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  1. Yeah, Custom Groove Set is very good! Noticed that We Never Lied shares quite a few threads with Ridge. Wonder if that track will ever get a proper release? Sickest stuff made in recent years.
  2. https://rockefeller.no/sc300924.html
  3. Oslo gig incoming.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/C4jDYAvoFu6/?igsh=MWZ3ZzRrbDJjaGhkcw==
  5. psn


    Saw D2 yesterday and loved it. Not quite as tight as the first one, there's a lot more story to convey, but solid all the way through. Yeah, the brutal sound revealed one failing speaker in the theater, the poor thing was rattling during large parts of the film.
  6. Alright! Here's the original release schedule from the Wayback Machine.
  7. Sherman Filterbank is one solution. Also, Fenix II is being reissued it seems:
  8. Wendorlan at the Astoria.
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