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  1. I was born in one of those gaps where I don't exactly fit in to any of the marketing demographics we call "generations," so by not being from any generation I've got a kind of a unique perspective on them, and what I've observed is that boomers and millennials are almost exactly the same. If you take the Konratieff wave starting around WWI when the modern marketing industry began, and superimpose the new technologies and fashion that were being marketed to people between 15 and 25 at the peaks and valleys, that's what generations are. The rising slopes make boomers and falling make produce. If you offset it so that it's a bipolar wave, was born right around the zero crossing between Gen X (punks) and Millennials (boomers).
  2. One of the absolute worst mainstream tracks of all time. Top 10 hit in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and Canada. That second Canada was supposed to be "Ireland" but I'm leaving it. EDIT: also Allmusic gave it 4 stars and calls it "an inspired timepiece with an ageless message," that's how bad it is.
  3. Yeah, it definitely looks really cozy. I'm in the middle of a move and the people who were here before me were running a graphic design business out of the basement, so they have a huge, finished room down there that's amazing as a studio in terms of logistics, but it's the opposite of cozy because it was designed by the kind of graphic designers who also did their entire home in 100% Ikea. I'd love to have something as cozy as what's in the picture (but with the size, wiring, lighting and double walls of what I got). No time to repaint or anything before I started moving, though.
  4. Some more advanced monitor placement spotted in the wild:
  5. This has been spammed everywhere all week. The guy who runs the kickstarter seems to have an M.O. of coming up with joke products that are fairly cheap to make and just clever enough to easy to virally market, and raking in a bundle through crowdfunding.
  6. I've seen a lot of contradictory stuff about whether solder is even a lead poisoning hazard, since the melting point is so far below the temperature where any kind of airborne lead would be an issue (the smoke is from the flux core), which is a pretty good argument for it not being a big problem on an individual level (the real concern being that waste from mass manufacturing with lead solder puts a lot of lead into the environment). But there are also sources that say it's an exposure risk, too. Lead free solder is awful to work with and I don't really build enough stuff that I'm very worried about it, though. I do have a pretty nice desktop fume catcher but I rarely use it because it doesn't actually work that well.
  7. I haven't use dit but apparently the free Akai MPC Beats program has a basic but decent automatic multisampling feature hidden somewhere. https://www.akaipro.com/mpc-beats Mentioned here:
  8. Don't be afraid to break all of the best practices if it sounds good (see trick 3).
  9. These days I try to listen to all my stuff on a pair of garbage computer speakers I bought for $11 new on Ali Express, it's definitely helpful. The only downside is the wires are so cheap that I keep having to put hot glue on them every few weeks when the insulation cracks in another spot. I'd install better wires but they're too cheap to be able to open them up without breaking them.
  10. AFAIK that depends o the type of EQ. With "regular" EQ (shelving, bandpass, notch, etc) the phase shift is pretty negligible, but with conventional highpass and lowpass filters it's actually pretty significant (and that's part of why people obsess over the minutia of crossover design). Room correction doesn't tend to use the kinds of filters that can cause significant amounts of phase shift, though, so probably not worth thinking about in that context.
  11. FWIW I have Nil's old set of APS Coax and I love them. IIRC the Klasik has more low end - I specifically got the Coax because I'm allergic to ported speakers. I used to check all my mixes regularly on Sennheiser HD650s before then, but since I got the APS I hardly touched the Sennheisers. Not my contributions, you've been warned.
  12. Definitely. DX7II/TX802 into a tube amp (real or emulated) is one of the better sounding tonewheel organ emulations around.
  13. this is a good reminder that once I finish moving in a few weeks I need to finally do some demoscene style stuff with the Octatrack, since it has just about all the ingredients to be Octamed-in-a-box.
  14. Oooh, I've got a Windows 2000 era miniITX computer (minus case, drives and power supply) that I might have to get running in a lunchbox with one of these.
  15. I bet you can find a MIDI file somewhere with the full 127 MIDI notes played at multiple velocities for this exact purpose, so you don't have to make your own. trimming the silence on each hit could probably be mostly automated in Reaper too, but depending on how many you have it might be easier to just zoom the waveforms vertically and then resize the clips and add fades where they're needed manually after you've done the splitting.
  16. If you're just doing drums, the first part of this video is a good overview of how to use dynamic split in Reaper to automate exporting a bunch of drum hits from a recording in Reaper:
  17. I've actually been reading 19th century newspapers from the US government's big online collection this week. They're pretty nuts. Like, for example, the front page story in this one about a logger who has a friendly wrestling match with another logger and then bites his opponents tongue off, walks out into the street and spits the tongue out, all in front of a crowd, and then denies it. It's about the way it's reported, though.
  18. My last cat used to try to climb up my back and sit on my head when I was at the computer, which kind of sucked because he was 17 pounds.
  19. I lived 18 of the last 20 years in historically redlined neighborhoods, if I get lead poisoning it's not going to be from solder.
  20. just watched Under the Skin finally. it's good to see movies still manage to get made every once in a while. 9.5/10
  21. I don't care much about Star Wars but I appreciate seeing Sy Snootles and the Rebo Band up there on the left.
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