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  1. can't edit the other one now, i'm so sorry everyone
  2. https://youtu.be/nYH2H1uZj3w how do I embed video im not good with computers help
  3. wow I love this (despite it not being a mix at all and just one of them clicking play in itunes)
  4. Felt the same way about the very last track, Sea Cathedral. The mix was totally melancholic at times, looks like the bros still have their way to pull our strings.
  5. currently watching deadwood, never really heard of it until recently, when they announced the movie. one of the best-written shows ever, it's so theatrical. amazing show. 6666
  6. don't worry they will DEFINITELY announce the bocset after this to accommodate the mix, there's NO doubt about it
  7. one thing I particularly like about autechre…you know what you get. warp tapes 89-93 – that's all you need to know. societas x, on the other hand…
  8. it's kinly estellar by panorama channel
  9. so this is really just a couple of tracks the boys dig. alright.
  10. Found a pdf of Mindfuckers. Might spare you the xeroxing.
  11. The Crying of Lot 49 is recommended often as the ideal starting point as it was his debut novella and already featured a lot of elements that make Pynchon so fucking great. But you might as well pick up some later novels like Inherent Vice or Vineland (seriously underrated), two stoner stories with all Pynchon paraphernalia intact, yet more easily digestible than Gravity's Rainbow or something.
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