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  1. Uhe Tyrell N6 is free (via amazona.de): https://u-he.com/products/tyrelln6/
  2. Thursday's set (missing 1m45s at the start): https://we.tl/t-JGnA65XHOi
  3. The chiptune beatdown in the Corpsegrinder track is fantastic. 😎
  4. 12 hours and 15 minutes of Yesterday's set: https://we.tl/t-o9pFdActDW - Missing first 2-3 minutes - Missing ~30 minutes between ~2h25m and ~2h55m
  5. Here's almost 13 hours of yesterday's set. I started recording about 20-25 minutes into the cast. Managed to turn off Windows system sounds a couple of minutes into the recording... https://we.tl/t-moF6SYrQ6i
  6. Univers Zero style.
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