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  1. I sympathize with this sentiment. If it happens again, just PM me, and I will then quote your post and your post only so you can like my post which will in effectu be your own post. P.S. Please award this post a Farnsworth, ty.
  2. That might have been a little premature ...
  3. Yeah, I remember being underwhelmed as well, as is often the case with those larger-than-life "scandal" films whose titles are merely whispered. It doesn't help that yesterday's shock value hardly raises any eyebrows today. In a way, I guess, 2 Girls 1 Cup killed Salò. Same with The Last Tango in Paris for example. I do remember enjoying La Grande Bouffe a bit more, that one was actually quite entertaining.
  4. Lol. I saw that as part of some uni course, in the local cinema even, but strangely, I don't remember much of it. Might be time for a rewatch.
  5. That is a very relevant question.
  6. IDEM

    louis ck

    I see what you did there
  7. I heard it comes with Taylor Swift in the trunk 😉
  8. IDEM

    louis ck

    We should get a rolling empty quote window rolling sometime.
  9. I don't think the virus is in the boat; in this metaphor it's probably the sea that is being conquered by the stalwart ship on the hand and, a bit more shakily, the surfboard-and-umbrella dude on the other hand.
  10. No, that's why you would use an iPhone. Without wanting to derail the thread, which Walkman do you have, if you don't mind sharing? WM1A? (Sorry, just always interested in gear.)
  11. fixt I always thought thon was just a sock puppet.
  12. Not sure, but something tells me he's not talking about the esteemed British Broadcasting Corporation.
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