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  1. def a cool surprise ep. I’m really looking forward to hearing where their new album lands after hearing this. deakin supposedly did the production on the ep and i hope he does the album too. they are sitting on quite a bit of material
  2. indeed. this is already one of my fav 36 albums
  3. https://m.mixcloud.com/Glade_Space_Lounge_The_Spike/the-spike-autechre-dj-set/
  4. Already a year old and even more amazing
  5. indeed. really looking forward to both
  6. these guys just seem to jump on a trend and mimic the fuck out of it, right? Amplified Ease was one of the best Animal Collective songs I’ve heard and it was on a Dark Star album. Wtf. No thanks.
  7. Rausch would be my favorite if those high frequencies were removed.
  8. absolutely agree. some really fantastic stuff on this. the first track is absolutely gorgeous. it is on spotify now as well. seriously looking forward to the new stuff he was teasing on instagram... @brisk do you just play straight up piano on the London track?
  9. Thanks! as usual, looking forward to checking it out. Still anxiously waiting for the stuff you. were teasing on your instagram with the waves!
  10. Stellar band. Seen them a few times. I is an absolute masterpiece and I had always wished they’d explore more long-form stuff like that.
  11. the first one seems available again right now
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