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  1. Well, at least those russian hackers are quite good at making music !
  2. If you want to get weird I guess you could look for an Arturia MicroFreak ? It's a digital synth which has an unusual design, from the demos I saw it sounded versatile enough but it might not be what you're looking for ! In France it costs 300€ so that might be just around 250£
  3. Skrillex also went big after posting a vid of him dancing on Girl/Boy Song on an IDM forum called watemz iirc
  4. Lol yeah, just discovered Animal Crossing and it's awesome. I'd be happy to welcome some WATMMers on my island... when I'll have something to show lol
  5. A friend of mine from high school started by posting some tunes on SoundCloud, then eventually her music was used by some famous internet dance crew, and then she did Coachella lol. She regularly tours the US but she's still completely under the radar in France ! Her name is CloZee, she's a talented glitch hop producer !
  6. The Good Time soundtrack is probably the closest to another Rift album we'll ever get. Uncut Gems soundtrack has its moments but it's really more of a soundtrack, some tracks are quite bland even tho I LOVE the first and last track.
  7. Hey thank you for the message Damo ! I'm working in Toulouse's hospital (4th biggest french city for the non-french watmmers) and things seem to be in control right now but it will probably get really tough, really quick. I know this is something everybody is hearing right now but this thing is really brutal and we really need to respect the social distance measures. And that's coming from a soon-to-be doctor who didn't think the Covid outbreak would be a problem few weeks ago lol. Cheers to everyone !
  8. You should have delayed the theatrical release until november to avoid the coronavirus effect 😞
  9. Not exactly, that would be "le mental". The EP title is close to "lamentable" however, meaning "pathetic". By the way is there a mistake on the bleepstore? My download of the "high tempo reinterpretation" of Detroit People Mover has the same duration as the album version!
  10. Came here to post that haha. You got it first but at least I could enjoy a lovely gOd bLeSS tRumP moment
  11. The 100% software thing is not that big deal imho but I would like to see them using a new set of tools, their output from Exai onwards sounds sometimes a bit similar to my ears and I don't see how they would manage to make it sound new again, especially after releasing 8 hours of A++ material
  12. Wtf I thought the Cork Sniffer video was the video that made fun of Behringer products hahaha. Uli looks like an Elon Musk wannabee really.
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