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  1. In about a month and a week's time from the time I write this, Kampala's Don Zilla is going to release his debut full length on the Ugandan label Hakuna Kulala. Before this he has released From the Cave to the World in 2019 and remixes for Still's LP I in 2018. Tracklisting: 1. Full Moon 2. Tension (can be streamed on the bandcamp page) 3. Automated 4. Buziba 5. Entambula 6. Shots 7. Moving Space 8. Bujingo* 9. Ekivuuma *Promo video for Bujingo:
  2. The amount of emissions from data centres, along with the manufacturing of more computers, routers, cell phones, tablets, and all the other internet technology, not to mention the mining of the supplies for the building of these things, and the growing numbers of devices connecting.
  3. The previous instalment in this series, TemeTape 1, featured Simo Cell and Skee Mask doing some excellent stuff with each side a different BPM feel. I've never seen Skee Mask, Low Jack, or Peverelist live yet, sad to say, but I can certainly attest to Simo Cell's excellence as a live DJ who plays a range of fairly eclectic styles in a way that makes them fit together naturally in a way that makes for an awesome dancefloor experience. Already loving productions by all three gentlemen (and I think I've heard a mix or two by Pev besides just Simo Cell), I'm sure I will greatly enjoy these mixtape
  4. Well, yes, that's a fair point, but how about moving to simply downloading, then? 'twould have neither the harm done by the streaming nor the waste of vinyl, CDs, and tapes.
  5. Maybe, but he's right about how much these streaming services rip off artists and change music discovery often for the worse, and there's also the environmental impact. Yes, many things harm the environment pretty drastically, some more than others, but if streaming audio and video could be reduced, it would surely be a boon.
  6. As is often the case with Skee Mask, he has a lot of great tunes but I don't necessarily find the album as consistent throughout as some of his EPs but even then I often like his songs more than the particular collections and their orders. Will check out this Watching Airplanes act, though
  7. This was great and I thought I should mention: TemeTape 2 is out now! (needs a new thread in its own right, perhaps I shall make one) Simo Cell with Low Jack and Peverelist, I ordered a copy, looking forward to hearing it when it gets here
  8. Tim Baker - Audio Implant (1999) RIP Tim https://mixmag.net/read/detroit-techno-house-dj-tim-baker-elephanthaus-died-news Donald Byrd - Places and Spaces (1975) Some people called this him selling out but really, it's a classic of the intersection of jazz, funk, and disco... not much other disco on Blue Note Records, I tell you what Deeeeeeeeeetroit
  9. Yesterday was bandcamp Friday (maybe the last ever :O) So I preordered the new Loraine James CD, Reflection. I also bought the following: DAWN - Redemption (which is like R&B/dancepop with almost all production handled by Machinedrum, doing some footworklike beats), RP Boo - I'll Tell You What, Jurg Frey & Radu Malfatti - II, Keith Rowe & Sachiko M - contact, and last but not least, Taku Unami & Takahiro Kawaguchi - Teatro Assente
  10. Preordered the digitals of this album yesterday. I'm pretty excited for it, I must say. Also have a Teklife bucket hat and snapback on their way in the mail over to me (I already have the shirt along with a Teklife shirt that's in both English and Japanese) as well as a t-shirt of the classic hexagonal design which I got as a gift for one of my best friends for her birthday
  11. https://k-t-a.bandcamp.com/album/metamorphosis First LP from one of Toronto's finest DJs though with a somewhat different style from what she often had done with live performances. She just signed with URBNET Nonetheless, this is some really cool stuff combining influences of jazz, 90s hip hop, house, ambient, some very familiar sounds but with some very nice contemporary sound design to it, too. Trippy, dreamy, slightly squiggly at times, sharper, duller. The lyrics... are not a highlight for me, at least the English ones I can make out. The Korean ones, might be a different story, but I d
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