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  1. it just sounds like some random sample that's been distorted/processed a little. i doubt they really intended for every detail to be there, it just is what it is. most musicians aren't working in the realm of mise en scene...
  2. Most vsts are too complex. You have to make them behave and be equipped like your ideal “analog.” It’s all about zeroing out any parameters you won’t use, and simplifying the range of any parameters you will. Most envelope sections are way too complex on vsts. You have to strip all the complex stuff away until you basically have two osc, one filter, one envelope, and see if you can get some subtle random detuning in there. for me it started as simply as saving a default INIT sound that was identical to the INIT of something like a prophet 5, then tweaking from there.
  3. I agree but right now I’m using a guitar amp so anything is an upgrade. Also need to keep it under $200. Got my current hs5 pair for $250
  4. What about a pair of ADS l400s?
  5. Maybe I’m in wrong thread, but I want some dirt cheap monitors for a hardware jamming setup on the other side of my studio. just enough to jam and record stuff to be transferred over to the DAW side of my studio. My main monitors are HS5’s, and I’ve learned them well enough that people say my mixes sound professional and done. thats all to say, something even cheaper than those. Would even consider going passive with a little lepai amp.
  6. Korg polysix vst currently 50% off. just got it, it’s definitely a simple little box of sweet spots. $25 is more than I’ve spent on any vst for a good while, but it’s very nice and I don’t have to work as hard as usual to get good sounds, even though I’ve learned how to get very good vintage sounds out of any stock subtractive vst
  7. being the best musician in your village should be enough
  8. wow. it doesn't matter what i do. you guys just won't like my music. i can't do structure, its just not possible for me. this is how i make sounds. i'm trying to glorify God with my music. thanks.
  9. This makes me want to sweat in my black mesh
  10. I was a much better driver after I got in a wreck on the highway when I was 16. Nowadays I’m a preventative driver. (collapsitarian ism) you will never convince the world to live sustainably until the effects are 100% evident and deeply impactful in the everyday life of the majority of the population. Luckily I survived the accident.
  11. Suicidal but too lazy/cowardly to just do it themselves
  12. there will be no apocalypse. Jesus Christ will come before then
  13. WATMM lives splatter! No one cares about your protest!
  14. You’re talking to the guy who introduced collapsitarianism to watmm, also proud founder of new Luddism thread. just doing my standard gate-keeping against basic woke center left threads carry on.
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