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  1. Study ranks scariest horror movies by average heart rate
  2. Received my vinyls yesterday. Splendid as always.
  3. Apologies, it was late, and I misread "everything" as "anything" in your original post. No wonder it didn't make any sense to me, lol.
  4. No, while OPN might indeed be mediocre, Autechre are in fact sacrosanct.
  5. I wonder what he'll do when the AE Station comes out ...
  6. Guy on the lower left corner is my favorite. 😆 Is the one right next to Toobin trying to save him or calling his friends to tell them about it? In any case, playing Toobin' will never feel the same ...
  7. No, not a Canadian thing, we also have kebab and shawarma platters in Europe, and I agree it's more fun. Kebab platters usually come with fries; with the shawarma platter, you might get some extra flatbread on the side. The "döner box" is the to-go equivalent. And pickled turnip is a must (!) and definitely part of the original Lebanese recipe (source: no one).
  8. By "crack codes" I assume you mean ... this?
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