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  1. Have you ever captured yourself saying something useful in your sleep and actually used it in a song? Or, have your sleeping self at least spark an idea to your waking self?
  2. We just finished posting everything we found at NAMM 2018! Main blog: http://review.VOLTEROCK.com All the videos from the last 3 years at NAMM: http://youtube.com/c/VOLTEROCKreview All pics: http://instagram.com/volterock_review
  3. Change your environment too. Maybe paint everything black, cut some onions with your dog, and talk / sing / bark like you're dead if you don't already feel that way.
  4. Knobert De Zero Rude Hairymore Dawson's Crack Hom Tanks You
  5. Mixing a cup of vanilla yogurt ice cream and a Frappé = explosive diarrhea
  6. Released today and featuring: Slighter Bendish Re:Danx Captain Credible K-EYE-L Killiniq Phylum Sinter Evan Gipson B1per Volian Trains Antriksh Bali https://volterockrecords.bandcamp.com
  7. I like your use of the long delayed reverb and the atmosphere it created along with that lovely evolving melody
  8. https://kettel.bandcamp.com/album/wingtip https://soundcloud.com/inertierecords/thurman-shamann-nozen-remix https://meau.bandcamp.com/track/cats-within-cats https://fofn.bandcamp.com/track/youll-find-me
  9. Squishy Flip released a full album today: https://squishyflip.bandcamp.com/album/ofoffw [bandcamp]201015613[/bandcamp]
  10. No activity on his youtube channel, except this video he favorited: [youtubehd]40_c5ELI6do[/youtubehd]
  11. Just two more days! Did anyone notice the new bandcamp? http://kettelandsecede.bandcamp.com/releases Do you think this means another collab release soon too?
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