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  1. Santa brought me an Ooni for Christmas, so I am looking forward to diving into the world of dough making as soon as it warms up outside. Also, there’s only one real way to cut pizza like a boss...
  2. These guys took a pretty dramatic turn. They kind of went from sort of post-rock or oceansize to this jammy kind of disco biscuits place.
  3. haha, that is fantastic. there was a skateshop by me in those days and the powell peralta team was there twice doing half pipe runs and shit. I met Tony Hawk, Steve Cab, McGill, etc. I had these turquoise chuck taylors and had all those guys sign my sneakers. then I just put them back on and continued skating in them all summer long until they were worn out and then I just tossed 'em.
  4. just found some classic pics from back in the day...
  5. Paft Dunk band coming soon complete with 1983 NBA graphics and sound effects
  6. wtflolbrbbbq at that walking-into-the-sunset-after-explosion video though...
  7. Absolutely love the logo for it. edit: damn, all I see now is oompa loompa hair.
  8. This one is pretty relentless. The alt art is pretty sick, too
  9. That was fun and the music was amazing. Was able to score the smoke vinyl. Def good to see some watmmers as well. All 3 albums are sick. For those of you who haven’t heard it yet, urine for a treat...
  10. Not for nothing but Rob deserves a shit ton more credit for how those onesix sets sound. They are like candy for my speakers. And damn, a NTS-style live set broadcast would be amazing
  11. jules


    I am dying to make these...
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