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  1. Really wondering about which track will be the B-Side. I'm tempted to pre order that vinyl, would love to hear another Ae/SOPHIE remix or a dub version of this one or whatevs, I'm a slut for both of them so
  2. Anyone here playing Super Meat Boy Forever ? I wasn't expecting anything from that game, thought I'd be disappointed but it's really well made and has the most clever level design I've experienced in a platformer since Celeste. I will definitely sink some hours in this one lol.
  3. Never heard the original track but Tom's remix is HAWT
  4. Just saw that Madlib has a new LP coming January and yeah that might be my most anticipated 2021 release yet
  5. I really like what I'm hearing so far. The LFO remix is awesome !
  6. Well there are too many bangers in PLUS, it definitely won't be my go-to listening-to-Autechre-while-working album
  7. Second half of the album is a nice surprise indeed. Will listen to the whole thing with that in mind, I'm sure it will change the way I initially enjoyed these tracks. Been listening to the album on my way to work through an empty quarantined city and fog setting in... It added some apocalyptic feel to the whole experience for sure
  8. @jules I've been watching those video while esc desc was playing loud on my stereo and they were mesmerizing I'm taking advantage of the missus being outside to give SIGN a listen on our stereo and it's really something else imo. When I listened to si00 it was as if the drum kicks were singing something to me
  9. nope it's not that one ! Sounds more like a take on 32a_reflected but I'm pretty sure I heard it in the live as well ! Well that's a good excuse to give another listen to the Onesix sets (if I needed any !)
  10. Don't wanna hate on The Weeknd but yeah it's definitely a bold statement of Dan going full mainstream haha. But who knows maybe it will get thousand of teenagers into OPN and electronic music in general !
  11. On first listen yeah it sounds quite weak, especially compared to the Drive Time Suite. I'll try not to overlisten to those track until the full album releases but yeah, color me intrigued
  12. I Don't Love Me Anymore sounds INCREDIBLY mainstream. At first I thought I had another song playing in the background lol.
  13. Hello WATMM, I need your help !! I just listened to Icari, and I know that I heard the final section of that track in another recent Autechre track but I don't know whether it was in the Onesix sets, somewhere else in the NTS Sessions or if I'm just mistaken ! If anybody has an answer I'd be glad to hear it !
  14. The louder I listen to the album, the better it gets (especially si00 and au14 )
  15. I tried to access autechre.web just in case this URL was part of a very elaborated joke. Won't tell the result to maintain the mystery
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