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  1. Isn't this a bit of a contradiction? I've always thought that the colourisation from vintage gear has partly to do with limited bandwidth and dynamics. Like how tubes and tape seem to shave off some top end, some low end and some transients.
  2. The track in the exhibition is here at around 4:45:
  3. ...or what about UNTRKMIND? Animal Nite Train was a frickin' riot.
  4. ...and The Trusse? That USD track was brilliant.
  5. Black Friday all week And all other shitty weeks, too
  6. Good mix of Schwedisch und Norwegisch in their titles.
  7. It's basically simple Boolean logic, isn't it? If - then - else constructions. On the signal level, it can be as simple as a comparator that sends out a trigger once the amplitude goes above or below a threshold. Squarepusher mentions this technique in an old, German interview about Go Plastic: Boolean conditions are easy to implement in the modular world (including Max), with AND/OR modules, inverters, comparators, clock dividers, counters, ADSR envelopes generating End Of Cycle triggers, etc.
  8. I sold the Tracker after a couple of days with the M8 headless. The GUI is ridiculously fast, powerful and minimal. Muscle memory kicks in instantly and it feels more like playing a game, zipping between micro edits and macro structures. The major drawback with the headless version is that it needs to do MIDI via USB/computer, so there's a substantial delay if you want to combine internal and external synthesis. The hardware M8 has perfect sync, apparently. On the other hand, my ageing eyes and back appreciates the headless version, as it provides a much larger screen via my PC and the improved ergonomics of sitting in a good chair with a game controller. Considering buying the hardware version, but think I'm too old. Maybe there will be a v2 eventually, with individual audio outs, an HDMI socket and USB controller inputs? 😂
  9. Thanks for the reminder, closed my subscription now. Haven't watched anything there in months. Will probably start it again in the autumn when there's something new worth watching and the evenings get darker again.
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