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  1. Oh, I don't mind. I think the complete lack of communication or even website update is a little annoying but par for the course with them. And totally agree with you guys – just keeps getting better. Looking forward to the tour in November for sure.
  2. It sucks that it is such a mystery. They obviously don't give a fuck. I am hoping for an Aenima and Lateralus repress as well.
  3. This remix is fantastic
  4. There was mention of vinyl in a press release but that was it. It just said later.
  5. man, I used to love clark. And I hate to be negative - but I feel like I can already hear this new material without even putting it on
  6. Empty the Bones of You is up there
  7. agree. I don't really mind that he has switched directions yet again - but I do miss the quirkiness of this type of stuff he used to do
  8. absolutely love the art. will definitely check this out
  9. yea. Spend 10 minutes on the Tool reddit page and you’ll get it
  10. Haha, no, I understand. There are lots of hooks actually - just seem to be a little more subtle and takes a few times.
  11. jules

    elseq 1-5

    Spaces How V for life
  12. yea 100% I think a lot of the lyrics can be about the band itself. Aside from Pneuma - almost every song
  13. which ones don’t have a chorus?
  14. Think of it as the NTS version of Tool...
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