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  1. I think basically most people are just beaten down by the idea that people in power don't get punished. It's a sorry state of affairs. Trump's comment that he could shoot somebody in the street and get away with it was more or less correct. I mean he would be punished but it would be to a far lesser degree than any normal person. It sets a bad precedent for the future IMO. I worry that Trump will leave power and not face any comeuppance for any of his indiscretions, which will leave the door open for more of his type in future. Average people have become so polarized against each other that we just kind of let people in power do what they want now.
  2. I love the cover, but I'll answer sidewinder's question anyway. The Incunabula cover sucks.
  3. Nice one you've officially created the 'Make a better artwork for SIGN' contest. You can begin.
  4. their shapeshifting synthesis grows semblances of glowing hair and teeth and skin in ’th red a’
  5. Ah Incest Airlines, I know them well
  6. It's a weird choice isn't it. "I'm going to make a song with incest in the title, then appear shirtless on a bed with my underage daughter in the video. This is art." I think a lot of peoples takeaway from that is "I think that guy wants to bone his daughter" and you can't blame them for that really.
  7. We'll I disagree. I think it has revolutionised music. Music itself has been handed a new set of parameters.
  8. Autechre is credited as Booth and Brown on most of their releases.
  9. I don't think anybody seriously thinks it's a Booth solo album.
  10. Nothing like a bunch of "feat." to put you off an album.
  11. Sean PM'd me and said their main inspiration for SIGN has been the work of Phil Minton
  12. TBH I just read it as their logo currently, rather than attaching it to the one six stuff. Forgive my unsteady mouse hand. I had to do it left handed as I'm still fapping over the news of SIGN
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