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  1. Beers, Steers & Queers (on cassette tape) was the soundtrack to us breaking into our school building at night to smoke pot and then be too mellow to wreak havoc. Yeah, we were that rad. (I guess it's time-barred by now.) Fond memories though, and the title track is deeply imbedded in my DNA. And it still kicks ass, I just checked. "Well, I don't know what this cock thing is [...] I think it's a ... a male strip show, dance show ... male strippers?" 🕺
  2. Lol, I was thinking the exact same thing (well, without the "Luddite" part) right after I posted, but felt it didn't warrant an edit. Personally, I was too young to listen to Industrial in 1989, so 1991 is indeed where it started for me.
  3. If not, I would love to buy the binder off of you! @donquixote could take the records, and we'd all be happy! 😁
  4. Apparently he sold off a lot of equipment before the hiatus. https://crackmagazine.net/article/long-reads/five-year-exile-vladislav-delay-ready-return/
  5. "Abrasive" is the word that comes to mind ...
  6. Why anyone would say "magnus opus" is beyond me.
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