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  1. I live and work in the hardest hit place in my state. We had our three worst days of the pandemic this week. Still seem to be going ahead with our reopening plan as scheduled, even as surrounding states with proportionately far less severe spikes are shutting down. At work the only thing they changed is that they set up a table across the room from where I work so people can take lunch there to avoid having two people in the break room at one time.
  2. If they're just pots rather than encoders then cleaning them should be much easier (unless they're sealed). Glad they seem to be better! As far as actual encoders, the only jittery encoded I've opened and clean that hasn't come back completely is the Alesis Wedge. It was fine for about a month and then got a bit jittery again, but it's still usable.
  3. What kind of encoders? Can you open them up and clean them? I've done that with a few pieces of gear and it's fussy but not too tough and has pretty consistently solved jittery encoders/values jumping/etc. Here's a quick video demonstrating cleaning the encoder in an Akai S5000, but some variant will work on any encoder that you can open up. Just be really careful if you actually touch the inside of it, because it's easy to catch a cotton swab or something on the little reeds that ake contact with the encoder wheel, and if you mess one of those up then it's going to probably mean
  4. Do you have anything connected to a computer via USB or sharing a powered USB hub? Could be a USB ground problem maybe.
  5. Did it come with the original power supply or an aftermarket one? My first two guesses would be badly shielded OLED display or noisy switch mode PSU, and since that pedal doesn't have an OLED that's out.
  6. Got a Kramer VZ88V 8x8 video matrix switcher with preset memory for $35 shipped, and I'm tempted to buy a second one at that price, the seller has a ton of them.
  7. I actually ruined a nice saw this way - the acrylic heated up enough that it stuck to the teeth and snapped about 4" off them completely off. A hacksaw works well as long as you go slow. Get it close and then finish it with a file.
  8. Yeah, I was just thinking it would be cool to be able to hook up a QWERTY keyboard to a hardware based tracker for programming but get rid of the keyboard for performing. I guess Sunvox on a Raspberry Pi with some kind of GPIO never mind finishing that, I just Googled and it's already been figured out and looks pretty great. https://www.warmplace.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=3733
  9. What would be cool would be a mini tracker like we've been seeing, with USB hosting for a QWERTY keyboard for building your sequences and a simple LSDJ-like performance mode with a few buttons/CV controls. I don't know if any of them do that but they should.
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