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  1. You did an excellent study, been enjoying it for years. A couple of tech questions... Your slappy FM bass reminds me of the Monomachine, is that what you were using? Was CDP involved in the sample manipulations?
  2. Christophe Szpajdel would probably have seven logos in that list. https://www.kerrang.com/features/inside-the-world-of-extreme-metal-logos/
  3. That opening track! Best electro soul since Hell Interface/Midas Touch.
  4. psn

    The Tuss

    Let's have some melismatic syllabic acid.
  5. Short noise burst plus some delays, possibly into the neighbour track for filtering of the echos?
  6. Sick cover for the upcoming album, too.
  7. Was it Blood Incantation? Good band. Page break edit: @Braintree
  8. Feels extremely familiar, yaeh. But I like the Opiate throwback sections in 7empest.
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