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  1. I am going to visit Berlin in mid-August for holidays and I am looking for suggestions for things to do from locals or WATMMers being there. When it comes to clubs I've decided to keep away from Bergain because I don't wanna risk wasting hours waiting in a line only to be rejected in case bouncers think I'm not cool enough. And I am reading they do this a lot, so no thanks. Also to be honest I am note sure I'd like the music Bergain, Arena or even Tresor circa 2018 spin. My definition of good techno is 90's Jeff Mills, Beltram, Mike Dred or Acid rather than the borefest labeled as minimal and/or hip tech house and what Richie Hawtin has turned into. Basically this: [flash=] instead of mellow stuff like this: [flash=] These guys play in Tresor while I'll be there and I was like WTF? So yeah, I guess that techno I am thinking of is pretty much dead or at least it is not played in clubs. Any places spinning IDM/more break-oriented or experimental stuff? But yeah, other than clubs I am also looking for nice rooftop bar, contemporary art suggestions as well as any of those great, hidden, not-in-the-tourist-guide places Berlin is rumored to have, plus any unmissable unusual attractions the average WATMMer would dig such as Peristal Singum which seems awesome but unfortunately closed for years now. Basically hit me up with any tips/suggestions you would like! Thank you.
  2. I really think Lauren Bousfield is underrated, some of the most creative (post) breakcore in recent years, abrasive yet surprisingly melodic and catchy. Also, after reading those notes and looking that up, I was shocked to find out about that terrible fire accident and what she had to get through, glad to see she is alright and still able to make music. Thanks for posting this.
  3. Lol right, I knew I'd get replies like these but WATMM... I don't think the sins I've committed in this life are bad enough to deserve Limp Fucking Bizkit in my thread! I mean, if you wanted to go all 90's on me, you could at least throw this at my direction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAr9TjXoQQQ Yeah, mainstream 90's dnb, but at least better than the shit MTV and the likes play these days... And hey, it stutters! Seriously though, I didn't ask how to be Richard Devine or something, and yes, I do use manual edits as I've said... but I wouldn't mind the additional immediate, multieffect options you can have with a plugin like that, at least when I deal with plain syllable chopping, plus I can't believe something as simple as that is not possible with those plugins... I mean, I hesitated to ask this, thinking it'd be something completely obvious to do with something like Stutter Edit.
  4. Let's say we've got a vocal sample that goes like: "Drop the bass and rock the house now!" (Just a made-up cheesy example!). The sample lasts 1 bar and the task is to use various rhythmical stutters (looping parts in different time values as all those "glitch" plugins allow), in order to make it sound something like "D-D-D-D-rop the bass aaaaaaannnnndddddd rock-rock-rock-rock-rock-rock the-th-the house noooooooow" which would now cover 4 bars. I've tried various "glitch" plugins (Glitch, Stutter Edit, Sugar Byte's plug ins etc.) as an insert effect in the audio track, but the problem is that while they've got various loop/stutter parameters, after the stuttered/looped word/syllable ends (usually by releasing the midi note which triggers the effect), the vocal sample doesn't resume from this point but from the part the audio file has reached by then, as if the effect never took place. So, If I stutter various points from the "drop" part for like, 2 secs, instead of having "the" coming up, the sample has reached "rock" by then, which also cancels the whole idea of rhythmically extend the sample into 4 bars. Makes sense? I am not trying to get the Akaizer effect (or simple timestretching of course) and I know this is possible by manually cutting up the audio file or process it with a sampler, but all these plugins can do way more complex stuff, so this should be possible? Any ways/settings to enable in those plugins (or a different one, for that matter) to achieve what I want? Thanks.
  5. Sweet! New music from the FSOL is always good news. Since there are some gurus in the thread, I gotta ask: Whatever happened to that new HUMANOID album release? Is it still on? Post Human was great, a modern acid classic imo. What about that mental 2" Tape Reels mix of "We Have Explosive"? Will it ever see the light of day? I only got it as a poor quality myspace rip.
  6. Yeah, I've decided I want one of these as well and ordered. Once again, the whole thing was awesome. :)
  7. You're so lucky you had the chance to attend that one you guys, glad to hear everyone had a great time. The whole thing sounds like a relatively "laid back", more dance oriented, funky, next level Tuss collection of tracks. Would you say that apart from this one track anyone hoping for a more "no holds barred breaks + melodies from heaven" ride (see, I'm trying hard to refrain from using words such as "Drukqs" or "Drill 'n bass") is bound to be disappointed? I am sure it's all great stuff anyway.
  8. is that a bad thing? Well, I get the same impression. If it does include all these "previously unreleased/live only" tracks indeed I don't know how possible it is it changes direction along the way. Not the biggest Tuss fan here (excluding Rushup Edge's last 3 tracks which I genuinely like) so I hope this is not the case even though I guess I am the minority in this one. If Syro doesn't bring something completely fresh/original in the table which frankly doesn't necessarily have to (who does that anyway these days?) I'd much rather have it dive into Drukqs or 1995-2001 territory. Or if it has to be acid, I'd like my acid punishing ala "Humanoid must not escape"/"2 remixes by AFX". But that's just me. Nevertheless, Tuss-like or not it's RDJ we're talking about and I couldn't be more excited for his return, bring it on!
