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  1. He released a couple more tracks yesterday: https://lorn.bandcamp.com
  2. TCH came out in 05 which is a fibonacci number. TH came out in 13 which is also a fibonacci number. Obviously skipping 08 on purpose to create a clear pattern. 2034 imminence confirmed.
  3. I had taken quite a long break from autechre, but yesterday we got the first good snow here. This time I cranked up Chiastic Slide and damn did it feel all warm and crackly and really hit the spot perfectly. edit: been reading a lot of older threads since splesh has bumped 247 of them and it seems that quadrange is on a january pattern. I do wish there was a physical version of that.
  4. Yea really digging these Image is Everything collections - thanks!
  5. Crosses with another Christmas release. New music Spring 22.
  6. 1. Low - HEY WHAT 2. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END! 3. Nala Sinephro - Space 1.8 4. BADBADNOTGOOD - Talk Memory 5. 36 - The Other Side of Darkness (36 After Dark Version) 6. Czarface - Super What? 7. Turnstile - GLOW ON 8. Andy Shauf - Wilds 9. Makaya McCraven - Deciphering the Message 10. Filmmaker - Vlad Tapes ____________________________ Skee Mask - Pool Amon Tobin - How Do You Live Andy Stott - Never the Right Time Eli Keszler - Icons Alva Noto - HYbr:ID Darkside - Spiral Modeselektor - Extended Mr. Bill - Phantasmagoria Radiohead - Kid A Mnesia Bonus Material
  7. Instead of Christmas this year, we get to celebrate the Capitol riot with Burial
  8. Burial - Antidawn EP - January 6, 2022 The record explores an interzone between dislocated, patchwork songwriting and eerie, open-world, game space ambience. In the resulting no man's land, lyrics take precedence over song, lonely phrases colour the haze, a stark and fragmented structure makes time slow down. Antidawn seems to tell a story of a wintertime city, and something beckoning you to follow it into the night. The result is both comforting and disturbing, producing a quiet and uncanny glow against the cold. Sometimes, as it enters ‘a bad place,’ it takes your breath away. And time just stops. 01 Strange Neighbourhood 02 Antidawn 03 Shadow Paradise 04 New Love 05 Upstairs Flat
  9. This thread is enormous so apologies if there are any repeats…
  10. nice post @Extralife quite a bit to check out there - much appreciated
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