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  1. The track is now available on Squarepusher.net
  2. Seems like they removed it. Some people had a chance to download it though.
  3. Nervelevers is available for those who have bought it on Bleep. Still not available on Squarepusher.net for some reason, but it'll be available soon I think.
  4. Also people have said that the last track is a Squarepusher remix of a Black Dog track. I searched for it and couldn't find it. Any ideas on who made the original track? Maybe it was Tom's and he remixed himself? (like how he did with Psultan)
  5. 303 dollars for people who have not pre-ordered the album. https://bleep.com/release/165232-squarepusher-nts-mix-22-06-19
  6. Thank god that this stuff didn't take too long like Heorge stuff did to release. A %100 buy for me!
  7. He uploaded a new track. Check your "Account" section.
  8. Consul


    Vinyl dispatched!
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