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  1. Some nice stuff in there. Weird how the original of Isn't Anything is still going for significantly less than the reissues.
  2. All jokes aside, the new interface looks kind of cluttered and hard to follow. Goofy as the old one is, it has really strong visual cues, the new one is just a sea of identical looking controls on grey. And I don't usually like skeuomorphic interfaces much.
  3. That's how I feel about analog subtractive synths in general for the most part. They're useful, some of them sound really good, but another one coming out doesn't seem like news to me no matter who made it. I've finally dipped my toes into building a small eurorack system as of about a month ago and the key guiding principle I'm following is no oscillators in it at all.
  4. A 70s or even 80s (now that the 70s ones aren't so cheap) Ibanez is usually going to be better than anything Gibson put out after 1970 or so. Especially the pre-lawsuit ones that were basically Gibson clones but higher quality, but again those aren't cheap anymore. Still, something like this may not be exactly low budget but it's a really good deal for the quality (assuming it's legit, and I'm guessing at this point the hardware upgrades brought the value DOWN so it probably is). EDIT: just noticed it's a bolt-on, which says nothing about quality (a good bolt on is arguably better than a set neck in terms of actual sound and much more likely than a set neck to be in decent condition 43 years later, but it also explains the decent price because guitarists can be a bit superstitious about set necks, especially if they're looking at a Gibson-style guitar).
  5. Just gonna post this here again: https://www.edge.org/conversation/jaron_lanier-the-myth-of-ai Having worked for most of the 2000s on the back end of music related AI, as soon as I hear the term I pretty much stop listening now. Jaron explains why better than I would.
  6. All those Bernie Bros. Sanders' support is majority young, female, middle-lower class PoC. Warren is dogwhistling classism and ageism to upper-middle to upper class, Gen X/Boomer age, (mostly) white, coastal, centrist liberals. If you've spent any great amount of time around those people and don't know exactly what I'm talking about you might be one.
  7. Didn't Bernie Sanders literally decline to make a run in 2015/16 and suggest that Warren should run, then start his own campaign after she decided not to run herself?
  8. I've been starting to put together a small Eurorack setup specifically for processing external audio and I think at least the filter module is going to have to go in it, maybe that phaser/delay one and the active mult/switcher, too.
  9. I promised myself I wouldn't post it again but I can't resist that instant groove satisfaction. BRING BACK ROLAND TONY
  10. I ordered the parts for an /MS-20 filter last week, but TBH one of the most interesting things about the MS-20 to me (caveat: the closest I've been to using one was being in a stdio that had a rehoused MS-10 with no keyboard sitting on a shelf one time 12 years ago) is the pitch/envelope follower.
  11. I forget where I picked it up from but it works really well, it's one of those things that seems obvious after you learn about them, like not soldering any PCB mounted switches, LEDs or pots until after you install the board on the front panel, so you can line them up perfectly with the panel and THEN solder. Seems obvious in retrospect but I didn't think of doing it until I read it somewhere. I think it was something like $4 at most for a foot of two-row pin headers, but it makes more sense to get them when you're getting other stuff too, so you can combine the shipping. One of those things like if you need 8 or 9 resistors or capacitors or other inexpensive components of a single value for a project you might as well spend a few cents more and buy 100 of them at 2 cents each rather than 10 of them at 15 cents each (Small Bear is a good place to do that, you can get 100 resistors of a specific value for like $2 usually), eventually you start to have all the parts you need to make simple stuff.
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