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This is well lush, no quality control issues here, huehuehue  :emotawesomepm9:


Dig the little opening that sounds like machines in a factory coming to life at night for a jam session. I like the hectic drum work too, very Tuss-ish in places (high praise!). Lovely crystalline FM sounds at 1.40ish.

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I like the beats from 3.33 on, but do you use reverb on the whole mix? IMO there is too much reverb on the drums so it becomes a bit boomy and baggy and not as snappy, tight -  my opinion, taste obvisouly. The outro melody is nice.


That phone voice sample is nice and odd, and the kids talking at one point. Track's got a weird ambience i like.


Love the banner picture on your soundcloud too. Some 60's sci-fi fosil sculpture or something :)

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