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  1. jules

    draft 7.30

    I want to hear that
  2. Damn it. Couldn't resist. Did a sneak peak and delete.Terminal Slam is beast mode! Holy shit. Haven't heard anything that good in awhile. Dope album. Looking forward to it.
  3. how are those pizza steel things? better than the stone?
  4. My son has one of these sharks. Didn't know it was a hot item!
  5. haha nice. Haven’t really checked out any of the released tracks to avoid spoiling the album!
  6. Cool about the NTS mix. I hope the track at 39 minutes is on the album
  7. this is all becoming just one big turn off for me, I mean
  8. cheers watmm! Happy Christmas and such. May burial warm your cockles by the fire tonight
  9. must be listened to in a rickety rocking chair, chewing on a piece of straw whilst looking over your cornfield
  10. it’s my go-to for driving in snow such a cozy vibe
  11. yea bummer. that cujo album is a landmark but, uh, this is 6 minutes of music...
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