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  1. Fuck yeah. He’s touring with Blanck Mass too, easily my most anticipated fall show besides Stereolab.
  2. Lada Laika

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    I loved this book, but yeah I would not recommend reading it while eating. I’ve been thinking about just jumping into God Emperor again for the hell of it once I finish my reread of The Expanse. I like a lot of it in concept but felt it meandered a lot in its delivery, plus Of course, going into philosophical millenia-spanning SF after reading the pulpy action of the Expanse might give me total whiplash. We’ll find out!
  3. Technically under 4 months, but I’m picking up what you’re putting down. Recency bias will make it hard to judge stuff from recent years vs the beginning of the decade. Still, I like the topic and am super game to further the discussion.
  4. How did I forget that Seefeel self-titled? I blame sleep deprivation. Turns out it’s hard to wrap the brain around a whole decade of music, especially when a lot of it was killer.
  5. Run I mean hello there
  6. Sleepy, off the top of my head list of favorites while on my way to work: 2010 - LCD Soundsystem, This is Happening 2011 - Yohuna, Revery 2012 - Grimes, Visions 2013 - Deafheaven, Sunbather 2014 - Koen Holtkamp, Motion: Connected Works 2015 - Panopticon, Autumn Eternal 2016 - Emma Ruth Rundle, Marked for Death 2017 - Kelly Lee Owns, Kelly Lee Owens 2018 - Camp Cope, How to Socialise & Make Friends Honorable Mentions 2010 - Sufjan Stevens, Age of Adz / Robyn - Body Talk 2011 - Braids, Native Speaker / Chelsea Wolfe, Apokalypsis 2012 - I can’t remember anything about 2012 besides Grimes, tbh 2013 - The Courtneys, The Courtneys 2014 - Aphex Twin, Syro 2015 - Grimes, Art Angels / Holly Herndon, Platform 2016 - Datach’i, System 2017 - Blanck Mass, World Eater 2018 - Emma Ruth Rundle, On Dark Horses / Zoë Mc Pherson, String Figures Striking to me is how much I was into the witch house/chillwave stuff in my late teens as the decade turned over, but that’s not represented here. That Salem album is still really good though, I wonder whatever happened to those crackheads.
  7. No way that you only like Geidi Primes. And in case you’re referring to Visions, that was her third album.
  8. Yeah she hasn’t made a dud yet IMO, one of my absolute favorite artists. WAP and Violence are both great. At one point her wiki was edited to reflect a September 13th release for this album - I’m not holding my breath, but I would love to be pleasantly surprised. The world would be a duller place without the slow-burn rollercoaster of Grimes album rollouts.
  9. They’ve consistently played one whole new song at every show so I’m sure the next album will pop up in the next decade or two.
  10. I don’t know anyone named Herman but I recommend it regardless.
  11. If I have them on I’ll keep the actual record sleeved so that the opening to the plastic is the top of the record sleeve so as to reduce dust accumulating on the record itself.
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