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  1. Was on FB from ~2007 and it was a bit of lulz for a while. Got sick of the whole thing and nuked the account about 8 years ago. Never looked back, it was simply a great relief.
  2. Young Pusher: https://www.instagram.com/p/COiQi-9hTJy/?igshid=xemdna3abg6j
  3. For flexibility you'd need one of their drum boxes. I'd say the Rytm for analog sounds (does nice mono synth sounds too) or the Octatrack/Digitakt if you wanna sample.
  4. Getting my first jabadabadoo this week.
  5. Stone cold killer ^ :D
  6. I'll have a look for a MIDI file. Regarding the stereo pan, the patch was described that way in the Syrobonkers interview: "that 1.54 is a conventional europatch but dual path , so like 2 mono synths, so 2 filters,2 osc's 2, vcas etc i rek it was mostly doepfer modules, there wasnt many other eurorack modules out then anyhow, you can make the doeper modules sound much smoother/delux like that, 2 of everything and pan it"
  7. I tried to recreate that Doepfer patch a couple of years ago. For recreational purposes.
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