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  1. Exciting! Saw him live a few years ago and it was great
  2. Leftovers though they may be, I still have more things I like the most on PLUS even if I can't deny SIGN flows better
  3. splesh


    Thirded. My least favourite track on this EP, honestly. But it is one of my favourite EPs of theirs.
  4. Hype hype hype hype hype can't wait to listen! Love pretty much all his productions and hearing him live has been one of the best DJ sets I've heard
  5. Happy BoC day everyone!!!
  6. That new boot of Autechre playing in Spain
  7. So was it this with the theatre's lights all out? Laser light show? Some generative Jitter visualisers running? A slideshow of Sean & Rob visiting Ibiza? MilkDrop?
  8. lock this thread! getting our hopes up right around the time of the Primavera Sound gig and all, too! 😭
  9. Quite sorry to have missed this AMA 😞
  10. Loving what I'm hearing so far. Ae will release an official download of Primavera and other '22 appearances inshallah. Listening to the remastered version posted right now and whoaaaaa. Pictured below, my face every few seconds:
  11. Lucky bastards, the folks who get to hear this. Daaaaaaaaaaang. Talk about unreplicable
  12. I am so sorry to have to break this bad news. This is a pretty monumental loss, in a year where we've already lost some excellent synthesists (Mira Calix, Klaus Schulze, and Vangelis)... dang, I don't have much else to say Sequential posted this:
  13. Sounding nice! Nothing was a bit of a letdown from someone I know can do better, so this is very promising
  14. Not always in the mood for him but sometimes he scratches an itch I didn't know I had. I'll look into this, thanks
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