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  1. This album is quite good, so much so that it encourages a Sanders/Warren alliance just as the prophecy wills.
  2. Correct, it was also a gay church. And if you made too much noise during the set you were ejected. Top IDM.
  3. It’s not a vast majority. It’s literally everyone.
  4. I am well aware that I will never get back those high school hours listening to post-rock ever again, but every decision I’ve ever made has led me to this moment, writing this reply, so you bet your ass I’m working on a time machine so I can go back and teach myself to stop posting on forums.
  5. The thing I don’t get about the Sanders v. Warren thing is that all I’ve ever wanted is for them to run together. Why are we fighting. We all want the same thing. That thing? John Carpenter’s The Thing.
  6. That’s what all my exes call me
  7. Julianna Barwick played a church here recently and that was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.
  8. Request: ASMR video of someone using an air compressor to clean the dirty, nasty, naughty little dust out of their modular’s thick, firm knobs
  9. I make music depending on the weather too. Sunny: “hee hee hoo hoo weee” Rainy: *bong rip* Snowy: “Shiver me timbers” Volcanoc eruption: “Oof ouch owie my skin”
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