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  1. Always nice to see new FSOL stuff surfacing, no matter if it's archival material or not. Btw, has that frantic, cut-up "We have explosive" version been released yet? I am talking about the one opening " Electric Brain Storms Vol.1" as a snippet, entitled "We Have Explosive (2" Tape Reels Version)". I do have a full length low quality mp3 rip ripped from when they had uploaded it in their Myspace aaages ago and I'd love to have it in good quality. I also think it has been requested by other members around here (such as mcbpete) years ago so if it's STILL not released and you are in the position of letting the powers that be know there's interest about it, it'd be nice!
  2. Great stuff. Scratching a certain "What do you mean you will never release a drill 'n bass album ever again, Richard?" itch... "Oberlove" melody is gorgeous and tracks like "Speedcrank", "Terminal Slam" and "Mekrev Bass" blow the likes of Ruby My Dear, Steinvord, Heorge Garrison (provided Tom isn't involved with the last two himself of course...) out of the water. I mean, nothing but respect for those artists, especially for Ruby My Dear, but the mind bending editing in those tracks definitely got a "The King is back" vibe...!
  3. Had a blast. Oval @ Cafe Oto was fun while I think it was such a great chance to catch what was essentially a rave while in England, managed to check "Sweet Harmony" during the same day too. Both Altern-8 and Ceephax rocked the house, Pickle Factory has a pretty good sound system too . Checked most of the essential record shops (Sounds of the Universe, Phonica, Rough Trade and Sister Ray), strangely it was Sister Ray I liked the most, got me FSOL's "My Kingdom" 12''. Thanks everyone for the recommendations, thank you London!
  4. In return, here's something currently happening in London that could definitely be interesting for the WATMMer... https://sweetharmony.saatchigallery.com/ Should be fun, no?
  5. No problem with plugging, I am leaving London on 18th though. ? Thanks for the suggestions!
  6. Whereas I kinda like Kubrick so that exhibition belongs into the "hmm would be cool" zone, I fucking love David Lynch, I am a hardcore fan. But time and money is def an issue... :/
  7. Yes, this is considered. There's also the manga exhibition in the British Museum... obviously I need to keep my resources in check after some point though, since it's London we are talking about, so we'll see. Thanks for your input! :) Ohh that's fucking awesome! Ceephax and Altern 8! This one looks like a no brainer really! I am staying till Sunday so this looks like the proper summer rave send off I was hoping for! What's Altern 8 (Mark Archer solo by now I think?) into these days, I think he went into nu breaks mode at some point. Thanks a lot for letting me know, I could have sworn I've checked RA, I didn't manage to catch that one! I've just being told that this is a nice venue too! Do you think I should book in advance (like....around now?) cause it might sold out or the capacity of the place would make me look like the a complete tourist (I probably am)? ? Yeah, Cafe Oto looks like a nice place, I've heard about it, probably from this very thread. I am not familiar with those acts (I will check though) but I saw Oval is playing on August 15th and I am pretty sure this is something I don't wanna miss either! Cheers!
  8. So, I am gonna be the one who bumps this one for Summer 2019. I'll be in London next week (staying @ Spitafields). Any recommendations for things going on right now / in general? *Bars / Clubs playing IDM or maybe outdoor raves? (I'm several months late for Bangface, one month early for Aphex... Doh!) No Fabric 4/4 techno/electro please. *Any surreal/oddities shops/shows/attractions? (I am really tempted to go to the David Lynch exhibition in Manchester but I'm not sure there's enough time to go to another city + UK trains are expensive as hell). *Decent quality / price ratio cocktails? *Nice places to go to in general apart from the typical touristic stuff?
