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Community Answers

  1. When your auto correct turns profit into prophet, that might mean you have a problem.
  2. That really says everything there is to say about global economy right now, that a multinational body is trying to nickel and dime people for $10-$20. Like what is that, maybe a $600 prophet, gross?
  3. I don’t really know all the features of this but essentially a huge memory with asynchronous repetitions and modulated playheads/fx. Iunno.
  4. What’s the best basic/paid audio editor? AudioShare on iOS is great.
  5. If I had to pick one, probably the model d. Heard good things about it from people I respect. haven't heard much about the mono/poly, but that’s probably my favorite retro synth. but, I have iOS versions of both that sound amazing, so...
  6. I bought a mint op1 in 2016 for about $600. Sold it in 2017 for $850 to fund an octatrack, which I sold as well because I was unemployed. Then got a digitakt later on, for $629 new, but didn’t like it compared to the octatrack, so... ...I sold that too!
  7. I haven’t experienced performance issues, but I have seen some weird interface issues, where it will be difficult to dial in a parameter because the value keeps increasing, but manually entering works. the thing is the blue lfo doesn’t have the expandable MAPPING window where you can map to more parameters with a customizable 0%-100% range.
  8. The destructive editing is the best part about it. Just commit and move on.
  9. I ended up getting my brother a model cycles.
  10. I just think that’s impressive module buying pace.
  11. I built a 9U case for my friend in March of 2020, he has it completely filled up now.
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