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  1. they will leave the digital footprint so it can be recreated and constantly morphing so it’s never the same for anyone no worries
  2. I don’t think watmm is dying - it’s just changed quite a bit. It’s much more about music than the humor that used to be the cornerstone of this place. There are still lots of good people around even though we lost a lot of the old guard. I do wish there was still only one place but it is what it is. I even miss the old trolls like sup and those types. But whatever... All good.
  3. jules


    just released another one. damn this guy cranks em out... https://filmmaker.bandcamp.com/album/wetwork-2
  4. i just hope the overt auto tune is kept to a minimum this time around. 22 a million had some amazing stuff and stuff I couldn’t bear to listen to. Quite a mixed bag but interesting nonetheless. Def curious about this one.
  5. one of the most creative movies I’ve seen in a long time. Absolutely a good flick
  6. flol you truly have a crush on me schlitze. Its incredibly disturbing how much of my stuff you keep track of. and those look like shit too! fucking hell.
  7. I missed out on the 20th anniversary press. How the fuck did I miss that? I hope they do another run. The outtakes and live show that come with it are tasty. Especially the outtakes and demos. Good shit.
  8. I really hope this is just another troll post. That meat looks like dogshit formed into discs and then left out in the sun. They actually already look like they are tough before you overcooked them. But of course you'd buy cheap and pre-made patties. Your cheese application is nothing short of horrid and it makes sense that you'd cook them on aluminum foil. Perfect. And that last shot? Make sure you hold them up over your expensive fanboy Autechre art. I wonder how many photos it took to get that just right because your gardenhose arms were shaking holding all of that weight. Way to keep it real though, bruh. I wouldn't eat a burger that was anywhere under a mile near that fingernail or dog dick of a thumb. And don't even get me started on your tableware. What the shit is that? Did you try to find the ugliest and least appetizing thing you could find or were those just the ones your mummy gave you? Jesus fucking christ, Schlitze.
  9. jules

    ISIS 1997-2010

    Good read. Some of what he said is pretty true though. This especially... I still love that album and they are def one of my fav bands of all time. May be time to rinse Oceanic again...
  10. was just gonna say the same...
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