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  1. I'm Ashamed of my Worst Sometimes
  2. Hot and sociable people are the worst.
  3. I'm shocked that ABB 1 doesn't get more love. The title track is still as incredible now as it was back then. That said, ".210651" and ".942937" are stellar as well. Happy bday, Ritchard, gonna spin your choons all day today.
  4. And wouldn't the Nice Thread be just the place for that? Such foresight ...
  5. Haha, I love that album! 🎵 "I'd change the weather, I'd change the weather for you now ..." 🎶 Might as well give it a spin now, didn't see that coming when I woke up today.
  6. Debiasing was good, but the palette was a bit limited for my taste. But I guess that was the concept. Definitely enjoy the FACT mix more though, if this is a teaser for the album, we're in for quite a treat!
  7. Congrats, Unfoldance! Dis gon b good!
  8. Perseverance and the undying, unrelenting will to always see things thr
  9. If not ... I actually have a ticket already, but my GF, who never got a chance to see Mr. James perform before, spontaneously decided to come with me, so I'd need only one ticket for her. Maybe someone would like the other one, so we could share. Blessings! Edit: We're taking our daughter as well, but she's seven. so I guess an adult ticket would be wasted on her.
  10. I think it is indeed mostly because of how fast these tracks are that (to me at least) they have a distinct 90s feel to them. (Yeah, kids, that's how we rolled back then!) Definitely more Chain Reaction than Basic Channel ... My favorite is the Dal Remix of "Jade", but it's CD only.
  11. Would anyone like to get in a fight with me? Another noob perhaps? You could, I dunno, tell me I stink, and then I could tell you you stink, or if you don't like that you could just fuck off you bloody cunt. Edit: We could do it via PM too, so as not to derail the thread.
  12. I wished Tim Exile would make less software and more music.
  13. I'm afraid that is not true.
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