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  1. Gemüse kebab The line at mustafas was worth it in 2015. Didn’t try it in 2017 but a true döner or gemüse kebab is made with layers of meat or veggies on the skewer. Pressed slime meat was invented to sell the appearance of a kebab without skilled labor. true heads know the difference also, while Berlin has the best kebab in the world, Mexico City has al pastor which is super super similar. Mainly different in the condiments/toppings
  2. Norns is baffling to me. What is a shield?
  3. sheatheman


    Global warmie i spect
  4. Yeah once you get some single cycle waveforms it can do pretty crazy synthesis that isn’t possible on anything else.
  5. Thinking about buying an osmose and then reselling it a year later and making the profit.
  6. I just saw a video of Jamie lidell using the sound toys altar boy plug in (real-time vocal tuning and formant shifting), one of the better production videos I’ve seen. Worth checking out. He does a trick similar to one I have done but I’ve never had super cool plugins like that Anyway it got me back on a plug in train and I downloaded the sound toys samples. Pretty great, altar boy is my favorite, but I’ve kind of come full circle to the point of doubting the worth of paid plugins, just not something I want to get hooked on purchasing. but, asking here, are there any plug ins that are 100% worth buying? or should I just keep using 90% free stuff...
  7. Yeah, not having access to an acoustic drum kit plus relying on quantization for the past 10+years hasn’t been good for my timing, but I at least usually play my drums in with pads.
  8. I’m not a great drummer but as a multi instrumentalist I would be really happy to teach someone the guitar part of my song and then play drums with it.
  9. Get a cheap patchbay. I think the one I have is hosa behringer Also, I build a rack cabinet out of scrap 2x4 that also functions as a stand for my desk, so lots of saved space that way.
  10. Holy moly I’m over here considering building a lap steel.
  11. Yeah I think I’m at the point where I could build a lap steel. But when you can buy one for $80... True. I have 2 electric guitars.
  12. Man. I’m really wanting a pedal steel. Seems like an impossibly expensive acquisition, so might settle for a $80 rogue lap steel from amazon. i just need some c6 in my life. Maybe a lil e9. but I really want 10 strings.
  13. Man, there’s a Muzak (now mood music or something) brick and mortar off the highway here, and they have those super arcane clandestine music players for malls and stuff. I’ve messed with one once. I miss that world.
  14. My first lol from that meme template. I think it’s one of the worst memes of all time.
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