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  1. What of it? Just because you start a thread doesn't mean you have to read it for eternity. If this thread gets closed another one is inevitably going to be started anyway. lmao, alright 'ard.
  2. Yeah stop reading the fucking thing. Log off. Go outside and hang out. You don't believe covid is an issue anyway so go do something else.
  3. It's just weird that Sasu would put out an album of footwork shit when that trend has already come and gone so long ago and saying it's the kind of 'bad ass' shit he wishes was in clubs. And he's not really doing anything interesting with it either. It's the musical equivalent of this meme
  4. Surely 14 is 'Most IDM'
  5. This one even has hi hats in the title. You can't teach that. Tune is quite ahead of its time IMO
  6. Any news on when the MP3's are back in stock?
  7. Fucking lmao. Especially after listening to that single.
  8. Love that new track. Don't love that guys hair though wtf lol. Bad enough to put me off the album. Preorder cancelled.
  9. Let's have it right, this would be your reaction if the album was a 12 hour recording of their farts.
  10. Blir


    Yeah, but keep in mind Sean and Rob are elderly men at this point so what sounds quite loud and abrasive to us probably sounds muffled and far in the distance to them. They can't even hear half the sounds in their own tracks.
  11. Tried it last night and bailed after the first three super annoying tracks. fuck this shit!
  12. An inspiring message for anyone going through a tough time
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