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  1. 14 years almost I've been posting here. And it's been pretty terrible for the last 9. Oh shit why am I still here? Last post.
  2. Excited. Raajat is on Spotify, FYI.
  3. It was bollocks. TLJ was a clusterfuck but the high points were much higher and it was at least coherent, regardless what you think of the direction it took. It also at least attempted to go in an interesting direction even if they shat their pants and backed off in the end. Revenge of the Skywalker was like watching a very generic videogame.
  4. Shame one of those seizures didn't take you out the game you scum!
  5. It's like listening to a shreds video without the crowd sounds
  6. She speaks and gesticulates like she's in a PS1 Resident Evil game
  7. Blir

    draft 7.30

    You are cruising for a bruising right now
  8. Thanks buddy, will check that out. To be fair I'm really enjoying this album!
  9. I like these lads a lot but there's something missing that keeps them from being top top tier, for me anyway. Their aesthetic is great, I like their use of noise but there's a lack of progression in a lot of their tracks. Maybe that's the point, I just wish they had a little extra.
  10. Hello all, was just listening to Snowdens by Cayos and Takeshi Muto and noticed Romulo carried over a bit of genetic detail from this album over to the Samson Simeon album. Compare: https://schematicmusiccompany.bandcamp.com/track/partition-frontier with: https://sudswapaudiobrewing.bandcamp.com/track/prolecanites-gurleyi Good ears, me! Anyway just wanted to highlight a tidbit there. Have a good day.
  11. Easy. It's a pretty boring, nothingy track.
  12. Blir

    im sorry

    Just remember that nobody on this forum matters and you'll feel better
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