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  1. https://shiffra.bandcamp.com/album/good-luck Technically, I released this a few days ago now, but here it is, my second EP.
  2. Enjoyed other Loraine I've heard, too. Thanks for the tip
  3. The Magnificent Void is another of my favourite Steve Roach albums, I also like the ones he did with Robert Rich, Strata and Soma
  4. Listening now and digging a lot. Etch does it again! ❤️
  5. Very excited! Love the old HIA stuff, looking fwd to tuning in
  6. Also one of mine. Immediately stood out to me, from my first listen of PLUS.
  7. e0 esle 0 Possible connection?
  8. What makes you think he'll leave Rob?
  9. I need to relisten ORANGE myself but I will say, GREEN has a lot more overall immediate appeal (but that could be just the immediate extreme novelty, besides which green is my favourite colour)
  10. X4 and bladelores are both the same length, 12 minutes 21 seconds. Listening to them mixed together right now. Edit: sounding pretty decent if dense. Technically, X4 is 12:21.361 and bladelores is 12:21.493, making it 132 milliseconds longer. (Wikipedia reveals that 132 is the smallest Osiris number)
  11. I'm feeling similarly so far.
  12. But does that mean it's modulated? Or that the Juno 106 in question has been modded?
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