  9. I am going to visit Berlin in mid-August for holidays and I am looking for suggestions for things to do from locals or WATMMers being there. When it comes to clubs I've decided to keep away from Bergain because I don't wanna risk wasting hours waiting in a line only to be rejected in case bouncers think I'm not cool enough. And I am reading they do this a lot, so no thanks. Also to be honest I am note sure I'd like the music Bergain, Arena or even Tresor circa 2018 spin. My definition of good techno is 90's Jeff Mills, Beltram, Mike Dred or Acid rather than the borefest labeled as minimal and/or hip tech house and what Richie Hawtin has turned into. Basically this: [flash=] instead of mellow stuff like this: [flash=] These guys play in Tresor while I'll be there and I was like WTF? So yeah, I guess that techno I am thinking of is pretty much dead or at least it is not played in clubs. Any places spinning IDM/more break-oriented or experimental stuff? But yeah, other than clubs I am also looking for nice rooftop bar, contemporary art suggestions as well as any of those great, hidden, not-in-the-tourist-guide places Berlin is rumored to have, plus any unmissable unusual attractions the average WATMMer would dig such as Peristal Singum which seems awesome but unfortunately closed for years now. Basically hit me up with any tips/suggestions you would like! Thank you.
  10. I really think Lauren Bousfield is underrated, some of the most creative (post) breakcore in recent years, abrasive yet surprisingly melodic and catchy. Also, after reading those notes and looking that up, I was shocked to find out about that terrible fire accident and what she had to get through, glad to see she is alright and still able to make music. Thanks for posting this.
  11. Lol right, I knew I'd get replies like these but WATMM... I don't think the sins I've committed in this life are bad enough to deserve Limp Fucking Bizkit in my thread! I mean, if you wanted to go all 90's on me, you could at least throw this at my direction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAr9TjXoQQQ Yeah, mainstream 90's dnb, but at least better than the shit MTV and the likes play these days... And hey, it stutters! Seriously though, I didn't ask how to be Richard Devine or something, and yes, I do use manual edits as I've said... but I wouldn't mind the additional immediate, multieffect options you can have with a plugin like that, at least when I deal with plain syllable chopping, plus I can't believe something as simple as that is not possible with those plugins... I mean, I hesitated to ask this, thinking it'd be something completely obvious to do with something like Stutter Edit.
  12. Let's say we've got a vocal sample that goes like: "Drop the bass and rock the house now!" (Just a made-up cheesy example!). The sample lasts 1 bar and the task is to use various rhythmical stutters (looping parts in different time values as all those "glitch" plugins allow), in order to make it sound something like "D-D-D-D-rop the bass aaaaaaannnnndddddd rock-rock-rock-rock-rock-rock the-th-the house noooooooow" which would now cover 4 bars. I've tried various "glitch" plugins (Glitch, Stutter Edit, Sugar Byte's plug ins etc.) as an insert effect in the audio track, but the problem is that while they've got various loop/stutter parameters, after the stuttered/looped word/syllable ends (usually by releasing the midi note which triggers the effect), the vocal sample doesn't resume from this point but from the part the audio file has reached by then, as if the effect never took place. So, If I stutter various points from the "drop" part for like, 2 secs, instead of having "the" coming up, the sample has reached "rock" by then, which also cancels the whole idea of rhythmically extend the sample into 4 bars. Makes sense? I am not trying to get the Akaizer effect (or simple timestretching of course) and I know this is possible by manually cutting up the audio file or process it with a sampler, but all these plugins can do way more complex stuff, so this should be possible? Any ways/settings to enable in those plugins (or a different one, for that matter) to achieve what I want? Thanks.
  13. Sweet! New music from the FSOL is always good news. Since there are some gurus in the thread, I gotta ask: Whatever happened to that new HUMANOID album release? Is it still on? Post Human was great, a modern acid classic imo. What about that mental 2" Tape Reels mix of "We Have Explosive"? Will it ever see the light of day? I only got it as a poor quality myspace rip.
  14. Yeah, I've decided I want one of these as well and ordered. Once again, the whole thing was awesome. :)
  15. You're so lucky you had the chance to attend that one you guys, glad to hear everyone had a great time. The whole thing sounds like a relatively "laid back", more dance oriented, funky, next level Tuss collection of tracks. Would you say that apart from this one track anyone hoping for a more "no holds barred breaks + melodies from heaven" ride (see, I'm trying hard to refrain from using words such as "Drukqs" or "Drill 'n bass") is bound to be disappointed? I am sure it's all great stuff anyway.
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