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  1. This has released 6 days ago and has easily became one of my favorite albums!
  2. Consul

    My mixes

    My guest mix for AK49's show on Root Radio. Enjoy! I will also be hosting my own show on Root Radio starting next week. I'll post updates on this thread!
  3. Consul

    My mixes

    Made a Jungle mix consisting of tracks only made on Amiga!
  4. One day hopefully! 😄
  5. Trackers are really useful when it comes to making D&B / Jungle.
  6. I'm glad you liked it! I use Renoise.
  7. Two updates! First off, the last track I posted (Kepler 452b) was included in mindcolor music's latest compilation, mental concept 111! Second, a new track is up!
  8. PURCHASE: BANDCAMP I was a bit late to post this, sorry!
  9. I could imagine this mix being a radio in GTA 2. Would fit perfectly.
  10. Both tracks are crazy good and clear sounding as if RDJ released them this year instead of 1992!
  11. Today is the last chance to purchase!
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