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Lauren Bousfield - Fire Songs

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These songs ended up being kind of journal entries of my rehabilitation; reeling off of the joy and curiosity of being able to use my hands again. Thank you thank you thank you. 2764.png


1. No Clocks No Mirrors (For Joey)
2. Constantly Watching the Way the World Treats Us I Love You Pull my Hair
3. No On3
4. Crisis Actress
5. November Floating First Being Able To Use My Fingers
6. Little Half Dead Fire Exits Hi
7. Piles of Black Dresses and Theory and Bodies and Light and Distance Between People and Whatever Nevermind
8. Lauren Bousfield x Omiindustriies - Cirlgocks

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I really think Lauren Bousfield is underrated, some of the most creative (post) breakcore in recent years, abrasive yet surprisingly melodic and catchy.

Also, after reading those notes and looking that up, I was shocked to find out about that terrible fire accident and what she had to get through, glad to see she is alright and still able to make music. Thanks for posting this.

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Aye, I only learned about the fire from her (usually dead quiet) Facebook page. Real glad she is on the mend, threw a few quid to the fund me page a friend set up at least. Definitely underrated, Avalon Vales was lush.

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