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  1. Speaking of vic acid, his first tweet is a link to vicacid.net which seems to be a blog containing some visuals he did (?) I thought the album announcement would come within a few days but WATMM is ahead of its time haha Edit : I didn't see there already was a whole thread discussing the vicacid website sorry!!
  2. Damn I love the artwork on the boxset but it's way overpriced for the content it offers imho. Will probably buy a T-Shirt so I can rock this WXAXRXP logo everywhere tho !
  3. I loved the EP Rarney Bubble released on Crap Music (damn those were the days...), especially "In Taco Bell". I'll make sure to check this LP out 😄 Cheers
  4. Album is dope, been listening to it 5 or 6 times already and I like it more and more. Full of energy, it has a good flow and I enjoy every single track on that release which never happened before with a Battles album lol
  5. I don't really know if it's that likely to have the Squarepusher set released soon-ish considering that he has an album coming on Warp next week
  6. Thank to this topic I now know where those synths in Siriusmo's High Together come from ! Thanks hahaha
  8. My hopes for this thing were clearly way too high. Artwork is lovely tho, might end up getting Aphex and OPN sessions but seriously, it looks like a missed opportunity, especially when the best wxaxrxp sesh (aka. Squarepusher) isn't in there.
  9. What I thought immediately when he started playing haha, whole different energies, it made me appreciate both of the shows even more !!! I had a drink in front of the show thinking of you and of @Ivan Ooze ! Cheers
  10. The second hardware add-on has arrived, it's a silent metronome / "haptic subwoofer" called rumble (https://teenage.engineering/products/op-z/modules/rumble) I guess it's cool to use when performing live but I find it way too gimmicky, I would have expected something more useful (to me ofc) Also just an idea : would you be interested in an opz remix contest? Like somebody exports a track he did and then other opz owners remix it using just that unit?
  11. And they added Undertale's Sans in Smash ! (as a mii gunner costume but still !), that's awesome. Really liked yesterday's Direct, can't wait for Overwatch (it will actually be my first time playing it lol)
  12. Yeah, the songwriting is so typically Squarepusheresque that I expected amen breaks to drop at any moment despite knowing it was an organ album lol. Looking forward to this release!
  13. Hahaha when we got home she was like "I won't go see him again" lol. I knew it would be a hard time for her as soon as he dropped that gloomy opening track ! It was really awesome meeting you and the show blew my mind, yeah hopefully we can meet again 😄 EDIT : and thank you @italiceyeball for that track ID !!! It was nuts !
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