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  1. Looking forward to checking this out, enjoyed Client_03's entry in the recent R&S compilation In Order to Care.
  2. An era which has well earned a compilation of its style. Soul Jazz always has such excellent releases, often most notably excellent genre compilations. This is a worthy addition to a great catalogue.
  3. I really like how they're just pointing at each other like "this guy right here..."; both are equally teacher and pupil; the influence techno had on Kraftwerk after the obvious influence they had on techno is something I think is largely unacknowledged.
  4. Great album; always fond of DJ Python's stuff
  5. He will be sorely missed; a trailblazer of unbelievable proportion. Here's a great picture of him with Juan Atkins:
  6. Thanks Amen Lare, but it's mostly the stuff that sounds like S&R making new sounds and the CG shapes I'm after
  7. Is anyone ripping this? Please don't forget to keep me in the loop, my friends!
  8. Listening now and this is great, Hodge rarely disappoints. Will be listening to this a lot this year.
  9. splesh

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    I'm on a pair of AKG K52s and seconding your remarks... It's a bit funny to me, I love all the sounds but I have a soft spot for that one really catchy part, I think it's in this one, I think you know the one I mean, ~starts 32:21 in Zagreb
  10. splesh

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    Lushness overloadddddddddddddddddddd
  11. splesh

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    Listening to Zagreb rn!
  12. Wanted to bump this thread to remind more people to check this out and also gloat about having seen RAMZi at one show and Priori and Ex-Terrestrial at another and also check out Ntel, a new duo of Priori & Ex-Terrestrial!
  13. Only maybe some of the most obvious stuff, e.g. everything by Source Direct, Paradox, Homemade Weapons, Breakage before he went dubstep, and some of Martyn's d&b stuff
  14. Looking forward to this! Liked that duo he was in, Bodyguard, back in 2012, so I should really get into the rest of his career
  15. It is lovely, no doubt, and I know I've said this before but that one to me feels like a revisit of the sounds of Oversteps
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