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  1. It is funny when you figure out how easy it is to make hyperpop though. It’s just using vocoders on drums and spectral stuff and some nice ableton drum packs particularly from the “glitch and wash” pack which is essentially their hyperpop building blocks. But most people don’t even do side chained resonators on drums, they just use a huge reverb and write vocals about cum dripping into their oat milk cold brew.
  2. Yeah queerness and electronic music have been a thing since the late 70s maybe? House techno etc has been a haven countless people as well as a driver for cultural change. To apply the issac newton quote to hyperpop icons, “they stood on the shoulders of giants”
  3. Sorry guys I’m late for my gatekeeping post. Please keep in mind these are just the ramblings of a 32 year old who doesn’t know what 100 gecs sounds like, just my version of events sophie was the first to come to prominence in 2013-14, pre transition, but there was tons of that stuff floating around the SC algorithms then. At that point, I would say deconstructed club and “hyperpop” were still one entity. There were even a couple strains of lofi that were in the pot. Later, in 2016, when Arca fully stepped out from behind the producer veil, showed their face and started singing Span
  4. No faderfox is 100% my style. Wanted one for a long time. I just have 3 kids and can’t spend $400 on a midi controller. when you say not freely configurable, are you telling me you can’t hit command+m and do fast mapping which is saved to the set? Because that’s the only way I’ve ever used knob controllers. i have a circuit but I use it as a groovebox and sequencer. I mentioned it because it’s my benchmark of novation quality, and you can get a launch control xl for 25%-50% the price of a faderfox ec4. i guess I don’t see what sets them apart other than nice design/form factor,
  5. What are the real differences between something like faderfox and novation stuff? Is novation just shit? My circuit seems to be a pretty quality thing. Got it for $200, and while I fully believe faderfox stuff is worth it, it’s just hard to justify.
  6. I just bought some Jorgensen clamps from Lowe’s that weren’t on sale. I almost bought a Lenox hole saw kit for 1/2 off, but can count on one hand the times I’ve needed a hole saw, and I can usually use my jigsaw instead. oh I also got NanoStudio 2 and the synth in there is awesome. anyone know of a good comb filter plugin? Can’t believe ableton doesn’t have one
  7. What are all the buttons on the uc-33 for? what about the novation launch control xl? Seems like a good one. i don’t need custom scripts, I just need something freely-mappable, because whenever I’m using knobs, it’s usually a case by case scenario, so I can record automation across multiple devices and tracks at once , which isn’t so easy on push.
  8. The uc4 is the one I want. I haven’t found one for $200 though.
  9. Do you have a different internet? None of what you said is true according to my searches.
  10. Thank you. Making this kind of stuff is half an exercise in trying to impress the watmm demographic. It’s very unnatural for me to make and is very far from what I normally do. Fun though. A lot different from the post-grunge 90s alternative I’m currently making in earnest
  11. Yeah I got a trumpet 2 years ago and it’s been fun. Definitely the most physical instrument I’ve ever played. i have been wanting a jv1080 for a long time. But I would equally want an emu proteus. Ideally both.
  12. What’s a good midi knobs controller? I’ve used the midi fighter twister for years and it’s pretty good in most ways, but it has its glitches, and today it won’t work at all. I’ve had problems with it before where I have to reinstall firmware, but this one seems worse. anyways, I would get a faderfox but they are hard to find and usually cost $400+
  13. here be another sketch using similar techniques as well as fors.fm max devices. eod water port.mp3
  14. You should make a thread too. re: the point about the nebulous value of digital goods, I bought my DEWALT miter saw for less than the sound toys bundle.
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