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  1. I'm getting up into the lower edge of middle aged, but going on there and seeing people talk about music (or anything else) made less than 25 years ago makes me feel like a teenager.
  2. Gearslutz is great, I can spend 10 minutes on there reading any random thread longer than 2 pages and feel so much better about myself.
  3. As part of the federal funding my job gets, we have to use a government-curated blocklist of web sites that contain adult content. Muffwiggler is blocked. WRT the original post, I propose it be renamed Gearfuckbois, which would keep the spirit but be more accurate since it's like 99% men over there.
  4. Right, but the bigger problem is what I was talking about. There was a big expose about it a year or two ago and nothing hapened of course, probably linked somewhere in the other thread.
  5. I'm not going to buy one of these, but if the pin matrix is available as a replacement part at a decent price you bet I'll be picking up a couple of them!
  6. That's not what this is about, this is about Spotify's long-term practice of contracting with companies that produce music and manufacture nonexistent artists to package it with (not a new practice on its own, that's been happening in some form or other as long as the record industry has existed), artificially promoting them via curated lists which gives them a bunch of plays, which boosts their position in the Spotify agorithm hence even more plays, so the artists getting the most royalties paid out are disproportiontely these fake artists, royalties get paid to the rights holders but oh surp
  7. tl;dr version is spotify runs a grey area con where they pay a lot of royalties to themselves.
  8. I would unironically hang up an oil painting of a Blingee, no question.
  9. It's one of the easiest, cheapest KLF-related records to get hold of, too, maybe $10-$15 last I checked although with what's been happening to vinyl prices this year who knows. I learned about it/bought it about 4 years ago when I was on a big KLF kick. Pretty sure it's the only non-bootleg KLF full length I've ever owned (I have The White Room but it was really cheap so I assume it's a fake). Related:
  10. No, it means the senate won't pass it and nothing will happen. I'm pretty sure it takes a 2/3 majority. Not happening.
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