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  1. ^That. Decoded FLAC and WAV are bit for bit identical, you're hearing a file extension or buggy software.
  2. Snagged a fully working Yamaha PSS-570 from the trash today, I forgot how good these things sound. This might be the one that I finally use the old Highly Liquid UMRK that I've been sitting on for like 8 years in, it deserves MIDI. I've been waiting for one to turn up ever since I was roommates with a friend who has one back in 2011 (he still has it and uses it), but I'd pretty much given up, especially when eBay prices started breaking $200 a few years back. EDIT: I forgot this is the one that can make some of the most iconic banda and norteño tuba sounds, too.
  3. I don't really like self-promoting even on the designated boards, much less in a thread like this, but I feel like this track from the secret project I finished a couple weeks ago belongs here even if it isn't fully mastered yet. Yes, this is one long ow-my-balls joke from a loose concept album about 1990s suburban strip mall martial arts culture made on an MPC2000xl + MFC42, thanks for asking!
  4. I was alive in 1994 and I mostly listened to Bo Diddley and Frank Zappa. What was even popular in 1994? Chumbawamba or something? Did this really come out in 94? I thought it was late 80s although I didn't hear it until the late 90s. I haven't had the CD out in probably 20 years but I loved it as a teenager.
  5. More like "one of the most extreme forms of kruispolka."
  6. Anyway, the only real issue I have with gabber is that it isn't New Beat.
  7. I could have sworn they sampled this version but I checked and I was wrong. This is the best version, though.
  8. I've got a cart of River City Ransom out for early delivery today.
  9. That's a good price! The UI makes me remember that I missed out on getting a Korg DW8000 back when the prices were still really low.
  10. That's a sincere question, if someone actually found a practical application for blockchain that's great news.
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