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  1. Thanks for the headsup. Have enjoyed Anthony Linell's work on Northern Electronics.
  2. splesh

    SIGN or PLUS?

    My thoughts have changed, I definitely like Dr Dre and X-Men 4 now a bunch too. I think I still like PLUS more but it doesn't necessarily have the cohesion of SIGN
  3. Relistening to PLUS now for the first time in one week short of five months. DekDre Scap B flows so utterly seemlessly into 7FM ic. Both are full of the crunch and crispness I love in Ae's music. 7FM ic has, among other aspects a patch similar to one of those found in the classic early jungle tune by Nasty Habits, Here Come the Drums. The noise laden funky electro marhide is a jam and a half unlike anything else in their career and remind us that two of the most important influences on the 'chre (although admittedly at different points in their career) have been electro by the likes of Mantronix or Newcleus as well as musique concrete and tape music by the likes of Bernard Parmegiani. ecol4 is a jammy jamjam jammeroo jamming jam. No, it doesn't bang, but it covers a lot of ground and really shines, though at nine seconds short of 15 minutes can feel a bit long for when one is feeling short on patience. But though 15 minutes is fairly long for a song, Autechre are generally purveyors of music that one should always give full patience to, in order to reap the full rewards of the brothers' intricate sonic tapestries. There is a whole heck of a lot going on in X4, much much more than it may seem even after a handful of listens, even at the two and a half minute mark, which is not even yet a third of the way through this song. To me, this song feels like receiving data from an cartography mission carried out by a small fleet of satellites or probes. There is an overall uniformity to it but at every turn there is so much depth and shape. TM1 open is just incredibly lovely. A companion piece of sorts to SIGN's si00 and at times feeling like Autechrian acid house with some really rather 303-sounding bass squelches, it also sits nicely with marhide for some of that retro flavour. But then it's last 2 minutes recall n Cur, the closer of SIGN, which in turn recall the last two numbers of Oversteps. The only tracks that feel like "outtakes from SIGN"* to me are ii.pre esc, lux 106 mod, & esle 0. But in fact these three, which together only make up six more seconds over 13 minutes, like a handful on the accompanying album, feel rather similar to Oversteps and Move of Ten, which is rather a welcome thing, if you ask me. In fact if you took those three along with F7, esc desc, Metaz form8, gr4, th red a, & r cazt from SIGN & column thirteen from NTS Session 4, you'd have 10 tracks, totalling 1:04:08, all of which would be rather akin to the sounds Sean & Rob first brought before us in the start of the previous decade, but rather more ambient. Almost one might say, the atmosphere of the planet whose surface is explored in Oversteps and Move of Ten. p1p2, the Japanese bonus track, feels to me like the lads' darkest since Perlence Subrange 6-36 *This is how some attempt to malign PLUS.
  4. sch.mefd 2 feels like a continuation of certain aspects of both M4 Lema and F7 in some sense, though less astonishing than either. au14 feels like Sean and Rob giving the fans "what they think we want", e.g. some nice beatfuckery with some nice stuff in the background. th red a feels like a slowly dying creature gasping its last breaths as it writhes in agony and it seems like it would have been a natural choice for an album closer, not that an album four seconds short of 52 minutes would feel long enough from Sean & Rob. psin AM makes an excellent counterpart to M62 from Move of Ten, another jammy jam laid over/under a four-on-the-floor beat, though a more sedate one. si00 is really something special the likes of which we haven't heard from the brothers since Quaristice at the most recent or maybe even since Confield. n Cur is gorgeous, a worthy bonus track to be sure, though one that takes its sweet time fading out. r cazt is gorgeous but goes on a bit longer than it needs to and feels like an alternate take of krYlon or Yuop from Oversteps, which is no bad thing, but it does somewhat cover much of the same ground. Similarly F7, esc desc, Metaz form8, gr4, th red a, & r cazt, which together make up just over half (or 54.545454545454545454...%) of the album or 34 minutes, all feel like a revisiting of the sonic realms which Oversteps and Move of Ten first laid out for us 10 years prior. This is not a bad thing at all and is indeed a very welcome thing if we consider NTS Sessions, elseq 1-5, Exai, and L-event to all be deeper dives into Quaristice's terrain or at least those first two a continuation of the latter two. Second, they feel very much like what the beatless ambient album some were hoping for around the time that Oversteps was first teased.
  5. Listening to this now for the first time since April. M4 Lema is such an incredible opening track. The amount of both texture and detail is truly staggering. As is often the case with some of Autechre's most ornate works, it calls to mind a marble sculpture of the renaissance like Giuseppe Sanmartino's 1753 Cristo Velato (The Veiled Christ). It is also one of their longest first tracks at 8:49; feed1 is 11:37, t1a1 is 18:39, and of their releases before the days of selling FLAC/WAVs online, only Cipater is longer by a mere 8 seconds at 8:57.
  6. Edgar Froese - Beyond the Storm Cristian Vogel - Rescate 137 Hudson Mohawk - Butter Joker - The Vision Yazoo - Upstairs at Eric's Frankie Knuckles - Beyond the Mix Pusha T - My Name is My Name Autechre - Oversteps CJ Bolland - The 4th Sign Joey Beltram - Places Mark Broom - Angie Is a Shoplifter
  7. Bump! Listening to this now and loving it! Existing fans of Proc Fiskal should enjoy this as well as people who love Iglooghost; perhaps most especially those who were disappointed from this year's output and wish the recent offering from the latter was more in line with 2017's Neo Wax Bloom. Nonetheless, this is still rather distinctly a Joe Powers type affair. To be honest, it's great when an artist not only avoids the "sophomore slump", but puts out an album that may in time outshine the debut.
  8. Excite! Love me some Carsten Nicolai. Can't wait to hear this.
  9. This album is really fucking cool. Dubby and glitchy techno from Slovenia in the early 2000s. And it features Pascal's Triangle on the album cover for some reason...not sure why. Anyway, it's a fucking vibe and a half.
  10. I'll have to relisten them to some time soon, but dang if Anti and Anvil Vapre hold up much much more for me than do Incunabula and Tri Repetae. But I haven't listened to Amber or Garbage in a long time though I remember enjoying both a bunch. Vletrmx is the stuff of legend.
  11. Generally fond of Blawan, appreciate the streak he's on, will need to listen to this again
  12. Autechre and TLC come together (okay it's just me having a larf) to present you The Tlc - No Scrubs (Quaristice Mix). Track length? 3:33.333 Just a fun mashup of an R&B classic with bits of Altibzz, The Plc, and PlyPhon. Very loosely done. Just for fun. Please don't take this too seriously. 1440431151_noscrubs(quaristicemix).mp3
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