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  1. Boards Of Canada -- Music Has the Right to Children (Warp) Boards Of Canada -- Geogaddi (Warp) Boards Of Canada -- The Campfire Headphase (Warp) Boards Of Canada -- Trans Canada Highway (Warp) Carl Craig & Moritz v. Oswald -- Attenuator (Planet E/!K7) D'Arcangelo -- Tweaking Paper EP (Analogical Force) Depeche Mode -- Music for the Masses -- The 12'' Singles (Sony/Columbia) DMX Krew -- Turn It On (Utter) Richie Hawtin -- Time Warps (From Our Minds) Jonathan Kaspar -- Kante EP (Kompakt) Prince of Denmark -- Soulfood (Giegling Staub) Prince of Denmark -- The Body (Record 3 only) (Forum) Prince of Denmark - To the Fifty Engineers (Giegling Staub) Bart Skils & Weska -- Polarize (Drumcode) Tobias./Neel/Wa Wu WE -- s/t (Konstrukt) V.A. -- Fragments 5 (Hivern) Varg -- Star Alliance (Posh Isolation) Varg2TM & Exploited Body -- Etsin Turvaa (Northern Electronics) Varg2TM & Croatian Amor -- Body of Water/Body of Carbon (Posh Isolation) Vril -- Alte Seele (Delsin) Wa Wu We -- 004 (Wa Wu We) Wa Wu We -- 108 Dimensions of Green (Hypnus)
  2. The Black Dog -- Fragments Donato Dozzy -- The Loud Silence Donato Dozzy -- Plays Bee Mask Koss/Henriksson/Mullaert -- The Möllan Sessions Lindstrom & Prins Thomas -- III Sebastian Mullaert & Eitan Reiter -- Reflections of Nothingness V.A. -- Virtual Dreams (Ambient Explorations in the House & Techno Age 1993--1997) V.A. -- IDMEMO -- A Future of Nostalgia V.A. -- I'm Starting to Feel Okay Vol. 6
  3. Ooooh, didn't see that coming. https://bleep.com/release/214727-stereolab-electrically-possessed-switched-on-volume-4 Sounding as good as ever on the sample track.
  4. Begone with your foul zoomer language! Edit: But yeah, I don't use my phone for music listening purposes.
  5. Edit: It's hyperbole, of course, but come on: storage space is cheap af these days. I have like 20 TB or something; how much music do you need? I was just wondering if there are other reasons beside that for someone to be "absolutely shocked", cause that one isn't really valid for me personally. But yeah, I guess everyone has to decide for themselves how highly they value quality vs. space.
  6. mashed poop3 It's probably a bad idea to open that can of worms, but here I go: I never use mp3, why should I? Or why should they? (I'm not a zoomer, not sure if that makes a difference.) Just because of storage space? Sounds like a deal with the devil to me. (For the record, I mostly don't use WAV either, FLAC is my sweet spot.)
  7. Sacrilege (not from you but the critics). The Hudsucker Proxy was one of my favorite films for years after it came out, even though I haven't seen it in quite a while. It's whimsical in the best sense of the word, and it looks gorgeous as well. Wonderful little flick IMHO.
  8. Maybe it's both 🤷‍♂️
  9. Yeah, me neither; I don't even like when people repost stuff from Twitter here, feels like cheating, lol. Also, cool pictures, remind me of Keith Haring. Stop talking our ears off, @Silent Member.
  10. I also spent NYE alone for the first time in years (the ladies being at my mother-in-law's), and I can honestly say it was the best in years. Took a bath, didn't shave, made myself some pizza, watched some docus in my leisure suit ... I don't even think I've had any alcohol. It was a revelatory experience, made me realize just how much I really hate that whole ordeal. I mean I kind of knew that before, but I think I accepted it as something you just have to do. Now it was like catching a glimpse of a beautiful world beyond where you just don't. Yeah, you guessed it, I'm really fun at parties. I hate having to sit around for hours with a room full of relative strangers waiting for the big thing to finally happen; it's always a drag. I hate fucking firecrackers; the restrictions were so unbelievably great that I really hope the Green party will find a way to somehow ban that shit for good. Millions of dogs and other animals are with me on this (not likely to happen though). I hate sparkling wine. I hate standing around on rooftops in the cold holding a humiliating plastic champagne flute with zero strawberries in it, waiting for other people to light their stupid firecrackers so they can throw them between my feet (ha ha!) or in the hood of my jacket (ain't that fun!) while being hugged by drunken strangers every five seconds and having to wish them a wonderful year back even though I don't give a fuck and they just put a burn hole in my best hooded The North FaceTM anorak. I hate the apocalyptic feeling on the day after when you're hungover and feel herpes creeping up on you and there are broken bottles and detonated post boxes all around and you just want to barf all over it like everyone else seems to already have done. I fucking love fondue. That is a little bit of a conundrum. Well, the important thing is I've decided I don't do NYE anymore, the way Mariah Carey doesn't do stairs. Can't wait to tell the missus. FWP: Now that I finally have a new laptop it feels like such a drag setting everything up that I kind of wish I hadn't.
  11. Maybe you can coin the term "to swerve someone". 😉
  12. You mean Covid or Boris Johnson? Yeah, that could be a bit confusing.
  13. Truesounds, fakenews. The more I see, the more I get the impression that there really is a connection between ganja and paranoia/conspiracy theories. Proceed with caution.
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