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  1. Yeah man there's a lot more depth to all end then a lot of people give it credit for. Fine it's really long but why is that a problem? You don't always want to listen to a long ambient piece sure, but sometimes there's an occasion when you want to get lost in a vast bit of music. It's the perfect after party, late night come down session track as well. Right before it starts to get light, if you've had a spliff and a bit of k this track can really take you places. You don't need drugs to enjoy it obviously, but it's a really euphoric and trippy track if you're in that headspace.
  2. Blir


    Lynch's idea fishing meditation sessions aren't providing much at the moment eh
  3. Beth has an incredible voice IMO. This made me realise we're now longer between Portishead albums (12 years) than the gap between Portishead and Third (11 years). Sigh.
  4. Blir


    I'll stick with my bleach and sunlight thank you very much. Mods please ban this obvious deep state agent
  5. Ghislane Maxwell arrested by the FBI. Charges: Enticing minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts, enticing minor to travel for illegal sex acts, conspiracy to transport minors with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, Transport of minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity + 2 perjury counts and an overdue library copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  6. So an absolute fraud then! FRAUD! FRAUD!
  7. I find this album unbelievably boring. The musical equivalent of low fat mayo.
  8. Compro was fantastic but tbh not much else Skee Mask has really grabbed me at all. Lightning in a bottle?
  9. She holds her gun like Doomguy. It's directly in the centre of her HUD.
  10. Let's say that they figure out the vaccine for coronavirus and it is given out from January onwards. Most of your anti-vaxxers tend towards being Trump MAGA types. They're obviously going to refuse the vaccine... so feasibly your average anti vaxxer and therefore a fairly large swathe of Trump supporters are going to gradually die out? This is wishful thinking probably. If they sort a vaccine it's going to be very interesting to see what the uptake is. There's more pessimism about vaccines than I've ever seen in my lifetime. Do we have any anti vaxxers on WATMM? If a vaccine comes out in Jan would you want to get it immediately? Wait for a bit to see if it kills the population first? Or never get it at all?
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