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  1. Yeah, Roman posted in there the other day with a photo, boards are done and preorder is being sorted out.
  2. I'm really telling myself not to blow my tax return on the new 2.0 voice card PCBs that are coming out for the Kijimi (the original SSM2040 was finally reissued so they've designed new voice cards that use it) and/or one of these: https://modularaddict.com/midibox-tia2600synth-partialkit THAT DEMO THO
  3. With all the people out in the streets, the Covid is going to hit double-Vietnam in no time.
  4. It's more about everyone having a concealable high definition video camera on them at all times and there is video surveillance all over public spaces, so when the police murder someone or there's a literal lynching like what happened to Ahmaud Arbery - both of which have been happening routinely for literally centuries - it's not as easy to ignore. One of the few silver linings of the 21s century surveillance state. Or was one of the people holding George Floyd down when his neck was crushed a CNN reporter and I just missed it?
  5. Yeah, when you're like 13 your understanding of capitalism and the mechanics of the mid 90s music industry isn't exactly nuanced.
  6. As a kid my friends and I used to rip on these guys as poseurs for being huge beneficiaries of the same system they were signing about but it aged pretty well.
  7. Finally a strong case made in favor of private space travel for the super rich.
  8. Nice. On a side note, MaxYMiser, the most powerful Atari ST tracker of all time, got its first update in 4 or 5 years recently and now finally supports HD mode so you can use it on any VGA monitor with an adapter cable! The downside is that there are so many features now that it has MIDI latency, so you actually have to manually test and set an offset if you want to use it with MIDI gear.
  9. Oontz Oontz Ooontz doodleedleedleedlooodle AAAAAAAAAAHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH
  10. Also I'm getting way more in to a sample based workflow again and if I'm going t put any more money into anything in the next couple months it's a nice stand for the MPC and replacements for a few janky buttons, so I can focus on -sample in MPC -build a pattern from samples -sample a loop of that pattern into the Octatrack and crossfade to the loop -do more sampling into the MPC -repeat -when there are enough sampled things, record MIDI and then track everything out live for mixing (or do it all in real time as a performance) so I can use all of the good things about the MPC and Octatrack while having them covering each other's weaknesses. That's been my plan for a while but dipping a toe in Eurorack got in the way. EDIT: After tonight's Ninjam session I'm 100% confident this is the right move.
  11. Both of the modules I was working on this week, that are pretty integral to what I'm even using the little Eurorack for, are problematic (the Mindreader is actually getting worse, something intermittent is happening but it didn't work and then it worked fine for about 10 minutes and then everything but the gate worked for 3 days and now the entire rack won't power up if it's installed, and basically the only thing that's changing is I'm moving it around, but even if I find whatever else is worn there's still the gate problem) and the Dubldeca works fine electroncially as far as I can tell but won't recognize incoming MIDI and I've meticulously gone through and tried everything that everyone else who has posted about having the same problem has done and none of it worked so who knows. Hopefully just a firmware issue but I'm at a brick wall, and I had to actually temporarily retire the entire Eurorack setup until I get them worked out because what I need it for right now relies on those specific modules, and frankly it's generally getting in the way of making music more than it's helping make music, so I am back to using a couple of semimodular boxes in its place and it's already way better, soundwise and in terms of ergonomics. It already felt like I was struggling against everything being too small and fiddly to begin with, so this is just the last straw for the time being. I'll revive it eventually but for now I just want to actually make music. Not going to stop me making some Serge stuff this winter, though.
  12. If your synth has CV inputs, there are definitely some MIDI to CV modules and standalone boxes that support microtuning, but that's not going to be the cheapest option and I couldn't recommend anything specific myself.
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