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  1. Was it Aches who Sean was talking about when asked about graf on the AMA? I think from my admittedly shocking shite memory he said that bloke from Dublin who is amazing, it must be Aches
  2. This is full of Rezzetty goodness, I'd expect nothing less
  3. Can we do non detroit techno in here thats in a detroit style now that someone has asked or should a new thread be started?
  4. Furthur Electronix finally delivered their red SR71s to Bleep and they are shipping today, 'bout time, hoping this new one got pressed at the same time or is coming soon now that the mishap with the last one has been belaaaaatedly rectified
  5. I can listen to him talk or Stinson talk about music for hours, they don't do it too often but too of the best in my book
  6. Yeah for sure, people on some of those youtube replies saying they think it's vibert and it does, but there's those synthy bits that sound unmistakably like Rich to me, coupled with the fact he's played it at 4 or 5 gigs over a very long period of time, just another track of his sitting in the ether I reckon, would love if he did an ep of some of these jungly/dnb tunes that he dots his sets with
  7. Jesus that Donk track, holy moly that's fucking good
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