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Community Answers

  1. Nice little present day contextualization. 👍
  2. I couldn't make it either, international travel isn't quite in the cards for me yet.
  3. I have them all lined up now. Even installed Citra to play Samus Returns. 👍
  4. Yeah, I started Fusion tonight. Getting the hang of this now. 😄
  5. Just played through Metroid Zero Mission, my first Metroid game ever. Will pick up Dread on Friday. Retropie -> Pi2Scart -> B&O CRT... 240p is lovely indeed. ❤️💚💙
  6. The Stephen Hawking of IDM.
  7. I wish there was given more of a heads up than three weeks before the London show from May 2020 is BACK ON AGAIN.
  8. Fuck me, I got tickets for row 6. Will be my fourth time seeing them. 😄
  9. Funny how Igor Cavalera's sons pop up there. 😄
  10. Saw them in a small club in '93 opening for RATM, both bands were killer. Then again at an outdoor festival in 2006, which was decent enough.
  11. Ah, thanks for the reminder. Ordered.
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