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Community Answers

  1. another shot of our very own Usagi looking sharp af in his ironed ae T
  2. He’s posted clips of 2 different alt versions of the single on Instagram. Whatever that means
  3. I dig the Confield one too but I didn’t include it in my order - I’m holding out for the ones they release for the Untilted & Quaristice represses in 2030.
  4. If not, we make the Woodpechre shirts. Sean, pls.
  5. I know this is just announced today, and I scooped these both up, but… Untilted when???
  6. https://bleep.com/autechre--confield--draft-730 new shirts too
  7. Looks like Draft and Confield are on their way… https://sisterray.co.uk/collections/pre-orders/products/draft-7-30-2023-reissue?utm_source=Sister+Ray&utm_campaign=f2d6c720e1-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_4_5_2019_12_7_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_3b5e830994-f2d6c720e1-395758578&mc_cid=f2d6c720e1&mc_eid=d019b4bea8
  8. looks like Thom is exec producer and has a guest spot on a track And with this comes the end of an incredible run of album names. This one sounds like something my son would say about someone on his minecraft server or some shit. Still looking forward to this though
  9. late to the party here but damn - sean delivers yet again. fantastic mix
  10. skinner's drumming compliments them so well. saw them in brooklyn in november and they sounded enourmous with just the 3 of them. thom and jonny switched instruments on almost every song. fantastic stuff really.
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