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  1. Per Bandcamp email: A special, one-off live-stream, showcasing a brand-new re-interpretation of The Infinity Room, by 36. Tickets are free. Please note there will be no replay of this event. ////////// 'The Infinity Room' was originally released in 2016 on A Strangely Isolated Place. It was the catalyst for an exciting new direction in the 36 sound and remains one of the most popular albums in the 36 discography. Fast-forward to 2022 and 3six Recordings is pleased to present 'The Infinity Room (Reinterpreted by 36)' which revisits the album, albeit with a surprising twist. Originally envisioned as a live version of 'The Infinity Room', it eventually grew into a unique re-imagining of the entire album, with every track deconstructed and rebuilt from the ground-up. Taking the core melodies from the original LP, produced alongside new sounds and arrangements, this reinterpretation showcases a dynamic new vision for the album, with increased energy and urgency. Whereas the original album was an exercise in synthesizer minimalism, this reinterpretation expands the range of sounds considerably. It doesn't remove the magic that made the original album so special for many people. It re-contextualizes it with new colour. 'The Infinity Room' played with the idea that a single artistic decision in the studio would eventually blossom into something grander. The initial stems of the very first track directly influenced the direction for everything that followed. What was created in 2016 was just one possible outcome. This is another. To be clear; This was not made to replace the original album. It is simply another possibility in a multiverse of opportunities. Among the many worlds, perhaps this is the one you feel most at home.
  2. A+++. So glad I was able to stay away from that slow drip of singles. The trend of half albums slowly being released is so obnoxious. Anyway, Jonny's guitar is amazing on this and Thom sounds great. Skinner's style fits this perfectly. Really, really love this.
  3. the onesix sets are on bandcamp and streaming now. borderline shat myself that there was new AE from the stupid bandcamp email...
  4. Not usually into design contests at all, but entered one for Run The Jewels and Brooklyn Brewery. I liked these better than the actual label that came out of it. It was definitely a fun exercise though…
  5. I mean, the tape is alright I guess. There are some definite highlights but nothing crazy, as expected. It's pretty wild that it was a myth that people labored and obsessed over for like 27 years and just like that it is on Apple Music ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Before the show started, for Eminem, I just kept thinking please don't do Lose Yourself, please don't do Lose Yourself, please don't do Lose Yourself... and then... Kinda corny - he could have done anything else. ..Also, was hoping Ice Cube popped out of nowhere but we got 50 hanging like a fruit bat.
  7. probably the 1.0 alberto chair
  8. jules


    Does anyone know of a good place to get T's printed? I want to make some and offer them on a quality shirt, but I don't want to order a shitload of stock. I am having a hard time finding a place that will print on demand and ship, etc. AmbientInks seems to be the closest but you kind of have to be already established to do so there...
  9. He released a couple more tracks yesterday: https://lorn.bandcamp.com
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