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  1. That's twenty-five years. JFC. I will celebrate by sticking my merch umbrella up my bum-bum and firmly pulling the trigger. How do you commemorate this quadranscentennial anniversary?
  2. I was all set to go, but now I'm really debating if I should - SØS Gunver Ryberg, Evian Christ and Dopplereffekt all play on different days (of course!), so I'd have to pay for a full day ticket only to see the brothers (there's nothing else of interest on the lineup) plus the four-hour drive one way, the hotel and so on ... Maybe I'm just getting old, lol. But damn, all of the above on one day would've made for a sweet little mini festival.
  3. IDEM


    I'm not sure that's accurate. While TV evolved from radio, the roots of film lie in carnival attractions and spectacle such as magic lanterns, zoetropes, and chronophotography. Movies were a silent medium for a long time, the "action" mostly restricted to humorous little slapstick scenes or sensations like fast-moving trains and animals created to titillate and/or scare the audience. The technical aspect and the thrill of the moving image per se dominated over any sort of narrative structure for quite a while. At least that's what they taught us in college ...
  4. IDEM

    AI Art

    The English Patient vibe is pretty interesting, I wonder how it came up with that. Or maybe I'm just imagining things, like a good li'l AI.
  5. I gotta to say I only really, really rate him since Ufabulum/Enstrobia. Before that, there were always a few alright tracks here and there, but that's when he went into full-on Beast Mode IMO. No more self-indulgent noodling on fucking flamenco guitars, no more flimsy little breakbeats, no tired traditional instruments at all, just pure, unadulerated synthetic pleasure, over-the-top, no-holds-barred, all-stops-pulled, gung ho awesomeness, like "EDM" in a more evolved galaxy, like an infinitely better version of brostep or something. To me it's akin to what happened to AE with Tri Repetae, a cesura, an artist's coming into his own. I've loved everything he's put out since then. Squarepusher: Putting the Fun into Funk since 2012. \ hot take
  6. If I could listen to these in all their glory before I die I'd be a happy man Post Mortem.
  7. Ha, Narod Niki, I'd totally forgotten about them! But they're not active anymore, are they? Would be a cool sight, all of them combined, 20-odd people on stage jammin' out.
  8. Well, I guess they do have a bit of an SEO problem. But they're a live supergroup consisting of Sebastian Mullaert, Âme, Djrum, Dorisburg, Mathew Jonson, Neel, Andreas Tilliander, Neel, Vril and many others, and they're well worth your time. Check this out, wonderful set, even if the location is a bit over the top (gun): Here's one with a bigger lineup. Does my head in, absolutely fascinating. Sorry, didn't mean to hijack the thread.
  9. Isn't that what Circle of Live have been doing all along though?
  10. So this dude called a comment of mine "cynical", which it wasn't (I swear), so I told him to look the term up in the dictionary or just spend an afternoon with my granny. I thought that was pretty good.
  11. There's now a matching headphone for all you snazzy Lego DJ's out there: I like what he's done with the pads.
  12. Cool, thank you so much! So I guess this is the fabled track with the "au" sound that was responsible for their name. Amazing! And what a cool track it is. Oddly touching to partake of this piece of their origin after they've become the legends they are. Goosebumps.
  13. HOW? WHAT? WHERE? The link in the OP seems to be dead, can someone Direct Me to the motherlode?
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