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Community Answers

  1. Airwindows take on the Inflator came out a couple weeks ago, too: https://www.airwindows.com/inflamer/
  2. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/31/magazine/the-oppressive-gospel-of-minimalism.html
  3. Yeah, I've played with this, it's pretty good. Definitely a good way to see if it's worth spending money on hardware now that the prices are inflating, if nothing else, and if you DO buy hardware then it's still a good patch editor.
  4. A lot of the most artistically conservative music is "experimental."
  5. Yeah it sucks what's happened to the prices. I got one for around $30 shipped a few years ago, and that wasn't even through any effort - I jsut sorted lowest-first on eBay and bouth the cheapest one. I think $125-$150 is about the highest price that seems reasonable unless you want to really make it the center of oyour sound (it's pretty distinctive but not super flexible or anything).
  6. Price went up, they're like $200-$300 now. Still not bad but way more than last time I looked.
  7. Puredata + GEM isn't in here yet, but it's an option too.
  8. The USB-MIDI jitter under Windows 10 was up around 7ms for me (multiple computers, multiple interfaces, always the same result). XP was pretty decent, 10 is at least as good as XP, around 2ms total for me IIRC. Still loose but usually OK for sending transport messages and stuff. I finally got a mioXL earlier this year, though, and switching to RTP-MIDI brought the jitter down to around .2ms, though, which is comparable to good hardware clocks and really about the best you can expect from MIDI. So that's the way to go if you use hardware but absolutely must sync to or sequence in a DAW and need tight timing. At least until MIDI 2.0 is actually a viable option, since I'm pretty sure it includes event timestamps that would make all of the issues with USB irrelevant.
  9. Interesting. I'm not going to upgrade my music desktop any time soon but maybe I'll try it on the old Dell I use for OBS, it could use all the help it can get. When I finally updated the music system from windows 7 to windows 10 back in 2021 I didn't notice any performance change but USB-MIDI timing got a lot better. Almost usable!
  10. Interesting, I only knew about the hall effect kind. Either way that sees like a much better option than conventional pots but I wonder how much different it is than optical or hall-effect encoders that are also contactless. EDIT: those obviously don't have the advantage of also being motors, though. I bet you could use drone motors as the basis for a nice DIY DJ controller.
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