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Joyful Union Cassette Blog Top 25 Cassettes of 2017


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Some of you may or may not know that I've started a cassette blog. We started in August 2017 and decided to make a Top 25 of the tapes that we featured on the blog. We've used a scientific approach to come up with this list. We will be doing monthly Top 10s at the end of each month from now on topping it off at the end of 2018 with a top 50. Thought it would be fun to do a playlist and throw it on Mixcloud as well to make it more involved rather than post a list! Scientific Approach!


Joyful Union Cassette Blog Top 25 Cassettes of 2017




1. Rusuden – A/B (Body Control Records)

2. Ill Sugi – 3 Cassette Collection (Urb Net Records)

3. 1/3 – 39’00 (ERR REC)

4. 明天的学生 - 告诉HER我爱你 (Insert Tapes)

5. In Love With A Ghost – Healing (Z Tapes)

6. Sandor. – texture.pack.ii (Insert Tapes)

7. Common Tiger – The Way Things Are (Self Released)

8. Ot to, not to – These Movements I & II (ACR)

9. Various Artists – Selected Loops (Pattern // Select)

10. Karl Fousek – Two Pieces for a Temporary Connection (Archive Officielle)

11. Soup – Together (Self Released)

12. Maps and Diagrams – Differential Equations (Séance-press)

13. Amulets – Betula (Self Released)

14. CoryaYo – More Life (Self Released)

15. The Koreatown Oddity – Exit The Dragon’s Mouth (Architects + Heroes Records)

16. Asonic Garcia – Old Daze (77 Rise Recordings)

17. Boy Dude – Cassette For You (Hobo Camp)

18. Bluorangee x mycatisflying – daydream (o-nei-ric)

19. Fire-Toolz –Interbeing (Bedlam Tapes)

20. Asymmetrical Head – Information World Remixes (Bonding Tapes)

21. Yung Prado – Low Budget High Life (MMODEMM)

22. Kayo & Slone – The Nap #1 (Millennium Jazz Music)

23. Entro// - 60k (Mt. Fuji Tapes)

24. Mellow Fellow – Jazzie Robinson (Palm Tapes)

25. Off Land – Resonance (No Problema Tapes)



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