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  1. good one, the melodies and all the synths/noises are awesome and very engrossing and psychedelic indeed.the drums could be more expressive though, they're effective but secondary to the rests of the sounds in the track. i really like it when drums and melody work as one whole.


    i think it could be a longer track

  2. starter - techie ,almost emotionless, sterile, moody


    uorion - some dark distorted blurry mass floating, very uneasy feel to it


    sustainer - isnt interesting in the first half but pick up in the second, great mood and feel reminded me of the gorgeous repetitiveness of recury, very annoying snare fukery during most of the track.


    scret - neat ! the dark evil electro mood of adult., then it morphs into something warpy and loses it.


    ender - nothing special about this track nor the hidden track, too unoffensive



    i like the overall dark mood of those tracks, its very detached from other's on ekt, its self indulgent (which is pretty good quality in music i think). i like the fact that u step into the weird/expiremental side easily and fearlessly


    the main con is that it all sounds very amateurish and seems like the lack of skill is stopping you from reaching the goal

  3. hardware : edirol pcr 50 midi keyboard, P4 2.6 1 gig ram.


    software: fruity loops 6, cubase sx 3 ,a miriad of warezed overpriced vsts :fear:


    3xOsc for almost everything

    that thing is so underrated

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