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  1. Yeah I was afraid I would get sick of it because I’ve been playing it to death, but it just gets better and better.
  2. I’m watching Rome again to rinse my brain.
  3. "derivative but not as derivative as brainwaltzera" this is still going on my tombstone
  4. https://nousklaer.bandcamp.com/album/wild-chamber
  5. I quite liked the pilot episode, even though it’s basically a worse version of the first half of 28 Days Later. Episode 2 was such a huge vault down in quality, though - the whiplash could break your neck.
  6. Yes a title card and a screencap of Patrick Stewart... plenty to judge a series on.
  7. Yess if I can make it I’ll be there. The Sun Cast listening party was an outstanding time.
  8. Dive is far and away his best work to date. There were individual tracks on Epoch that I liked better than anything on Awake but I agree that Awake as a whole is the superior album of the two.
  9. S5 definitely is the start of the slow decline (that accelerates like mad in s7-8) but there's moments of greatness throughout. Hardhome (S5E8) alone is worth watching that season, at least, and S6 is arguably a slight step up from 5.
  10. Then he should just say that. I've been a Tycho defender for a while but it bums me out that "every step of the last 18 years" has led to being just another synthpop revivalist, a decade after the fact.
  11. Then what the fuck was this?
  12. This album is a complete monster.
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