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  1. Yeah it has the option of buying a vinyl too but I can't preview the tracks. EDIT: Now I can
  2. Consul

    170871 50

    lol this was a joyrex bait then?
  4. Recently I've been more into the idea that some nightclubs act like musicians need them to exist in order for musicians to exist but it should be the direct opposite. I've always had this feeling for a while, keeps coming back to me sometimes.
  5. Either that or the high quality rips from the casette deck that he had built for himself that he was teasing about would be cool for this year.
  6. Damn my CD arrived earlier than I expected. It took me months to receive the Vortrack vinyl.
  7. Aphex Twin + Chris Cunningham – Traffic Festival (30/06/2005) View File Chris Cunningham and later Aphex Twin performing in Torino, Italy at Traffic Festival. Includes a different version of "Monkey Drummer" by Chris Cunningham. Submitter Consul Submitted 05/19/21 Category Aphex Twin  
  8. Yeah he has done several shows.
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