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  1. I know, right? It's all over the place. I assume you've already found the Don Solaris FAQ, right? http://www.donsolaris.com/?p=404
  2. A kid I knew growing up was an early adopter of lego pirates so he gt the DANGEROUS cannons. I still feel cheated that when I finally got some Lego pirate stuff a year later my cannons didn't have springs in them and only shot a foot or two, instead of shooting all the way across the room like his did.
  3. VERY happy with them, I only wish my current living situation let me set them up better. I only have space to put them about 20" apart, and because of that I have to keep them parallel instead of toe in or the stereo image collapses too much - I had them toed in 10 degrees for awhile and it sounded nice but I had trouble with separation. If my room was about 3 feet wider I'd be able to put them on stands and space them better but even as they are they work really well and are great to mix on - there's just a really small sweet spot. I dont' think conventional two way designs would work nearly as well in this setup since the distance between the woofers and tweeters would be proportionally pretty big compared to the distance to the listening position, the coaxial thing takes that out of the equation at least. Some day I'd love to have the matching subwoofer but it won't be happening any time soon.
  4. I think I posted cable photos many pages earlier in this thread already, actually. In the next couple years I hope to figure out a more permanent living situation where I can really dig in with actual acoustic treatment and build myself a custom desk for controllers and stuff like that, and when that happens tohope I can hook up all the outputs from the s5000 and the old mpc to some kind of passable old 24 channel mixer (8 outs for the mpc and 16 for the s5000) and just produce stuff on them and do dub mixes for a while.
  5. EDIT: that's not mine, I only wish I was that organized.
  6. If the XV is anything like the JV-2080 it's probably easier to just edit from the front panel. I have a 1080 and it's quick and fun to program it from the panel, but one of the major upgrades they made with the 2080 was giving it a big screen like yours has and making it a lot easier to navigate. I've never used any Roland ROMpler newer than the 1080 but if it's even more intuitive than that you probably don't need an editor for it. It seems like it's essentially a 2080 with more samples, upgraded effects, 24 bit outputs and a mod matrix. That sounds pretty excellent to me.
  7. I actually meant the 303 - I read somewhere that it's basically a stripped down version of the JV-1080 engine with simplified editing and a much simpler effects section (and a different sample set than the 1080 factory samples, but drawn from the same pool). Just curious to hear a firsthand opinion since I never did much with the 303 and certainly never dove in to editing its sounds - I mostly used it as an arpeggiator. I'm always interested to hear more about the EF-101, for some reason I'm kind of idly fascinated by them but I don't know why. Actually that's a lie, I know exactly why and it's the video I linked earlier. I want to be an up and coming groover.
  8. Yesterday one of my coworkers told me that some of her roommates are home-recording an album so the apartment has cables all over the living room and running into the bathroom where they do vocals. I was like "that's how I live all the time," but I don't think I fully conveyed that I've chosen a lifestyle like this except with synths: Seriously though, my studio looks like the way snakes make babies.
  9. Drinking bum wine, reading Jaron Lanier, listening to X records. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
  10. I had a 303 for a couple years (got it free) but I wasn't really using it so I gave it to a friend who needed a basic step sequencer. I've heard that under the hood it's basically the JV1080 engine but with less editability (even via MIDI) and cheesier effects, does that sound right? The EG-101 is exactly the kind of thing I'd love to find at a yard sale or something.
  11. I'm partial to stuff below 40hz but 8t's not really practical.
  12. So I can't remember if I already posted about it somewhere in EKT, but when Ozone 8 Elements was free a couple weeks ago I got it and I don't plan to use it for its intended purpose since I have other things I already like more, but what it IS really good for is making sort of reference tracks from your own mixes. What I've been doing is getting my mix to where it's about 90% done, rendering it, then running Ozone 8's mastering wizard on it but disabling everything except the EQ. What I end up with is sort of a generic, safe, middle-of-the-road frequency balance that I can compare my mix to (by ear but also looking at the actual EQ curve it chose for me), decide if there are things about the O8 version I prefer, and then go back and adjust the actual mix accordingly. In an ideal world with a fully treated mixing room it probably wouldn't be as useful but since I'm working in an apartment and can't really do that it's a big help - I've already found a spot around 80Hz that I tend to overcompensate for in my mixes, and every recent thing I've done has translated a lot better since I went back and EQed the bass heavy tracks accordingly.
  13. Neutron Schmutron, I want to hear about that Roland EG-101 I see in the back!
  14. Can't help you out getting one, but good choice! AFAIK it's still the best selling synth of all time, so you should be able to find one someplace pretty easily.
  15. More patch bays, more cables. At this point I jsut want to have every input and every output of every piece of gear I own available at any time. Also a big ass mixer. Neither of this are likely to happen any time soon.
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