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  1. i don't care what's moving, but why are some things moved togheter and others not, why is still JULIET with them?!?!? that really doesn't make any sense to me... if locked woke up alone, it means that "the others" went to another time/space, but what about juliet???
  2. yeah i don't like the euro/melodic trance feeling neither, but your beats are ace!!! ;) keep up!
  3. well, that didn't sound like you mean it...
  4. man he was beeing sarcastic, it was quite a laugh!
  5. adapter or an rca<->jack cable, i duno if the adapter will bring some noize up, maybe yes... if you want the cleanest sound get the specific cable!
  6. you're that 2nd guy counting from the left right!?!?
  7. some guy went to me and said that on mullholland drive was the corpse dreaming and not her, it makes no sense....
  8. hey and why don't i have those tracks you did in yo live sets!??!?!
  9. i want that collab between you and mrx, whip that biatch with a whip!!!!
  10. in a fast reply i can say your other works deserved more promotion than this one...
  11. hey i love you too and i wanna remix it, what's the deal!??!
  12. you know what really grinds my gears?!?!? people not listening to your music, it sucks! i wanna remix the shit out of "stop calling me"!!!
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