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  1. I'm still hoping that a Switch port will be announced, maybe at E3... If not I might consider buying a second hand PS4 just for this and Bloodborne
  2. Hey it looks rad! Is this vinyl-only or is a digital release scheduled as well? Thanks!
  3. Yeah just put it on a very large desk and call it a Kraftwerk gig
  4. Totally in ! Also, I can't believe I never listened to Love 7 before. Awesome track
  5. Did he also change some track's artworks ? That's the picture for Love 7, seems to be on par with the soundcloud banner pic
  6. I just saw that Digitone keyboard thing and finally understood all the jokes shared on the Synth Memes FB group lately haha (like this one)
  7. That Volca Nubass is the acid volca I've Bowen dreaming about for a while 😍 and the demos sound good imo. Might be a good choice for a 303 clone especially at that price!
  8. Andy just put the Fossil Funk EP on Spotify and added the piano mix live track as a bonus!! Glorious EP from A to Z you should give it a listen if you haven't yet
  9. Oh yeah that's some quality stuff
  10. I guess we're not the majority but I agree with BCM here
  11. All we really need for those reactions are and , without any other available choices !
  12. Well in fact I'm fond of Ambivalence Avenue and my interest in Bibio's music sadly decreased with further releases : Silver Wilkinson was not that bad but never really exciting to my ears and I think I put A Mineral Love one or twice without really listening to it. It's probably time for me to revisit all those albums I gave Vignetting the Compost a second chance recently also and it's really great - I remember not liking the album when I first purchased it, it's one of the few CDs I sold from my collection !
  13. Modey has both iirc so he might be the one best suited to help you. OP-Z unlike Digitone has no "real" synthesis on board (you'll be quickly limited by the available presets) but if you have other machines / software you want to control via MIDI you can get rid of that limitation and still use the OP-Z sequencer which is awesome and fun to use.
  14. I listened to that album a couple of times, more as a background music but some melodies are coming back in my head from time to time and it really had been a while since I had that feeling with a Bibio album.
  15. Yeah you have to pay for a subscription, I took the member plus and could change my name, no need for the EKT/EKT+ package if you don't feel like purchasing it Also : the ability to "autocomplete" emojis/smileys within the editor is awesome haha
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