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  1. This sounds like it could have come directly from that Dekmantel mix they did.
  2. Yea, seems that way. Was anyone able to snag one? The samples sounds amazing.
  3. Damn. Oh well. He def won't be convicted in the Senate. And now we pay him for the rest of his life.
  4. Does that mean he loses his healthcare, pension, travel, and ability to ever run for office again or does it have to go through the Senate to determine that?
  5. M4 Lema is one of my fav ae tracks in quite some time. I know I waited to listen to SIGN in a proper environment and that first giant swell at 1:30 gave me crazy goosebumps on first listen. It never fails every time I listen to it now as well. I really love that underlying, super-funky beat. I often wonder what that sounded like early on when Sean said it was an in-your-face banging beat. I'd kill to hear that. Overall, SIGN is such a nice, concise, and totally cohesive piece. It reminds me a lot of Confield just in the way that it is a wonderful alien world that is worth constant exploration.
  6. is this a 90 minute jam with both guys? what exactly is this?
  7. crazy to think what really could have happened there. There are quite a few photos of that guy with a bunch of zip ties for hostages as well.
  8. also: A second suspect, Lonnie Coffman – whom AL.com identified as being 70 years old – is accused of having two handguns, an assault rifle, and 11 Molotov cocktails that included gasoline and apparent homemade napalm, the official said. Coffman, from Falkville, Ala., was identified after police linked him to a suspicious red GMC pick-up truck with Alabama plates. Mark Leffingwell was also charged, accused of knowingly entering restricted ground and assaulting an officer after he entered the Capitol. Court papers released Thursday in connection with his U.S. Capito
  9. lol yea I know. I thought I read that if he pardoned himself from federal crime that it gave him a loophole in the state crimes. But I have no idea. I also like cold toilet seats.
  10. I bet that doesn't apply to that guy though, right?
  11. right, but then can't he plead the fifth on those? Im out of my league with the legal stuff. Thought this was the AE 08 Live thread.
  12. I just have a feeling he is not going to jail or anything. facebook and instagram was perma banhammer
  13. It's not gonna happen. he is going to pardon himself and his whole family. Constitution scholars have been scrambling because no president has ever pardoned himself and it is not clear in the constitution. But he will do. Dollars to D for doughnuts.
  14. I understand there is no rationalizing with this group of people. The fact that they are just saying any violent maga person is an antifa plant is just that. but there are clear cut photos of these people - a lot already identified (aside from our own dlo) - as proud boys, white supremecists and even a brand new West Virginia government fucking employee. How is that, in any possible way, not proof that it was themselves that did this? Im at such a state of disbelief while not being shocked at all. It is such a weird feeling.
  15. jules

    Autechre and Electro

    was gonna say the same... https://m.soundcloud.com/dkmntl/dekmantelpodcastautechre
  16. yea this is top top top tier boc. cream of the crop. the second half could go on for hours the way those kicks go...
  17. Ok yea, so this is the hardest he’s gone in on the 90s cheese. But at least tastefully. I could not stand Caustro. Rodent was hot trash to me. Subtemple And Beachfires, however, are amongst my favorites. I find it hilarious that he is referencing a part of music that I had to deal with because that was my time. I mean, fuck, this is borderline Snap The Power shit. At the same time, it’s like, damn who broke your heart so bad, William? The vocals are so high in the mix that it is fucking grating. Just like the Thom and Fourtet tracks. But I’ll be damned if Her Revolution didn’t grow like
  18. There is just something so nostalgic about that main twinkly melody. It just perfectly captures the spirit of the season as a kid or something.
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