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  1. tom fucked my dad at DFN and thats how i was born
  2. WATMM, presented by Arturia but in all seriousness the minimoog is a pretty sweet vst, can’t speak to the rest
  3. Excited for this, but damn those tour prices are steep. Playing the same venue as Seefeel did but tickets are $20 more expensive... might be a pass.
  4. Dark Empire and the Thrawn Trilogy are objectively the best things to happen to the Star Wars EU
  5. i watched 10 minutes of Jedi Fallen Order on youtube and felt more engaged with that than the mando because the lead actually has a fucking face
  6. https://hirokone.bandcamp.com/ Out now on Dais Records.
  7. is it necro week or what? anyway throatie is objectively the best aphex track.
  8. https://kgsoundie.bandcamp.com/album/loom
  9. “Gaslighting isn’t real, you made it up because you’re fucking crazy” is a pretty great line. I’m still iffy on R&M from scene to scene at this point but that bit got me good.
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