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Community Answers

  1. You can make great organ sounds if you use the carrier-only algorithm. Then each operator is a drawbar.
  2. Then again, running ableton into an amp is what created lofi house!
  3. I just wanted to take the time to wish everyone a Merry Dankmas
  4. Yeah, you just select your effects, right click and group, then there is a view you can open, like I/o or some shit, and you can duplicate the chain, or simply create a new chain. Your audio will be duplicated as many as many times as the number of chains you have in the instrument rack. So you have to be careful with volume.
  5. You can use multi and compressor or the eq3 to isolate audio. Then with macros and instrument rack, you can make a 2 or 3 part crossover. You can then process each spectrum however you want. you can use vocoder and set the modulator as the carrier, do cool stuff with band levels and formant, noise, pitch tracking. Corpus is sick for making bass lines that go over your drums. The new spectral delay and resonator are pretty cool. Lots of mileage there. i also love the reenveloper, which can split audio into low/mid/hi. all the stuff I’ve mentioned is stock ableton stuff or free max stuff.
  6. Anyone ever used the behringer virtualizer? It looks pretty awesome
  7. I really think we need a dozen or so dictators to agree on a global plan, and execute.
  8. Yeah I mean ban all plastics and start up nuclear internationally. Either that or let famine stabilize the earth after 20 years or so.
  9. Also, with current electricity generation stats(couldn’t find a 2020 pie chart, but fossil fuels has reduced by maybe a couple percentage points), electric cars are essentially consumption laundering.
  10. I’m 100% for full stop on carbon emissions, but the frustrating thing is, I have heard lots of condemnation, but never any official proposals for plans. It’s always just “we have to act, we have to rethink the way we do things, and we must hold those responsible accountable.” i mean, should we just try out one world government, so we can have some unilateral decision making? The U.S. is infuriating, because covid has taught us that politicians will put politics above speedy legislation and aid even in the face of a huge crisis. things are obviously very bad. But here are just a couple of seemingly insurmountable problems 1. Suburbia. Maybe people who live in the city don’t fully appreciate how deeply millions of people rely on cars for providing for their families, but personally speaking, I can’t really take the electric bus to Home Depot and buy 18 sheets of drywall. Ok, you say the construction industry as a whole is Irrevocably guilty and needs to be dissolved immediately. I don’t disagree. I merely live in Texas where the opportunity is ripe, but I am trying to pivot into another field, which brings me to my next problem. 2. Global logistics. I’m trying to get into food and beverage. How do I get my supplies in a carbon free world? How do I have a wide enough customer base without relying on carbon based shipment? How do I sell my products without relying on wasteful single use packaging? it seems like these and many other industries have to be totally rebuilt, and according to the climate report, they have to be totally halted in the meantime. But wait, we don’t have the infrastructure, or even technology, to replace any of these industries, and we won’t for years. Still, if we don’t stop now, climate catastrophe will result. Fine. But how do we do this without societal and economical collapse? Does someone have a good paper that proposes how we do this? Because bringing your own bags to Whole Foods and setting your thermostat to 80 isn’t going to cut it.
  11. there were dozens of these comments on the NYT article. I don’t know what my point is really, I just think it’s funny as hell, imagining Steve from new hampshire typing this.
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