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Tidy Kid - Vector Garden Zone


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OUT 19/12



Tidy Kid is the pseudonym of musician, producer and sound engineer Marly Lüske. Marly's parents were German travellers who spent the mid 70's touring their Ford Panel van around Australia. The cover art is one of the old photos his mum and dad took in that period. The typography was added by collaborator David Sankey, who also did the design on Tidy Kid's split release with Bibio back in 2010. 

His new album 'Vector Garden Zone' consists of an eclectic ensemble of old and new tracks. "All these songs, like pretty much most of my songs are made in one sitting. I never really go back to tweak or do any additional production, it’s created, mixed and often close to mastered. So these tracks are like diary snippets, and I feel, now hearing them all back together, that they bring out the more fun punk ish side of my personality." says Marly.
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