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  1. Stock


    Oooh something's coming. The "Merch" section has been closed and now displays this :
  2. There's also a 4 track EP on Spotify called "Reduct" with some of the unreleased material : As One, Burned, Evio and Starethrough (Transition Mix).
  3. Stock


    Well the whole thread kinda started like a fake news lol. I now understand what it's like to just spread sensational informations without double checking your sources
  4. Stock


    flol indeed, I really need to give FMWT a proper listen haha
  5. Stock


    Just saw this video posted on Squarepusher's FB page ! From the visuals and the sound of it I assume it's a prolongation of Be Up A Hello which is totally fine imho Plenty of glitchy text to debunk in the video of course but whatever that is, it seems to be called "Rescan?" (maybe a remix / outtakes compilation ? Or a new LP ?) https://fb.watch/4Zmcw7Eupp/ EDIT : sorry I can't properly embed the video within my post... EDIT 2 : renaming the thread since the audio track isn't new at all haha
  6. Just started Monster Hunter Rise on Switch the other day and it's really amazing. The maps is very vertical and open to the exploration, the moveset is extremely dynamic and even picking up mushrooms for boring quests is awesome. It's also the most beautiful game I've experienced on Switch since BOTW.
  7. Here's hoping Weirdcore wasn't just hinting at that NFT-gif-thing
  8. I only listened to the first track of the EP yesterday but it sounded amazing, the melody is really well written and it is overall an awesome braindance banger. Will definitely give his output a listen !
  9. This exactly, from Hello Everything smooth jazz to Be Up A Hello harshest moments haha
  10. Really gutted about this, was a massive Daft Punk fan back in high school when Alive 2007 released, it was the first electronic band I listened to, my parents hated this kind of music at first, I had to listen to bangers such as Rollin' & Scratchin' at a very low volume... They led me to Ed Banger, which led me to Institubes which led me to Warp and the WATMM world. I loved Random Access Memories and was very curious to hear what they would do next. Hope they will return to solo projects !
  11. French is my native language, I used to speak German very well back in high school but forgot almost everything, mostly because I never have a chance to speak German unlike English which I read and write everyday on the Internetz (lurking on WATMM really, really really helped building a lot of vocabulary !) I tried for a few months to learn Esperanto, really think it's a great thing and it seemed to have a nice community. Would love to translate work-related things in Esperanto, one day maybe !
  12. Lol at that artwork haha. You should definitely give it a listen even if you're not a die-hard HudMo fan ! The 3rd volume (Airborne Lard) especially was very good imo
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