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  1. I was so bummed about that one. I can see what he was going for, but, yea...
  2. Forgot about this one. Good call.
  3. link for the flac is in the youtube link
  4. I'd still kill to hear what they did for Metroid Prime
  5. wow, this is sick. thanks for posting it.
  6. I saw that and not sure I agree. His loyal servants have flocked from fox to oan and newsmax. They only want to hear their own echo chamber. While it is funny on one hand - I feel like this is exactly how "terrorists" get radicalized. These people are just getting more and more riled up and are actively seeking anyone to tell them what they want to hear. They only want "fake news". At this point, it seems like anything the radical republicans point their finger at is exactly what they are doing themselves. It's scary, IMO. If Trump on Twitter is scary - imagine that 24-hour news cycle...
  7. it's probably because that cock lives in an oversteps box
  8. jules

    Warp Tapes WAV

    bump for revisiting this...
  9. well damn, this sounds amazing! That hegel dialectic track is nuts edit: wow, yea, this whole album is fantastic. really nice atmosphere and slick samples.
  10. I splurged on the K&D Sessions LPs a bit ago - so I just bought this one on itunes. It is on Spotify as well. I am regretting not getting the vinyl of this one but may do it soon. I think you get the digitals from their store if your order physical.
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