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  1. Cool, never tried that game (or BBS-es really).
  2. Saw Today is the Day in 94 on the Clusterfuck tour, and then again in 99 with half of Mastodon in the band, on the Voivod/Neurosis/TITD tour. Good Times.
  3. Yeah, I only got the panel and PCBs from THC.
  4. It was the TTSH kit, yeah. About 45 hours of work.
  5. I built my own clone six years ago.
  6. Your description of topographic synthesis reminded me of polygonal synthesis:
  7. Glad they started tying up the threads in The Mandocalrissian.
  8. The song itself is heavily redone for the breakthrough version, too. They went hrough quite a few iterations before it was a hit. Nice, recent docu here:
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