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  1. Hello all, was just listening to Snowdens by Cayos and Takeshi Muto and noticed Romulo carried over a bit of genetic detail from this album over to the Samson Simeon album. Compare: https://schematicmusiccompany.bandcamp.com/track/partition-frontier with: https://sudswapaudiobrewing.bandcamp.com/track/prolecanites-gurleyi Good ears, me! Anyway just wanted to highlight a tidbit there. Have a good day.
  2. Easy. It's a pretty boring, nothingy track.
  3. Blir

    im sorry

    Just remember that nobody on this forum matters and you'll feel better
  4. I can't believe I'm only just getting around to listening to this now but I think it's the best Tipper album in a while. I have to be a bit critical though and say that as much as he has top drawer production chops I would like him to change up his sound palette a bit now, he's been rinsing this sound for a good while.
  5. So Anne-James Chaton is still rinsing this number and letter thing eh? Bizarre. I love his credit card number track on Unitxt and Uni Acronym is brilliant but I don't understand how he's not sick of this by now.
  6. Yeah. Who isn't in 300.
  7. You know that Italy and Greece are entirely different countries right?
  8. Listen to the Latoma EP, if you don't love it then go fuck yourself I don't know what to tell you
  9. Tobin and Blanck Mass sitting in a tree. W.R.I.T.I.N.G (absolute bollocks) Track sounds pretty lush. Another Amon Tobin album of nice aimless sounds that you listen to maybe twice incoming!
  10. Khraungbin are quite nice. Good as background music but not arresting enough to want to listen to a full album on headphones for me, Clive. Needs more amen breaks.
  11. I did use my ears, once the album had finished I needed recovery time from the ear fatigue. I can't think of an album I've revisited more and not been able to understand what everybody was so fussed about. So samey and uninteresting aside from a couple of tracks. Each to their own I know. Blah blah.
  12. Hi david 1806 on behalf of the rest of WATMM I would like to welcome you to the foremost home of IDM conversation and gentle banter. I'm pleased to say we have recently been rated one of the best and most friendly communities on the internet and I'm sure my fellow IDM (and other extreme musics of course :P) enthusiasts will welcome you here with open arms. Please take the time to peruse the various subforums we have. EKT is a particular favourite on this board and I highly recommend checking out any work posted by The Bro, he's possibly our most profilic producer. I myself like to listen to Autechre. If you're not familiar with them, they're kind of a hip-hop/music concrete hybrid. Aphex Twin made one good song called Come to Daddy but I don't think he has made much since. But anyway, I'm probably babbling on a bit too much now! Make yourself comfortable and do of course read the rules.
  13. Blir

    Brexit :(

    LOL alright, chill out sweetheart
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