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  1. I love the couches. You should get a 3/4 tier stand for the right side over there for some more synths
  2. OT sounds terrible but it’s prob the best ever.
  3. The discord has been dead lately when I’ve tried to chat. I spent hundreds of hours in chatmm, but now I have kids and cant really reconcile being a father and opening links to a gif of a hot wheels track that terminates into a gaping asshole in the last frame, which is the kind of content all the original dank meme vaporwave lore chatmm members post now. also, I think people are a lot more numb from social media saturation these days. Chatmm just doesn’t hit the receptors the same way anymore, hence all the risky clicks.
  4. Man I’m so glad Liam’s vid is still on YT
  5. Yeah, I once calculated exactly how many watts I was using, it ended up being something like ~500W with everything on, and the most power-hungry thing? My monitor (screen). Turns out a home studio is nothing compared to normal household appliances. Last time I added everything up was 2016, but where I was living then was a bombed out former crack house 8 unit place, crumbling walls and everything. I would come in during a rain storm and my synths would be splattered with brown drops of something. for what it’s worth, my hardware area is either everything on or off. To be honest I think my monitors have been on for like 2 years.
  6. When you realize all public services are actually arms of the global corporate elite. alex Jones voice
  7. Kids in 2040 will have video textbooks produced by Netflix
  8. BLM Braindance Leitmotif Music
  9. restraint* wtf??? don't think i'll be pulling the trigger on one any time soon. i just have to get by on my ibanez
  10. damn making me want a pedal steel.... good stuff (i'm one of the snobbiest people on here too) i wish daniel lanois had this kind of retrain on the pedal steel.
  11. i do miss mine. i really prefer clickly buttons like that (mechanical?) opposed to these rubber ones on the cycles. and the knobs are so hard to turn when i work up a sweat during a jam...
  12. @xox why! you always saying how much you love em? i dont think i understand your comment tho. this is me trying to do some more crazy kind of stuff. since i totaled my truck on the hwy on saturday i just feel like posting song clips. sorry. sudran.mp3
  13. well damn fellas. i've made better stuff with the cycles in the first few hours than any other elektron stuff ive had.
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