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  1. Some people would say it’s not techno without a 4/4 kick, or at least a pulse on each beat.
  2. This is a top of the line Commercial Electric power strip with 15ft heavy gauge cord. Please give respect where respect is due.
  3. Scrap wood live rig for my show tonight. I somehow managed to make this mixer sound pretty decent. I don’t think the perfect small live mixer actually exists, but this is certainly so cheap (and 10 years old) that it’s the best solution.
  4. I will go into my studio with my 1 year old, with no plan. I’ll hold him with left arm and click around VCV with right hand. Having fully turned my brain off etc., and 30 min later, he is a sleep, and I have something incredible recorded. I have made stuff in there I could never have dreamt up anywhere else. It’s even better in this scenario than real eurorack, because I only need one hand.
  5. I do this too. I have all the good ones marked, and I have also discovered I think from someone here that some of my favorite max devices moved to audio effects. i love ableton man. Love that stuff about them telling the investors to fuck themselves.
  6. You can make great organ sounds if you use the carrier-only algorithm. Then each operator is a drawbar.
  7. Then again, running ableton into an amp is what created lofi house!
  8. I just wanted to take the time to wish everyone a Merry Dankmas
  9. Yeah, you just select your effects, right click and group, then there is a view you can open, like I/o or some shit, and you can duplicate the chain, or simply create a new chain. Your audio will be duplicated as many as many times as the number of chains you have in the instrument rack. So you have to be careful with volume.
  10. You can use multi and compressor or the eq3 to isolate audio. Then with macros and instrument rack, you can make a 2 or 3 part crossover. You can then process each spectrum however you want. you can use vocoder and set the modulator as the carrier, do cool stuff with band levels and formant, noise, pitch tracking. Corpus is sick for making bass lines that go over your drums. The new spectral delay and resonator are pretty cool. Lots of mileage there. i also love the reenveloper, which can split audio into low/mid/hi. all the stuff I’ve mentioned is stock ableton stuff or free max stuff.
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