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hautlle - Homemade Recordings of Handmade Dreams


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VUR071 2019


Hautlle lands a glimmering solo ep for VUR with this personal offering of organic recordings. HROHD contains an aleatoric ep crystalized from expertly sequenced homebrew hardware. Twisted up, broken-locked into moments of agony then released upwards into ominous joy. Pixellate with us as we rotate the handle on this 4 dimensional decomposition of reality.


Sonic Potions LXR drum synth, 2x Mutable Instrument Shruthi: 1 w/ a ladder filter + 1 w/ the SMR4 mkII filter, Bastl Kastle, and a growing collection of DIY eurorack modules that was <6Ux104hp at the time and mostly open source Mutable Instruments.



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Thanks for listening Jules!

I haven't brewed any beer for over a year now... Keep telling myself I need to get back to it but I've been building and playing with synths instead.

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