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  1. I still haven't listened to the thing from start to finish either. Always tap out around track three... It all just kinda blended into the same sound for me. Damn it I might have to give it another try.
  2. LOL Trump has a well established track record of lying, corruption and bigotry. Was friends with actual pedo Jeffrey Epstein, photographed multiple visiting hit creepy parties, so who knows what's gone on there. He's a known adulterer. Basically he's a complete wrongun and it's obvious to everybody. Biden appears to have sniffed some hair and stayed in some hugs for too long though. Why on Earth did we vote for this man!? Some fucking cretinous opinions around here recently.
  3. You can't convince me that Kenneth Copeland isn't the actual devil himself He's barely trying to hide the evil
  4. Local Messageboard Admin Embroiled in IDM Controversy "He doesn't even listen to IDM" says Area Man
  5. Four Seasons Total Landscaping is next door to an adult book store called Fantasy Island 🤣
  6. It's getting better and better. Trump tweets he's making an announcement at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia... LMAO
  7. Fucking hell is this election still ongoing? I thought we did this last week?
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