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  1. This doesn't sound like autechre at all.. I mean..
  2. Does sinistrail not sound like this seqnzer - fountain are or my kitty ears forsaking me. For what it's worth.. I appreciate the homage. ?
  3. Thank ya sir, I'm going to check your stuff too! It's funny about Reason.. I've had friends show me official processes and 'the way you're supposed to do it' and they end up making stuff that's boring as hell. It's no fun that way.. gotta experiment and see what happens. The best is when unexpected sounds occur and then I know to start recording haha
  4. Thank you. It's mostly Reason with some random hardware like a boss se70, k2000, and Rack 2x on a few of the tracks. I love the engine on the kurzweil.
  5. Hahah nice, one of the few english names that made its way through the huguenots around here. I'm used to busy like old download and the like but I can see your point. It's an excerpt of a longer recording that has been challenging to arrange. Thanks for the thoughts!
  6. out of Richmond. been making tracks and collecting equipment very selectively for a while.
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