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  1. catch 22 is not bad. it's flawed, due to numerous underdeveloped points, and mostly due to its adherence to war movies cliches and the overdramatizations which don't coexist well with the over the top absurdities that set the tone of the series, but there are things this show does very well and even innovatively. there's a certain ambience and rhythm to it, a constant repetition of the bombing runs-leisure-(very nice music and visuals)-overwritten banter full of absurdities (seemed like they were pulled right from the book)-almost looney tunes like attempts to escape and the ensuing frustrations due to failure to do so, and back to square one. that maddening frustration from the whole process was really well portrayed. the main character is interesting, a bit of an amoral weasel, but also a loyal friend and a professional in his craft who gradually disintegrates emotionally and psychologically. not a great performance by the dude, but decent enough to get the point across. that whole syndicate thing that infiltrates and subverts the war effort is another strong point, the actor who played the guy responsible did a good job in that case. so ultimately it's worth a watch.
  2. don't wanna ruin it for those who might stumble into this thread before watching the last ep, so my review is inside the spoiler:
  3. dumbest and dullest 4 hours of my life in the last 13 years.
  4. anyone who refuses to watch israel's eurovision 2019 indirectly supports global islamic jihad. i expect to see active participation in this thread this evening from everyone who values freedom and democracy.
  5. last one could have been a good episode, but almost everything was wrong except the brutal dragon-rape-gore carnage that was so sick, horrifying and borderline tasteless that it left a real impression. danerys' snap to insanity should have been more pronounced and developed within the episode. with a good enough effort from the actress they could have began the carnage with a very long static shot of her face that would relay the whole thing without words. i think she could have pulled it. and that could have been it, no other words would be needed for the rest of episode except cercei's. the way the dragon simply destroyed all of the defenses was simply lame. last time she barely made it alive and lost a dragon, but this time she just mowed everything without any issue or change in tactics whatsoever. the pre-battle tension suffered from diminishing return, we got exactly the same thing in ep3 and it was much better conceived. the dany led carnage became some sort of a background on which much more unimportant things were taking place. another pointless show of joe snow's heroism, a useless fight between the meathead bros (the big one looked cool though), another stupid quick time event sequence with arya - press square to avoid being crushed by rubble, press circle to dash from dragon fire. bleh. completely pointless fight of jimmy lanister with the pirate. the only decent thing was the way cercei died, uneventful and "just like that". i think it was a much more interesting way to off her instead of settings some elaborate overdramatized scene for it. and with all of that said, the aforementioned display of brutal carnage still made it stand out and break some of gots mechanical predictability of recent seasons.
  6. high life - a pretensions, uninspired and meandering mess about cum doctors in space and bad rapey people. too many useless, naturalist shots of a baby, too many annoying art house mannerisms that suck all energy out of the film, and non-human, hollow dialogue.
  7. the death count is still two people by your count, and in fact we actually only see one, by the description it looks a lot like Shashenok who was found badly burnt. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radiation_burn https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/radiation-sickness/symptoms-causes/syc-20377058 basically you suck.
  8. do you know russian? anyway it's on rutracker.
  9. that's exactly what's shown in the ep. i'm following the discussion of this on some russian torrent tracker, those people are very allergic to the hollywoodization of facts when it comes to events such as those, so far i've seen no serious complaints about the accuracy. just some discussion about the causes of the accident and how much the ukranians suck.
  10. i think you're not quite getting how the soviet techno-bureaucrat mindset functioned given that last point. some of the over the top theatrics in that were in bad taste, but overall it's decent. it wins you over with the atmosphere mostly, harrowing and horrifying. the score is especially great.
  11. next stage of trolling will def get me b&, lol. (there's honestly no meanness intended jr, in case it comes off like that from my texts. it's just good ol constructive trolling of authority)
  12. now imagine how long term wattmers feel when they have to tolerate an incompetent admin with rubin farr-esque level of intelligence and sense of humor for like 15 years on the site they call home...
  13. phhh. you shouldn't expect enhanced functionality when you're not supporting the development and maintenance of this beautiful website in any way. shame on you for even for bringing it up.
  14. ep5 is where the shit gets really wild.
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