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  1. They build a timebomb into the firmware that bricks your OT if you cancel your subscription. New feature on all new boxes: direct to Spotify premium pattern export. No song mode though.
  2. Apparently this is the new ceo. This is funny.
  3. Yeah something bad is happening. Ess has been doing cool stuff with Fors.fm
  4. I like 88 ”da, da, da, dadadum, da” where as 120 is more “Do do do do Do do do do” 160 is pretty fast ”bm ts KA bm ts KAH , bm ts KA bm ts KAH”
  5. I’m looking into running sunvox on a cheap refurbished chrome book. It’s insane how deep you can get into synthesis. I’m still learning it but you can pretty much build a 606/808 cymbal from scratch. backmarket has had chrome books for $85 USD, that would be a pretty cool mobile setup. i still like the polyend and am interested in the m8 too. I guess my tracker (renoise) love of 2010-2015 has been reignited.
  6. Man if the M8 can run a braids dsp, I feel like they can pack a little bit more into the polyend. I’m kind of happy as is, but the wavetable mode could def be tuned up a bit.
  7. I hate it when people say “you are going to be hearing this everywhere.” We’ve been hearing weird glitchy effects for 20 years man. And 808 for 40.
  8. Actually it’s as expensive as I thought but still does a lot. oh well, back to building this kind of stuff in ableton.
  9. It seems like one of the best values in fx boxes I have seen. I thought it was more expensive and didn’t know it could do so much at once.
  10. How do you like microcosm
  11. @thawkins I like trolls, I am one, but I was trying to be an earnest gear dummy what you would find on elektronauts.
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