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  1. My last 3 Full Cassette Boxsets of the Acrelid - Illegal Rave Tapes series are now in stock for limited time only. This boxset will be discontinued after this point and will only be availble on a single volume cassette basis and not as a whole series after this point. This is due to the manufacturer not selling the 10 cassette presentation boxes anymore. Copy numbers: 13/14/15 of 15 are now up for sale on my bandcamp store: indifferentspace.bandcamp.com/album/acrelid-illegal-rave-tapes-the-complete-series-1999-2012 Grab one while you can....
  2. They can be found on the: Acrelid - Abrasion on Sound LP, here, https://indifferentspace.bandcamp.com/album/acrelid-abrasion-on-sound
  3. cheers, new series starts soon...........this month hopefully, just applying the final details to the artwork
  4. Insta-buy, up there with the best. Looking forward to this vinyl:
  5. Got loads of playlists on my youtube page of music i have collected over the years: Channel-1 and mixed aload of it into 1 hour mixsets here:
  6. last sale of the year on a Indifferent Space Recordings HQ: https://indifferentspace.bandcamp.com/ Coming up in 2021: Acrelid - The Saints Room Trax Series
  7. All New Owl Mask EP Out Today
  8. Cheers, Owl Mask says hello, he's not signed up on here at the moment, he's got some new bits on his bandcamp and a new album in the works here: https://owlmask.bandcamp.com/ I've got a few jams we've done together over the years, when he visits. It will see the light of day on the label at somepoint in future. Below is another jam we had a few years ago.
  9. For those of you what missed the Deadstream set last weekend, Acrelid - Deadstream 27 (Full Set) Video: Audio: Setlist: 01. Acrelid - Deadstream 27 Intro 02. Acrelid - Shapeshifter 03. Acrelid - Inertia 04. Acrelid - Rave Clubs And Things 05. Acrelid - Despicable (SQ1 Mix) 06. Acrelid - Apogee 07. Acrelid & Owl Mask - 2 Player 08. Acrelid - Mush! 09. Acrelid - The 3rd Planet From The Sun 10. Acrelid - Contamination 11. Acrelid - Skanq 12. Acrelid - Muzzel 13. Acrelid - Scapegoat 14. Acrelid & Owl Mask - Daymares 15. Acrelid - Drifting Slowly Runtime: 45 Mins
  10. updated set times: https://www.facebook.com/is.deaddd/videos/1034052620372877/?v=1034052620372877
  11. Get Your Chair Rave On This Saturday Night!!! Acrelid has created a 45 Minute Mixset for Deadstream 27 to be streamed on Facebook this Saturday 19th September 2020. Deadstream is an online rave in a virtual enviroment. The set will showcase tracks from his Illegal Rave Tape Series, Unreleased Material and a couple of collaboration tracks with Owl Mask. Set times (BST): 20:00 Hackmans 20:45 LSD-Licious 21:30 Acrelid 22:15 Peter Kirn 23:00 Werse 23:45 CLOSE Watch Here: On The Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/3852159034810962/ Or Watch Here: www.freepvrty.com P.S. The trailer features a unreleased Acrelid track from the forthcoming Saints Room Trax series, coming soon to Indifferent Space Recordings. Stay tuned to ChannelMinusOne for details: Channel-1
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