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  1. "Yeah sex is great and all but have you ever tried discussing mastering and compression on WATMM ?"
  2. Sounds like a more jazzy take on the Pattern+Grid World era, me likey
  3. OK knowing that it leaked made me wanna pre-order the album on the bleepstore lol, never do that usually but I'm craving for that high quality NTS mix haha. I guess besides Vortrack the NTS mix is 100% exclusives that aren't on the album ?
  4. Yeah this. Nervelevers is like a pumped up version of 303 Scopem Hard. And I LOVED that track already.
  5. Yes they do ! Btw @modey and @TubularCorporation could you please post the links to your WeeklyBeats pages ? If I remember correctly it was possible to listen to other people stuff right, would love to give your productions a listen 🙂
  6. It has begun! I'm gonna try to really commit myself into the challenge this year, no more excuses to not do any music since I have more portable and flexible gear that can pop some sounds really quickly (looking at you, OP-Z!!!)
  7. Not outside of the US at the moment sadly. In France it seems like it won't even get released in theaters but just on Netflix... I'm gutted especially since 1) Good Time was released in cinemas and 2) Uncut Gems seems to get a lot of exposure...
  8. First time buying a physical item on the AFX Bleepstore, vinyls don't come with digital downloads included ?
  9. YEEEEES stumbled upon that link on Twitter and managed to grab the London EP I'm so glad!!! Nice turn of events for the Paris AFX Team who didn't have an exclusive record to buy lol
  10. Sorry, I had to Can't wait !
  11. Might be just me but I felt a strong Jean Michel Jarre vibe in some of the melodies
  12. I gave this album a listen during my commute this morning but most of the tracks are very calm and the subway clearly wasn't an optimal setting to discover those tracks haha. The Ballad of Howie Bling is awesome, and overall it feels like a new direction for OPN. Will give it another listen while reading a book at home or something.
  13. Vortrack is lit, sounds like a twisted Venus no 17 I LOVE it
  14. Speaking of vic acid, his first tweet is a link to vicacid.net which seems to be a blog containing some visuals he did (?) I thought the album announcement would come within a few days but WATMM is ahead of its time haha Edit : I didn't see there already was a whole thread discussing the vicacid website sorry!!
  15. Damn I love the artwork on the boxset but it's way overpriced for the content it offers imho. Will probably buy a T-Shirt so I can rock this WXAXRXP logo everywhere tho !
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