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  1. Cult incoming... https://hypebeast.com/2019/11/kanye-west-second-14-million-usd-wyoming-ranch-purchase
  2. Another step closer to him starting his own church and making more tax-free money. It’s coming...
  3. still rocking that terminator osc! haha
  4. I got it dlo... though Im older than you. shit.
  5. yea, but untilted is the best
  6. well that seals it. Is this thing on?
  7. yea NTS3 is amazing tt1pd for life
  8. He says he is running for president in 2024 and I really hope he does. That would be just amazing to watch...
  9. yea. I am listening now. Hoping it is a grower... I do dig some of the tracks so far and I really like the vibe.
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