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  1. I remember somewhere saying Spaces How V was all Rob? So yea, I’ll take an hour of that.
  2. They have done solo tracks on albums before. Just sayin.
  3. I'd be willing to bet that these are individual albums. 1 sean and 1 rob. The sign is a play on all the sean names and the green will be a play on rob's name. won't be the first watmm joke they've acknowledged.
  4. I thought sean said something about rebuilding their whole system. That led me to believe this would be entirely new sounding stuff but the art references the onesix stuff. Maybe more polished production but still in that sound palette?
  5. jules


    Ive been skating on and off since the 80s but stopped for a long time. A few years ago my son started to get into it so I got myself a new board when i got him one. I've been hooked again ever since. Didn't take too long to shake the rust off. Already eyeing a new board. Was thinking of getting more of a long-distance push board to go on much longer cruises.
  6. Nice! I suppose that is 1 of 2? October 16 is not far away...
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