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  1. for posting mediafire links to radiohead's in rainbows because their stupid site got overloaded on release data. no idea, probably some nsfw. chengod most probably for trolling awepittance, i claimed that he protests the usage of those full body x-ray scanners at the airports because he has a very small penis. ...
  2. this show is mostly a dull mess, but yeah, there are some bursts of uninhibited imagination such as ep4 that make it worth it.
  3. thom sent the barebones midi files and and nigel filled them in with the right sounds.
  4. my fav of the "ivanka in important historical events" memes:
  5. i think nicolas winding refn hasn't done anything worthwhile after the pusher trilogy, yet somehow i really liked ep1 of his new series. he perfected this style, hollowed out pretty much everything human and distilled only mood, aesthetics, tension and characters that are extremely static but quite colorful. every shot is just gorgeous and the super slow pace gives enough time to savor them. dunno where it'll go next but in ep1 it worked surprisingly well.
  6. there is some stuff to explore on further listens, but it snaps into the default thom yorke mode of reverbed whinery backed by fruity loops' primitive plinky plonk still too often.
  7. succ. the worst qualities of hbo are overemphasized, very shallow and offering nothing new.
  8. regarding the smithereens episode, an average episode of silicon valley contains much more insight into the modern tech-corp dominated state of the world. this embarrassingly overwrought, grim and preying on technophobia bullshit that is black mirror offers nothing of value really.
  9. i lasted almost two tracks
  10. catch 22 is not bad. it's flawed, due to numerous underdeveloped points, and mostly due to its adherence to war movies cliches and the overdramatizations which don't coexist well with the over the top absurdities that set the tone of the series, but there are things this show does very well and even innovatively. there's a certain ambience and rhythm to it, a constant repetition of the bombing runs-leisure-(very nice music and visuals)-overwritten banter full of absurdities (seemed like they were pulled right from the book)-almost looney tunes like attempts to escape and the ensuing frustrations due to failure to do so, and back to square one. that maddening frustration from the whole process was really well portrayed. the main character is interesting, a bit of an amoral weasel, but also a loyal friend and a professional in his craft who gradually disintegrates emotionally and psychologically. not a great performance by the dude, but decent enough to get the point across. that whole syndicate thing that infiltrates and subverts the war effort is another strong point, the actor who played the guy responsible did a good job in that case. so ultimately it's worth a watch.
  11. don't wanna ruin it for those who might stumble into this thread before watching the last ep, so my review is inside the spoiler:
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