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  1. Yeah I instabought the Quake switch port - I know the base game well enough and don't care about playing it with joysticks. It's a blast running through the levels on a handheld device BUT I really feel like I'm gonna throw up after a 15 minutes session lol. I also started Axiom Verge 2, it looks beautiful, feels really good to play. Seems to be more on the exploration side, but I feel kinda lost on the map and put it aside for now. It will be a very good game to keep me busy until Metroid Dread comes out !
  2. Yeah, different epochs, let's say : Ecco, Harvest, Excess and Bondage ! (Magic OPN totally eclipsed Age Of imho, it really feels like Age Of was a draft of what would come next but I love the imagery of that album !)
  3. I'm really surprised that nobody talked about this album lol. At first I wanted to discover the OST while watching the anime but since I don't have much free time right now I just gave it a listen and it's really amazing. It doesn't sound boring like OSTs sometimes do out of context, it's really rich and well-produced, quite different from his usual output, a lot more focused and warm. Didn't felt that way with Flying Lotus since I first discovered Cosmogramma lol.
  4. Had to ride my bike for almost an hour, getting lost in unknown suburbs to pick the vinyl because the postman didn't care to try and ring my bell yesterday but I finally have the EP on wax and I had very good impressions on my first listen. Sounds like nothing is redundant, every bit of every song just BANGS. Gotta love Bewwip !
  5. Just gave it a listen in the GAS thread and it's a lovely, lovely track !!
  6. I'm really more and more tempted to sell my OP-Z and buy one of these. It looks amazing, sounds good and seems to have interesting features (love the idea of instant FM sampling). Plus, it seems to have a very strong support from Polyend. The lack of support and frequent updates from Teenage Engineering, along with its shitty build quality were massive letdowns for me. But comments like that do worry me about the Tracker tho, I really don't want to buy another machine that would be useless as soon as its screen or cpu is dead : So yeah I might wait a few weeks / months before taking a decision but it really seems to be a fun machine.
  7. Those previews sound ace !! Also I'm taking advantage of this thread just to say that I stumbled on your UBAL EP the other day and that I loved it to bits
  8. Stock


    Oooh something's coming. The "Merch" section has been closed and now displays this :
  9. There's also a 4 track EP on Spotify called "Reduct" with some of the unreleased material : As One, Burned, Evio and Starethrough (Transition Mix).
  10. Stock


    Well the whole thread kinda started like a fake news lol. I now understand what it's like to just spread sensational informations without double checking your sources
  11. Stock


    flol indeed, I really need to give FMWT a proper listen haha
  12. Stock


    Just saw this video posted on Squarepusher's FB page ! From the visuals and the sound of it I assume it's a prolongation of Be Up A Hello which is totally fine imho Plenty of glitchy text to debunk in the video of course but whatever that is, it seems to be called "Rescan?" (maybe a remix / outtakes compilation ? Or a new LP ?) https://fb.watch/4Zmcw7Eupp/ EDIT : sorry I can't properly embed the video within my post... EDIT 2 : renaming the thread since the audio track isn't new at all haha
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