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  1. jules

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    Ask Chabraendeky how many more that means in Hungary 😛
  2. jules

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    #27 was posted 6 hours ago Mr. Hawking.Do they read in Hungary?
  3. jules

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    yea they only have one left but have taken their sweet time with the last two. Im still betting on today though
  4. the represses are great too and means we probably only need to wait 2 or 3 more years for untilted and draft!
  5. late this year or early next year? I reeeeeeeally hope Warp moves that up.
  6. That’s fair. The way a lot of these tracks just cut of or end is definitely a sign of that. Still good jams though.
  7. avian flu may 2020 confirmed avian flu may 2020 confirmed avian flu may 2020 confirmed avian flu may 2020 confirmed
  8. jules

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    tdr was going hard on the ae artwork countdown and then just shit the bed with 2 left 11 hours ago. not cool. i still say tomorrow but that was more annoying now than build up. I guess we have another sean mix to look forward to in the morning so that’s fantastic. I’m gonna miss those. fucking trooper he is.
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