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  1. It takes an insane amount of button presses, though. And pixel hunting.
  2. The four digital preorder tracks are wild!
  3. I thought there was a thread for it on here, but apparently not. Got the vinyl!
  4. I'm amazed at the fact that it isn't polyphonic.
  5. My Doepfer Wasp has been working for 8-9 years with no problems.
  6. psn


    Is that a Vostex Vortrack, btw?
  7. As heard around 40 minutes into the Warp 30 DJ set. 🎶
  8. Not a SW fan, but I enjoyed the first two episodes of The Mandalorian. Bender (IG-11) was awesome in ep1 and the Lone Wolf and Cub setup in ep2 was cool.
  9. It's hardware. Haven't tried VCV yet, but I imagine the S/N ratio to be slightly better. 🙂
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