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  1. Literally crying

  2. Four(!) new DJ mixes now up "hi, there will be some kind of (deejayed) radio- program here in december. i hope you all find some joy and comfort in it. and if you like it please show some love for those wonderfully talented musicians in there. take care, much love from planet uterus xxx" Enjoy.
  3. I thought Anstam was Pom Pom? All kidding aside, any more evidence besides both being anonymous projects? Stylistically, they're quite different; not that that proves anything, Traumprinz is quite versatile himself. But Pom Pom has Berlin written all over it, I always assumed it's someone from the Hardwax sphere, maybe a collective, while TP seems entirely independent, hovering above everything and everyone else. If anything, he's more Weimar than Berlin, if that makes sense (probably not). And with all due respect, Pom Pom is not quite on his level ... Apologies if you're either one of them.
  4. Just saw that now. He is talking about (Giegling co-founder) Konstantin, who was "cancelled" after an interview with Groove Magazine's Lauren Aha in which he apparently said that female DJ's have been sort of overpromoted in recent years and are often worse at DJ'ing than men. In the wake of the interview, he was unbooked from Amsterdam Dance Event, for example. He later apologized but has been relatively quiet since then (that was in 2017). Some believe that Konstantin himself is Traumprinz, but I don't think so.
  5. Why on earth has no one posted this yet? Best thing ever Who is this guy, and how is he able to up his game every single time? Unbelievable. I was in tears by track two. 3 hours of this is almost too much too take. Btw, 1.19.25 seems to be a tribute to Legend B - "Lost in Love", 00.59.45 has echoes of another trance classic that I can't quite put my finger on, even though it feels like I know it by heart. Something from Eye Q, surely, but I'm blanking atm*. Anyone recognize anything else? Either way, incredible stuff, I hope it gets a vinyl release somewhere down the road. Enjoy, WATMMers! * I guess I was thinking of Braincell - "Nimrod", Sonic Infusion - "Magnifica" or Renegade Legion - "The Weeping Waste" but the search continues ...
  6. Who woulda thunk -- ABBA are the new Kraftwerk (well, kinda). Pretty IDM, actually.
  7. IDEM

    170871 50

    You're a man of high standards
  8. IDEM

    170871 50

    I'm a made man. I'm also apparently sending a nine-year-old to the beach with a 200,- beach towel. Gotta stop doing that lest she get mugged.
  9. IDEM

    170871 50

    I tried "disgusting" -- "Password incorrect, please try again". Trying to complete my "Donkey Rhubarb" teddy bear collection. Edit: "AFX50", that wasn't so hard after all. But 242 quid is a bit steep.
  10. IDEM

    170871 50

    "Enter store using password"?
  11. Boards Of Canada -- Music Has the Right to Children (Warp) Boards Of Canada -- Geogaddi (Warp) Boards Of Canada -- The Campfire Headphase (Warp) Boards Of Canada -- Trans Canada Highway (Warp) Carl Craig & Moritz v. Oswald -- Attenuator (Planet E/!K7) D'Arcangelo -- Tweaking Paper EP (Analogical Force) Depeche Mode -- Music for the Masses -- The 12'' Singles (Sony/Columbia) DMX Krew -- Turn It On (Utter) Richie Hawtin -- Time Warps (From Our Minds) Jonathan Kaspar -- Kante EP (Kompakt) Prince of Denmark -- Soulfood (Giegling Staub) Prince of Denmark -- The Body (Record 3 only) (Forum) Prince of Denmark - To the Fifty Engineers (Giegling Staub) Bart Skils & Weska -- Polarize (Drumcode) Tobias./Neel/Wa Wu WE -- s/t (Konstrukt) V.A. -- Fragments 5 (Hivern) Varg -- Star Alliance (Posh Isolation) Varg2TM & Exploited Body -- Etsin Turvaa (Northern Electronics) Varg2TM & Croatian Amor -- Body of Water/Body of Carbon (Posh Isolation) Vril -- Alte Seele (Delsin) Wa Wu We -- 004 (Wa Wu We) Wa Wu We -- 108 Dimensions of Green (Hypnus)
  12. The Black Dog -- Fragments Donato Dozzy -- The Loud Silence Donato Dozzy -- Plays Bee Mask Koss/Henriksson/Mullaert -- The Möllan Sessions Lindstrom & Prins Thomas -- III Sebastian Mullaert & Eitan Reiter -- Reflections of Nothingness V.A. -- Virtual Dreams (Ambient Explorations in the House & Techno Age 1993--1997) V.A. -- IDMEMO -- A Future of Nostalgia V.A. -- I'm Starting to Feel Okay Vol. 6
  13. Ooooh, didn't see that coming. https://bleep.com/release/214727-stereolab-electrically-possessed-switched-on-volume-4 Sounding as good as ever on the sample track.
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