ever want toor xpect to get a mono/poly is that the cheapest one I can see right now is over $4000, fuck that.. I'd pay $800 if it was in showroom condition, but above that there are so many better ways to waste money. if I had $4000 to spend I'd buy a shitty used car and play out of town shows with the gear I already own.
  9. The only things I still kind of wish I owned (but not enough to spend money on)are a really well maintained, original Korg Mono/Poly and Behringer Tweakalizer. One is a lot more obtainable than the other, but also a lot less practical.
  10. I havent' done it in a while, but using all 8 tracks as parallel processing chains on a single input source can be really good, especially if you set it up for 4 channel output. Stuff like narow, resonant bandpass filters feeding into sample rate reduction, with a bunch of schenes set up to make differend harmonic structures from the filter cutoffs and the aliasing tones from the downsampling. I've done a couple shows where almost all I played was the Octatrack processing a CZ101, just playing some simple chords and phrases and using the crossfader to pick out different overtones and mess with them.
  11. I've been thinking about selling off a couple of the 90s ROMplers I got back when 90s ROMplers were still dirt cheap and using the money to buy a desktop Hydrasynth as a second MPE synth, but I haven't quite been ready to do it yet, every time I fire up one of the old ones to make sure I'm ready to sell it, I end up losing an hour or two programming new patches, being really inspired by it and deciding I don't need to get rid of it or get something new after all. But if I ever get another synth that's probably what it will be, everything I've seen and heard about it seems really nice.
  12. With all the joking about downloading, what I keep thinking about is why not screenshot high profile NFTs in conext, and mint new NFTs for those screenshots. Like, what is stopping me from minting an NFT of this (other than being too broke/cheap)? Better would be to do it with expensive NFTs that were being used as avatars or profile images, but I'm not going to go through the trouble of finding one of those for this post.
  13. The thing about the Jacques Cappele is that since the return speed is also spring adjustable you can make it fel pretty much the same regardless of how badly tuned the worn out head on your crappy drum kit is, which is what made it work for me when I was 17. Fooled me into thinking I could actually play! There's actually a fancier version that has a huge adjustable bar that clamps vertically across the entire diameter of your kick to make the pedal stay in place even if you drop the drums out a window or something. I think those are really rare though. Either way I bet Cerrone played one of these things at one point or another.
  14. I'm a pretty bad drummer and don't even own a kit anymore but I'll never, never get rid of the Jacques Capelle kick pedal that a friend found in a relative's basement in high school and let me take when he quit drumming. I don't know what the odds are of finding one at any kind of decent price but you're probably in just aout the only part of the world where there's a halfway decent chance one might be lying around in a closet someplace so if you do see one, grab it. They're pretty nice. https://reverb.com/item/48212982-jacques-capelle-twin-spring-bass-drum-pedal-1970-s-rare-collectors-pedal-ultra-clean EDIT: part of the reason I'm a bad drummer is after high school I never had a place I could practice, but another real factor is that the dual spring on the Jaques Cappelle made it so easy to play that I never really developed any kind of ankle strength and playing on normal pedals always felt like trying to run in a swimming pool so my kick timing pretty much sucked with any other pedal and I'd get a sore ankle after like 5-10 minutes.
  15. I like a lot of the stuff people are making with Norns, but a lot/most of it is designed to work with a monome grid and I'm not that into grids as a UI so that helps (also the complete unavailability of that one codec helps; I do have a Norns PCB set but I'm not going to even think about building it until the supply chain is a little less of a mess; I'm still waiting for the second half of my Lyra 8 parts from last Aprill last update the backorder on some of the ICs was September 2022 again, it had been bumped up to May 2022 for a few weeks).
  16. Not bad. LAst time something like that happened to me it ended up being a rusty DX27 with a semi-working keyboard and scratchy faders. I ended up giving it to a friend who could spare the space to use it as a sound module with an external controller.
  17. I've heard rumors that it's possible to finish projects but I'm skeptical.
  18. Downsizing might b an exaggeration for me, but I'm going to sell of most of the Eurorack modules I built during lockdown because I almost never use Eurorack and I have a friend who's getting in to it and will appreciate getting some bargains.
  19. same here, I only want more cables and if possible more channels of conversion so I can use what I have as easily as possible, and start selling stuff I don't use.
  20. Looks kind of like late 1950s/early 1960s lab equipment to me.
  21. Incidentally, the Lazy Apes stuff looks like rejected concept art for a show-within-a-show subplot cut from The Nutshack.
  22. You know how email scammers deliberately make their opening emails full of typos and red flags to weed out the people that aren't gullible enough to be scammed as earliy as possible? I feel like the general quality of NFT art has a similar effect, intentional or not.
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