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Community Answers

  1. Thanks for the bump, I'm loving this. Inconsistency is such a great track.
  2. For some places in the states that makes for a good job application video.
  3. I fucking love Rausch what are you mad cunts talking about
  4. Blir

    Brexit :(

    Couldn't happen to a bigger cunt.
  5. Love it. Sounds great. Proper abandoned deep space research facility vibes.
  6. Yeah man it's an absolute 10/10 track. Love it.
  7. Yeah I agree with this 100%. Really lush and builds nicely but I did want it to spill over to the next level a bit. Sorta builds to nothing. Still would kill to listen to it live. Would be a great palate cleanser on a heavier night.
  8. There was some healthy discussion happening before but you really pushed it too far with alco's autechre reviews tbh. Mods pls ban.
  9. Spinning this banger atm
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