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  1. I think this is legit in both cases. I don't think people should be restricted from using samples in their work (unless it's a clear cut violation of consent or something) but I also think that if something DOES blow up it changes the balance of power and ethical imperative for transparency and compensation.
  2. I'm fully on RDJ's side, but do think that the proper thing to do here is to pay the back fees to license the orginal track even though the people who made it are acting like whiny pissbabies about it. I also think IP law for media has to be radically overhauled so that shit like this isn't an issue anymore. Something that scales in a way where people can make sample based music mor eor less without legal restriction but the people whose music is sampled can also be compensated proportionately I don't think full sharing of songwriting credit is anything like proportional, but at the same time if Timbaland produces a massive hit that's literally just a multibar loop of your work with a few overdubs you should be getting a good healthy payout for that. I think you can make a good faith interpretation of the current laws that says they are pointing in that direction, but they don't work right and never really have. An implementation of something like Youtube's content ID system that was actually fair (actually redistributing revenue proportionately instead of diverting 100% of it to the company that owns the rights to the song you used a 10 secondclip from in a 2 hour video that clearly ffalls under fair use, for example) could do a lot, but I'm not super optimistic about it actually happening. But as it is now I'm sympathetic to both parties to some degree, unless the original rights holders asked for/got MORE than the original licensing terms for their track dictated, in which case fuck em. And while I'm at it, all that pre-war Disney IP needs to be public domain. Fuck Disney, a lot of this is on them. High budget, live action Mickey/Goofy/Pluto erotic thriller with A-list celebrity cast in Cats 2019-style CGI makeup in my lifetime, please.
  3. I mentioned Louie Louie because Dave Marsh's social history of Louie Louie that was published in the early 90s has a whole chater making a really strong case for Teen Spirit being the latest (at the time) high profile variant of Louie Louie. It's one of the best music books I've read, definitely recommended.
  4. That has to be it. Your measurements are definitely more realistic in a host-agnostic sense, in that case. For comparison, the computer I use won't even run Reaktor standalone but I can run reasonably complex patches in the context of a full mix with no trouble when I use the VST version in Reaper. Anticipative effects!
  5. I finally took the plunge, took everything out of my 12u rack case, got 4 things racked up with my audio interface and mixer, so everything is closer together and I had space to move my desk and monitors a couple feet farther from the wall. The rest of it is set so I can sell it and put the money toward a Hydrasynth module. I got all the stuff I'm selling cheap enough I can lowball it a bit to hopefully make it sell faster and still end up getting back more than I originally spent.
  6. How many millions of dollars did Microsoft pay Brian Eno to make a 3 second audio logo that isn't any better than some of that stuff? I'm a Bruton Music type, myself.
  7. There are three notes that are similar. I mostly heard that they were fans of Rosemary's Baby. TBF, I'd unironically rather listen to good, late 70s library music than half of the Beatles catalog.
  8. The Star Wars thme is less similar to Evil At Play than Smells Like Teen Spirit is to Louie Louie.
  9. I should have built an LXR kit back when I was thinking about it before, because it looks like the price for it has almost doubled since the LXR02 came out.
  10. I'm really wanting a Wavedrum again, but fortunately I can't afford one AND they're unavailable indefinitely because of supply chain problems or something.
  11. I almost built an LXR a few times, they're definitely one of the more interesting DIY synths out there.
  12. If you still have it in a year or two when I should hopefully have a bit more income, I'll buy it from you.
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