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  1. Blir


    It's a running joke with people who claim they enjoy Haswell that his stuff is good, they know it isn't but it's sort of an ironic thing. It's quite proveably terrible.
  2. Chiastic, LP5 and Confield getting dem vinyl represses soon too ❤️
  3. The chat is optional, you know. Not a requirement for listening to a stream.
  4. Poor moderation in this forum eh
  5. oh no poor boris i hope he makes it
  6. Can someone photoshop a facemask onto my av please? Little bit concerned about getting covid. fanx
  7. Yeah it's basically dark ambient with one section that gets a bit tribal and beat. It's shit hot but the recordings are ruined by the cretins in the crowd going "woop" during this bit with massive sorta orchestral chord bitsidunnohowtodescribe it Anyway can't wait
  8. You're being a bit of a cunt right now to be honest.
  9. Love the Social Network soundtrack and can definitely vouch for their work on the Watchmen. Get on it!
  10. Good job lads. Looking forward to hearing Bull Wallet.
  11. Hahaha what an absolute dumpster fire. Man it's going to suck again when he gets re-elected.
  12. Rubin you laugh at pretty much anything. Can you post less junk please.
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