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  1. I enjoy this song so much, I actually made an extended version myself with some very light changes in the background. Nothing special by any means, but it lasts 30 seconds longer ?
  2. Just finished this myself - I was very skeptical about there being a 3rd season at all but I have to say it was pretty well done. The only other season of a show that started as slow was Twin Peaks S03, but holy shit was that worth it.
  3. Season 1 was enjoyable. Curious to see how the second season holds up
  4. Very nice, absolutely beautiful array of sounds and percussion - are all these tracks made with modular gear? I've got a good friend who just spent thousands building his own rack and he's getting some similar sounds that I'm quite jealous of.
  5. Damn dude, there's a lot to take in with these tracks. I'll agree with auxien here, not so much on everything but definitely on the groove changes. That's just my personal preference / opinion so take it with a grain of salt and remember if you're digging it then just ignore me. Really solid afx vibes throughout, can definitely tell you put some time into these. Personal favorite is STP917B. Gave you a follow on SC, look forward to hearing more!
  6. I would listen to an entire album of this if you made one. A little more synth layering with some melody and it would be right up my alley - nice work! what equipment did you use?
  7. Apologies - I haven't been around these forums in quite a while and forgot the proper etiquette. I'm looking forward to being an active member from now on, and promise I won't do that again!
  8. Thanks! I'm definitely a huge fan of that era of music, reminds me of when I got my first iPod and could finally explore music without making dozens of mix CDs. Nostalgia also plays a huge role when writing for me. I too mix live instruments with VSTs and digital synths, and I find the hardest part is the drums. I've got a cache of drums I've recorded for other projects that went nowhere, so I tend to sample snares, kicks, and occasionally cymbals. I'd be happy to upload some if you're interested. As for the singing, I really appreciate that. I don't consider myself a singer and it always takes me so long to track the vocals. Often times I get so frustrated that I ditch songs just because I can't make the singing work ?
  9. Hey guys, I'm a 28-year-old that creates music in my bedroom under the name Nautical Operator. I just finished up this track and thought some of you might like it, you can download it for free from Bandcamp if you do. All feedback welcome and appreciated! https://petercrofton.bandcamp.com/track/amnesia
  10. Thank you! Glad you like it. I went a little light on the guitar in this song, but the other songs I'm working on for this album will have a lot more electric guitar parts/solos.
  11. Thanks, glad you like it! Do you mean, the second "section" could be it's own song if I added an intro to it? I thought about maybe returning to this melody again later for a reprise in a different track, except in a different sound and mood.
  12. Thanks for your reply, and for checking it out Zoid! Appreciate the feedback. I had a funny feeling things might be a little too "tight", and now that I've had a week or so to listen back I agree with you. Chances are I will add some "dirt" to some of the sounds - most likely the Rhodes - before I go to release this with the rest of the album.
  13. Thank you for your feedback! I appreciate it. I hear what you're saying - and it's helpful because I will not be fully "releasing" the track on an album for another two months or so. I'll see if I can think of some strong lead melodies to put over it!
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