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  1. since boc make music for children, they should NOT have a banner that features nudity on it. very disappointed.
  2. its called a 707 because thats how much it cost on ebay
  3. Thanks, you did a great job writing that.
  4. It’s a primitive method, and all of the springy qualities are artifacts of the method. I like the tone of a spring reverb but don’t really want to open it up and thump it to get all experimental. I love a real spring but kind of despise the digital versions of pops and whatnot.
  5. more of a response to chim's post tbh. but my point is the ableton reverb has parameters to get you almost anywhere you need to be. it's a fantastic plugin. spring reverb is really about the resonant frequencies of a spring that bring out guitar tones really well, but you can apply that theory to any sound. its all about the diffusion network baby. a size parameter helps also, which i guess is the math that handles the reflections.
  6. just some bullshit i made in like 3 minutes. sounds close enough for my needs. you could go a lot further with some fx chaining and some parametric EQ
  7. You can make a spring style reverb in Ableton, as long as you don’t need the cheesy spring pop sounds. set the quality to eco, size to below 2, and diffusion filter to a pretty aggressive bandpass.
  8. It’s crazy to me that the government is choosing to sacrifice the restaurant industry. i guess in the end, they are more beholden to property owners and banks than they are to the people who create the institutions that make people actually want to live somewhere in the first place. i’ve been fine financially and haven’t touched my stimulus money, but crazy to me that the DNC isn’t saying how much more colossal amounts of aid are needed. what are we gonna do man. I love food.
  9. This one has the most plays so I guess it’s the best
  10. I’m suddenly wanting the polyend tracker. I haven’t used renoise very much since my office job in 2016, but made probably some of my best stuff ever in renoise. looks identical to me, though the MAIN thing I love about renoise besides the sampler is the fx. Cabinet sim, great delays and verbs, amazing chorus. Does the tracker have any fx (not step fx)
  11. Definitely get a cycles. Its amazing. You can easily make so many different sounds.
  12. What’s the best of all the new stuff that’s come out in the past few years? Like the generation that zoia and deluge are in.
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