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  1. aroit, here is a little bit of a patch. 100% nyx v2 and no post processing at all besides a limiter. https://picosong.com/wNqbC/
  2. I’m in San Francisco and went into Robotspeak yesterday. Very nice guy, let me use the bathroom after looking at me and saying “yeah, you look ok” when I was in there, I heard him setting up some random synth arp. Come out and he is messing with a brand new dreadbox nyx v2. I started messing with it, and after about 20 minutes got some of the best synth sounds I’ve ever gotten out of anything. The onboard reverb is incredible if you know how to dial it in. He was book keeping but stopped and looked up and said, “dude, this is sounding awesome.” So now I’m the proud owner of a nyx v2. A robocall cut off my phone recording before I really had it dialed in, but I can’t wait to get home and dive in.
  3. I’m just hoping I get a fence job this summer and make $6k. Then I will definitely get an OT2.
  4. I just can’t see spending money on fx plugins when I have ableton 10 suite ive always wanted a real h3000, but the digital just sounds funny to me. Plus, that preview video is one of the worst I have ever seen. if you know what you’re doing, you can make most of those fx just through ableton racks. You don’t even need to use max. So many possibilities by using the simple delay set to repitch mode and midi LFOs.
  5. M62 is one of my favorite autechre tracks ever.
  6. Oh you’re an elektron fanboy now....
  7. Wow, spi could make like 5 albums with one of those.
  8. I don’t understand why someone would buy the keys when you can get a keystep and digitone used for like $800
  9. Yeah, Grammy’s are what they give good musicians, yeah sure.
  10. Yeah, I have one. i don’t think there’s a better option out there for a portable polyphonic (2 6-voice synths) A lot of sequencer tricks too
  11. The stars would need to be aligned for me to have that much spare cash available at this point in my life.
  12. Well, they’re both groove boxes, and similarly priced. I’m pretty familiar with both of them, but asking someone who has both, which do you think is more essential?
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