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  1. I agree as well, but it shouldn't always be derivative of someone else's sound. He kind of went from a good BoC clone to a good version of this chillwave thing that just sounds like a dime-a-dozen spotify commercial thing. If this song came on in a mix, you'd never know it was Tycho, but you also really wouldn't care who it was because it is just so, well, normal...
  2. I don’t think BoC care
  3. I feel like I can hear that new single in my head without even clicking on that video 😞
  4. I think we are all awaiting that Christmas album...
  5. I’d like to see a tour where they play tt1pd style for an hour.
  6. I’d love to see some more represses of the back catalog. Whatever they create musically, I am all for. I’d kind of hope for a standard LP but that almost feels like a step backwards for them at this point. Who knows what they have up theor sleeve but they’ve been more than generous with output lately so maybe they will keep quiet for a bit?
  7. Who knows. Maybe Adam didn’t have time to even start it...
  8. I absolutely refuse to watch. I saw the image of the August 30th announcement on the screen, and by the looks of it, more Alex Grey art oncoming...
  9. That hurts my brain to think about
  10. I doubt it, but I’d guess Grey is involved again
  11. They better announce something soon - this is a serious test of will power in not watching those videos
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