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  1. I'm too lazy to cross reference all of the tracks he's given working titles to (Last Rushup 10 F being called Last Rushup 10 M comes to mind), I may have missed it, but is there a list of only tracks that haven't been released on cds for easy basket adding?
  2. Well, it took 3 years, sorry about the delay but it's here now: https://fineprimitivesounds.bandcamp.com/album/diesl All tracks in 48/24, will be on Spotify and all those other stores soon. Some tracks made with S1v2, some with S1v3, some with Renoise and some with Reaper. There's also a limited edition cassette you can nab for yourselves. Listen to the album playlist on SC: I know some people were asking about a full length and where to buy these tracks a couple of years ago, enjoy.
  3. there's an overall flanging/phasing sound on the amen i don't know what what it is, sounds like a 96kbps mp3, it's my only complain... maybe weird eq... but the dsp fuckery is pretty dope! good emulation of go plastic era without a doubt! great bass!!! all the sounds sound like go plastic samples, really great job! what fx did you use on the amen to fuck it like this? any special vst or a lot of different ones here and there? Thank you! Yeah, I think I did something stereo to it when I started it years ago, maybe it was that. Fuckery was courtesy of the usual suspects, Glitch2, Effectrix, Artillery and the built-in renoise scrambling thingies. Thanks, I really appreciate it!
  4. Amazing album, I like it more than Wildflower, also reminds me of Daft Punk, which is good.
  5. Why would anyone on WATMM want to listen to Kendrick Lamar?
  6. Sentence could apply to 95% of topics around here, can you please just tell me if it looks real or fake?
  7. DIscogs, a french seller, I'm having a hard time figuring out if it is or not, it's definitely a glass-master disc in there, it's just the sticker that's confusing me.
  8. gif uploader Looks a bit printy to me but maybe that's just how it is? Was it originally on the shrinkwrap?
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