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  1. Damn, just went to check for new releases and found out about this. Loved his stuff, bummed out that we're never going to hear any more of it. Can only imagine the sort of stuff he'd be doing 10 years from now. R.I.P Rhys.
  2. Nope it's this guy from Malta. Dave referred him to CPU though.
  3. If the issue is that people don't value the tracks enough, couldn't he just put them up on bandcamp or something?
  4. Acid Organ, Organ, and Bob Morgan are still there. That's all the organs I think. EDIT: Too slow.
  5. What does Dolby C remind me of? I swear there's another track in the dump that uses that exact same synth sound...
  6. Christ. Every drop in those videos is exactly the same too; a rising tone plays for 4/8 bars, then everything but the melody drops out for 1 bar at the end of that, and then... TRIPLE TIME! How do people not get bored of this?
  7. All this talk of it being over... he's just preparing for Friday!
  8. Ah, false alarm then, carry on. Still gonna grab the tracks anyway though as I'm digging them.
  9. Not sure if it's been mentioned so forgive me if this has already come up, but I noticed that the user48736353001 account is now following https://soundcloud.com/somadril which has some pretty sick tracks going on. On the fence as to whether it's Aphex at the moment as the style is a bit different... what do you reckon? Possible second account?
  10. Plenty of pros here too: You'll be able to listen to whatever you like in the car. You'll be able to make music late at night without wearing headphones. She won't criticise your stuff. She'll mispronounce things and sometimes that will be really funny. Job's a goodun.
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