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  1. For me, the only disappointment so far from the Autriche brothers has been Quaristice. Everything else I love or can at least get into, but I've never understood that album. Maybe if I give it another couple of decades ... Edit: lol, good job synchroposting, @sweepstakes! 🍺
  2. Good post. And In Sides is essential. (Edit: It feels so stupid to say that, like "Oxygen is good for you", "Kanye West is a megalomaniac" or "Flying Lotus is overrated".)
  3. First world solution: Get a receiver with dynamic eq.
  4. The melody has a strong Lauer vibe, but I don't know the track. Could indeed be some unreleased edit or Tuff City Kids treatment maybe. Sorry and good luck, let us know if you find out. Edit: You might try checking some other Gerd Janson sets from the time (I'm sure it's him and not Ata dropping the track) and see if he played it more often and if there are tracklists available for those sets.
  5. Let's not forget about Kentucky Fried Movie and Amazon Women on the Moon!
  6. IDEM

    Shitpiss 15

    11 Early Morning Pissold
  7. How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast). There are good shows on Netflix, and this is an example of one. Clever, contemporary, and doesn't take itself too seriously, which makes it genuinely funny. S02 picks up where S01 ended and is just as entertaining. Definitely worth a try.
  8. Haha, I wanted to say the same; Frank Miller's involvement prompted me to give this a try, but it's cheesier than fucking gorgonzola. The intro was so cringey already, and then I didn't make it through the first scene. So bad. It actually made me respect FM a bit less, even though the collaboration probably didn't extend far beyond his contributing a couple of illustrations for the novel this is based on. Still, to lend your name to something like this ... yikes.
  9. Nah, TV sets are still too cheap for a revolution (televised or not).
  10. Interesting; I was wondering why these liminal spaces images don't seem to work on me at all when he explained the importamce of cultural context. And indeed, I found the Russian ones far more eerie even though I'm from central Europe. If anything, these pictures strongly remind me of maps in FPS games or some levels in The Last of Us or even Dead Space (sic).
  11. It was meant in an endearing fashion.
  12. IDEM


    Looks like it went straight to Napoli.
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