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  1. It’s double negative through a microscope. absolutely brilliant.
  2. New side project that debuted some new tunes at Glastonbury this weekend. Sounds really good. Some have them have some real grit to them them and it's cool to hear them so raw and unpolished. They put their stuff on Soundcloud. There was mention of Nigel when they announced the project so I would assume an LP/EP is on its way soon and I'd imagine some tour dates. Solid. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CPNv4JTnHoZ/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=fa4c8703-041b-4fbd-a236-f380b9162710
  3. Gave this a run through today - it sounds more like a nice collection of tracks than a proper follow-up to Compro. But damn does it sound super warm and lush af. His atmosphere is always so damn good.
  4. I haven't properly checked out Pool yet – but damn, the Watching Airplanes album is really hitting the spot...
  5. Happy Holidays all As the scene's keenest scribe-cum-producer, Blackdown's blog and Keysound label were at the core of the genre’s early sound, placing him in proximity to key players including Burial. Like we mentioned, Burial’s remix of ‘Crackle Blues’ in 2006 was, just like his debut 12”, sorely overlooked at the time, and remains one of his tightest and most effective garagey/woodblock productions. On the ’Shock Power Of Love’ EP they check in 15 years later for a 2-step pow wow, passing the peace-pipe over cuts of Detroit-inspired garage and deep-fried, crispy London soul music. Blackdown gives clear nods to his 313 inspiration on both sides, framing his restless subs and garage swing with sampled, house declarations and soaring pads in ‘The Journey VIP’ while nodding to Juan Atkins and Red Planet via Geeneus in a remix of Heatmap’s ‘Arklight.’ Burial is at his signature best on the other two, frothing choral vocals into a scissored 2-step shuffle on ‘Dark Gethsemane’ before rolling out fathoms deep into the iridescent trance leads and scalp-stroking Reese bass licks of ’Space Cadet.’ https://boomkat.com/products/shock-power-of-love-ep https://burial.bandcamp.com/album/shock-power-of-love-ep
  6. I’m pretty sure it was. It’s fine either way, no worries. Something will come out someday ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Maybe I’d be inclined to agree with that if Weirdcore didn’t upload a step by step guide to unlock a troll
  8. I really, really want to be very surprised that someone purposely stirred up a lot of supporters’ hopes with a well-hidden date inside of a gif that someone else paid $130,000 for, but actually meant fuck all - but we are all living in this timeline together.
  9. Don't forget Feast/Beast. There is a lot of real quality material on there.
  10. really hoping for a hi scores repress with reversed reversed channels.
  11. Same here. One of my fav things about Clark was that he never really sat still and kept exploring what made him excited creatively. Unfortunately for me, it’s not the same things I enjoy at this point, but that doesn’t make this shit. I’m sure there are people that do enjoy it and he is obviously proud of it. Clark’s gotta Clark. Maybe he feels like this direction has legs...
  12. One of my friends and teammates at work took her life on Wednesday. We have a really close team of about 15 and there was not 1 single person that even had a shred of a clue that she was going through anything, let alone something that dark. It’s such a shock and watching the ripple of devastation run through is horrible. Shit is no joke. Take care of each other and be kind. You never ever know what someone is going through...
  13. Yea, I may be a little biased as I absolutely love all of the post-hiatus stuff. LT is the only thing in their whole catalog that I am meh about. But I think this one is a return to form and is absolutely on par with all of their stuff. Having the visuals on first go certainly helped. I like the production on this as well. At first, it did seem a little clean, but I dig how much the bass stands out and the snares cut through a few times rather nicely. The ending is absolutely brilliant as well. Looking forward]rd to it arriving for sure.
  14. Yea agree with all of that ^ And that write up is a bit much but I’ll always take some new Andy. I played the shit out of the last one.
  15. live autechre outside in the daylight =
  16. never heard of this dude and have been checking out the New Model album. It’s a mix of Lorn and Haxan Cloak but with a huge helping of cheese. Really strange mix and I’m not sure if I hate it or love it.
  17. jules


    Is that the 04 09 2010 Domino AB you are looking for? If so, I can upload a wetransfer here if you cant find it.
  18. lol that is fantastic I love the underlying darkness
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