  9. It's a great record, leaving any obvious Amnesiac-era Radiohead comparisons aside, it sounds like a glitchier and darker "Neon Golden". Definitely less poppy yet many tracks got the "hooks" to guarantee you'll come back for more listens.
  10. Short / TL;DR version: 1. Is there any way I can prevent Mackie Control protocol from sending “note on” and other midi messages apart from the “control” (transport/faders/pan pots etc.) ones when I use it with my Nanokontrol2 in Cubase 5? Disabling “Include in All MIDI Inputs” checkbox for Nanokontrol2 can’t be a valid, handy option (see detailed version). Some workaround? A custom xml maybe? 2. Going the add nanokontrol2 as a “generic remote control” route it seems that Cubase is unable to send midi data to the nanokontrol2 which results in wrong led positions. Am I doing something wrong? Also, how can I make it so when I press the “stop” button in the nanokontrol2 the “play” button led goes off (as it happens in the Mackie mode/ as it should be). Detailed Version: So, I am using the Mackie Control protocol with my Korg’s Nanokontrol 2 in Cubase 5 in order to control the transport buttons and mixer as it is officially suggested. Everything works great except the fact that when in “Mackie mode”, apart from the control messages sent when I press a transport button, I also get “note on” and other controller messages resulting in notes getting played or vst synths getting detuned If a midi track is selected which causes a highly undesirable mess. I guess this is the way the Mackie Control protocol works in general? This makes no sense but it seems this is the case since Nanokontrol2 manual advices to clear the “Include in All MIDI Inputs” check box for Nanokontrol2 within Cubase options. This solves the issue but as you can imagine it creates another: When you change into nanokontrol’s “midi cc” mode in order to control a plugin you have to either enable “include in all midi inputs” again or change the midi input for the midi track in question to nanokontrol exclusively. But that means it will not be able to pick notes from my midi keyboard then. And to make things worse, it means that after you’re done and you want to turn into “daw/Mackie mode” again you have to change settings AGAIN. Naturally, doing that every 2 mins can’t be an option so there must be an alternative I am missing. I mean, how other people who work with nanokontrol2/other controllers using Mackie control protocol cope with this? All I can think of as possible solutions are: 1. A modified Mackie Control xml which somehow keeps the control messages but excludes the others (“note on” etc.). I don’t know if this is even possible. 2. A nanokontrol2 template for Cubase that acts like the Mackie Control minus its issues. I see custom scripts for other DAWs which actually improve nano’s functionality but none for Cubase so if anyone has something, please do share. 3. Ditching Mackie Control completely and add nanokontrol2 as a “generic remote control” which simply doesn’t work as good as the Mackie Control and seems to have a problem of its own. It then seems that Cubase loses the ability to send midi messages back to nanokontrol2 which is probably why changes in solo/mute and transport buttons in Cubase don’t reflect into those in the nanokontrol2 leds. Also the “play” button led stays on even after the “stop” button gets pressed which is problematic. Both issues don’t occur while in Mackie mode, maybe some other nanokontrol user can shed some light on this one. Thanks a lot!
  11. Mp3tag. Truly the best tag editor, I don't see why anyone would need anything else. It can be as simple or advanced as you want, depending on your needs and it's freeware. Once you set artist, album title and whatever else you want (a task which can also be automated by fetching info from discogs and other online databases) you are able to rename your folder(s) any way you please with the press of a button. I've chosen [artist -year- albumtitle] for example, it's 100% customizable based on rules you set. Give it a try and if you need any help let me know.
  12. Yeah, things like this review is the reason I completely despise Pitchfork and I could never take it seriously. Burying Legends in the most pompous way just to make a statement. Sure, this ep is no Dootlittle and Pixies will most likely never repeat the glories of the past (who does?) but it definitely doesn't deserve a 1/10, I kind of have a hard time to find a record that does anyway. Imo, it's a 6/10, I do like "Andro Queen" and I can't find many modern indie rock tracks as enjoyable as "Indie Cindy", pretty good tune. But yeah, it's pitchfork we're dealing with, the same abomination of a site that has given 0.0 to Sonic Youth while treating people like Devendra Banhart like gods. Just watch how they will easily give their 9s and 10s to the next hip thing for September 2013... Fucking elitists...
  13. Would you consider this Analord release (the late 2009 digital reissue with the extra tracks) as the definitive one quality-wise? I mean sure, everything should be squeaky clean and vinyl crackle/hiss free (although many people find some certain charm in vinyl artifacts) but doesn't the fact that it is not mastered mean that it would be inferior compared to the original vinyl version?
  14. Listening to the opening track from his new album once again makes me think how a good part of this guy's body of work would apply to WATMMers. I mean, I am genuinely curious whether people listened and didn't like the tracks posted in this thread (which is ok obviously) or they simply didn't bother to check something unknown/new to them in the first place. Oh well, for anyone that might be interested...
  15. I've just finished it. Wow, this has been awesome. Took me back in early 90s playing Megaman II on my NES. If you have ever been a Megaman (and/or Street Fighter) fan you MUST play this. The guy who's made it did a terrific job, no wonder Capcom released it. Let's hope for a second part / more Mega Man games. Apparently Capcom implies that they take a note of the number of users who download this, which could help in that direction. For people who have completed the game:
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