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  1. Hey guys. Long time user of Fractal Bits here, and while the 4 billion sounds have kept me going for a long time, I think I’m starting to hit a wall. Anyone know when the update is coming? I’m thinking of starting a petition to demand another 2 billion sounds.
  2. I saw a comment that said “yeah, but 200 million of them are variations of the Seinfeld bass” upon buying it I can confirm. jk, but think of it as a pretty complex fm drum synth randomized 4 billion times, but all the sounds are useable. its also an AU so you can use it in daws and sequence it with whatever. Maybe coolest part is each one has its own visual that I assume is based on the code for the sound
  3. Dude you shouldn’t be ordering music it’s all on Spotify.
  4. Let’s all turn into anarchists and grief blizzard games. What’s that game? Overwatch?
  5. Lol I listened to that right after I saw it. And the related episode of cum town. i like that these alternate view points are able to thrive without being totally cancelled by center wokes. Probably more due to patreon and not being very accountable to anyone. I mean, it’s basically a new place to go for MDE refugees. my friend came up with a good name for this brand of humor/politics: Magical Nihilism.
  6. Luckily I clicked prevent auto updates just before Catalina. At a certain point, most tech companies decided they would shove whatever they wanted down our throats, really just for the illusion of progress. i don’t understand why I get the message though, I’ve been doing 64bit for everything. And that damn message just picks a random app at startup.
  7. I think the centrist media wants everyone to be subjugated to a binary interpretation of every piece of culture. its really a movie about loneliness and transcendence, and has some beautiful moments but instead of blaming rampant capitalism for the loneliness “incel” viewers could relate to in Joaquin’s performance, they want them to blame themselves if nothing else, maybe incels will start doing tai chi? Or maybe it’s just good PR from DC...?
  8. Man. What a damn good movie. How irresponsible and meritless for the media to stir up this whole incel tizzy.
  9. It’s not possible to make good music without a MacBook 64gb ddr7 i9 hexacore professor with quad Radeon 4gb graphics cards and a 12TB RAID
  10. Honestly this sucks though, because now I can’t find all her old tracks I used to listen to on YouTube. There was one with a picture of a bleak landscape with three people hanging. Do a search now and it’s pages and pages of joker.
  11. sheatheman


    Do you still use blofeld in multitimbral mode
  12. I mean, what about all the slasher moves that people are watching in October? Don’t understand why this move is getting so much focus, other than the fact that it’s supposed to be a “good” movie.
  13. They are protesting because they don’t want to be extradited to mainland China and have their organs harvested
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