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user18081971 Soundcloud complete collection

Herr Jan

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Click the link below to find the complete collection of soundcloud tracks uploaded by user18081971. Thanks to our own jsmcpn!



File info:
All files that have been made downloadable are in full quality
Any files NOT made downloadable will be 128k streaming quality and suffixed "_128.mp3", but will be replaced with full quality if made downloadable in the future.
Any downloadable files that were in WAV/AIFF/M4A etc are ALSO converted to FLAC, MP3 and WV (WavPack) for flexibility
"Throatie" and any other mono files are available in both mono and stereo MP3 (some devices can't play mono-channel MP3)
Includes the two tracks (#001 and #071) that MikeP massaged (EQ/limit)
Includes the no-fadeout version of "35 SAW II un road shimmer"
Includes latest track artwork in JPG format
Includes latest track descriptions in TXT format
Naming convention: " - - ."
ID3 tag info:
ID3 tags were left alone as much as possible.
All files have "Richard David James" added to the COMPOSER field.
All files have a track number which matches the order-of-upload
The "TITLE" tag contains the ORIGINAL title as entered into ID3 by Richard, not the modified titles on SoundCloud
The filename of the tracks is based on the modified SoundCloud titles
All tracks have their respective images embedded in ID3 tags, and tracks that don't have unique images get the dark plum color @ 500x500 pixel
Five ID3 fields were copied to custom fields to preserve the original data Richard put in them (so that if someone changes the tags the original info is still in the backup tags):


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