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  1. Level 19 boss in Gyruss is kicking my ass, I know I got past it in grade school (on a rental no less) but I've got no chance against it when I get there now. Also, since I got a new(ish) laptop recently I've been getting back into Besiege a bit.
  2. Cabling situation has gotten a bit out of hand.
  3. No turning back now, I ordered a Kijimi PCB set. I figure that at the rate I'll be able to afford parts it should be finished by the end of January.
  4. And that's on top of another 40-60ms of latency minimum (probably a lot more) if you use a TV, and not really much better with most monitors. Sounds unplayable to me, for anything that;s fast paced at least.
  5. Took three tries but I did it. EDIT: if you recognize this then you have my sincere condolences.
  6. Did the visual effects on the new Boerd video.
  7. Jekyll and Hyde isn't nearly as bad as its reputation but that last level with the barrels is brutal. Still, I'd never touched it before it showed up in the mail last night and I got through the first and most of the second level in the first 15 minutes, it's really not that hard until those barrels show up and actually kind of fun. Definitely interesting enough to be worth the $9 but I can't imagine what it would have felt like to buy this thing new back when it came out.
  8. Working from home on a video project today and there were a lot of renders to wait for so whenever I had 15 or 20 minutes I'd play Batman (NES) and I must have spent an hour and a half on that last level but I still can't quite beat the Joker. I don't know how I pulled it off in middle school. I think maybe I have to kneel when I'm punching him but I need a long break before I play through it again. The first 5 levels really aren't that bad at all but 6 is pretty brutal.
  9. That's a shame, here they seem to top out around $200. Mine was $200 but it is basically new condition, only thing missing was the driver CD and the breakout cable for MIDI and S/PDIF. And a tiny nick in the insulation on the power supply that I'd want to fix if I was going to be moving it around a lot, but since it's just living in a rack with synths permanently hooked to it I didn't bother. Looks like it would work well as a firewire interface, too, but aggregating interfaces in Windows is kind of clunky so I'm sticking with just using it as an expander and switching to 48kHz instead of 96 for tracking. I usually end up rolling off a lot of highs anyhow so do I really need to take up the extra space and CPU to record them? Probably not.
  10. Just a followup on the ADAT expander discussion a few pages back, I finally had a chance to set up the Profire 2626 as an ADAT expander for my BLA modded Digi002 and it works great, no idea how much difference the BLA clock is making but the sound is very transparent, and if you compare closely the BLA does sound just a bit better but it's a really minor difference on line sources. Haven't tried the mic pres or anything. Definitely a good deal for the used price.
  11. It had been so long I forgot you could actually remap the keys in the original DOS versions, I thought you were stuck with the default controls that make it really awkward to circle strafe. Nobody I knew started using WASD until Quake. Thanks for the reminder!
  12. I think I'm going to keep it in check by getting some Eurorack panels for my Mutable Instruments Anushri and mounting that and the Mother 32 in it. That should fill at least half of it up and make it look less hungry. I've also got PCBs for a Thomas Henry Megapercussive Synthesizer, a Klee Sequencer, a better power supply than what's in there now, and a couple of simple utility modules like a voltage quantizer and , so maybe I'll build those finally and put them in, but getting a Panel made for a Klee isn't cheap and then I'd need stuff to sequence... No matter how I look at this it is bad news, but for the next few months at least I can keep it at bay by focusing on saving all my money to make a Kijimi. I'll have enough to get the PCBs by the end of June thanks to some extra freelance work, but getting the front panel and parts and building it and making an enclosure for it will still take most of the rest of this year, if only because of the cost.
  13. I didn't have anything that could accept HDMI at all until last month, my folks got me a small LCD TV set for my birthday, and it's about the cheapest usable one you can get so I'm sure the lag is pretty bad. I would love a big CRT but it's getting hard to find them free since everyone started recycling, and the little 14" Commodore monitor is working well so far. I'm glad I didn't lug it around for nothing the last 7 years. I think I'd be less picky about lag with SNES games since most of them I've only played emulated and most of them tend to be less twitchy than NES so it doesn't matter as much. TBH I'd probably mostly play Kirby's Dream Course anyhow. Been thinking about playing through vanilla Doom and Doom II this summer, it's been about 10 years. I don't know if I could deal with using the original keyboard controls though.
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