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What's your go-to for album sound clips/samples?


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For years, my go-to has been Amazon. I very, very seldomly buy music from them, but have used them as a source of audio clips for evaluation as well as wish-listing for over a decade. You used to find audio clips for CDs fairly often, then eventually you could only find them for digital albums. But it was reliable for 90% of things I'd search for – if the album was available digitally somewhere, you could get sound clips on Amazon. So as a wish list, it was pretty awesome because I could just go visit that list anytime I was bored with music and wanted to see what seemed good. 

Lo and behold, this week it seems Amazon has done away with sound samples on their digital album pages. FUCK YOU AMAZON! They direct you to a new Amazon Music page to listen, but of course prompt you to sign up for Amazon Music Unlimited or some shit. I'm sure there are no samples there either. But point being, what I've relied on for years is now gone and my really long wishlist seems...empty. Just a reference, and I have to seek out samples elsewhere. 

I know various online music retailers offer samples, but they're often genre-specific. I'm looking for any places that might have just about everything. I use Bandcamp more and more, saving stuff to a wishlist there, but in order to sample things you have to manually skip through. It's less of a passive thing than actual sound clips. Same with Spotify, plus that interrupts what I may have been listening to as well as my "cluttering up my "recently played" with stuff I didn't actually listen to. 

So, any ideas? Am I just gonna have to use a bunch of different sites depending on what I'm trying to sample? 

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