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  1. Sounds like he managed to really merge his recent approach to mainstream production and his older sounds. There are some Replica vibes to Auto and Allo imo. Also I'm really intrigued by the fact that he seems to have dropped the really heavy concept album thing he did with Age Of. Long live OPN!
  2. Never heard of this Methyl Orange thing and I'm definitely interested !!! Would be awesome !
  3. 01a has an awesome Autechre vibe to it, and I love 02a. That track really makes the Volca FM shine... I'll never manage to make it sound that lush haha !
  4. Hey Mixl2, I hope you'll recover quickly from that episode ! Best of luck, take care !!
  5. Came here to say that haha. Although it would be quite surprising for an Autechre album announcement to be a trending topic on Twitter lol
  6. Streets of Rage 4 is a must play really. Been a fan for a while, I spent hours and hours beating the first three games with a friend of mine few years ago so we discovered together this new game and we really weren't disappointed. Took us 3 or 4 hours to beat the game a first time, but we are already training ourselves to beat our high score lol. The music is on point too as well, and it runs flawlessly on Switch !
  7. Anybody is recording this ? Just tuned it, it's awesome !
  8. Really can't get enough of that album. All of the 8 tracks are awesome ear worms and I always notice new details when I give it a listen. Much much more subtle and intricate that I first thought. I love it !!!
  9. I'm gonna buy the Photodementia LP, at last lol. By the way, does anybody has recommendations of synths "avant garde" albums ? (à la OPN, Lorenzo Senni, Susanne Ciani for exemple) from artists they like, available on Bandcamp but not on the usual streaming services ?
  10. Hey, I really love Manugen !!! And I would love to hear a jungle rework of the track, it screams for some breaks over that melody ! Great job
  11. OK so after a few minutes playing : you can choose between a "modern" version (with a tutorial for the different moves and the ability to rewind your gameplay when you die) or the 1993 original. And the 1993 original version has the original Megadrive OST so I'm a happy man ! The SFX are different so its not 100% the same thing but still !
  12. Holy shit thank you for the information !! Flashback is one of my favorite games, I recently unearthed my Megadrive to play it again lol but at this price it's a steal. The only problem imo is that the "remastered" soundtrack sounds very bad compared to the Megadrive OST... But I guess that's just me being nostalgic !
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