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  1. The Devil Daggers follow up looks like a completely insane piece of psychedelia...
  2. https://rolandosimmons.bandcamp.com/album/human-remains
  3. Bergen November 2 https://ekko.no/artists/autechre
  4. @TubularCorporationNo idea why I was being so pedantic and aggressive. That was uncalled for, sorry for being a dumbass.
  5. I contradicted your anecdotal reasoning with a single anecdote, implying that you were hung up on anecdotes. When you kept anectdotizing I spelled it out to you. Of course home tests have false negatives and false positives, that's the trade off vs the cost and the time it takes to perform a test. Sorry to hear you're down with it now, hope you get well soon!
  6. Ah, I recognize the Mr Bungle artist.
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