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  1. Haha:) BetheLightthatradiatesunconditionalLoveForgiveHealandhaveFun:)
  2. "But no one notices when Neo bounces right out of the circle on his own mission" BetheLightthatradiatesunconditionalLoveForgiveHealandhaveFun:)
  3. BetheLightthatradiatesunconditionalLoveForgiveHealandhaveFun:)
  4. "I'll Be Right Here" E.T. Points to Elliot's Heart BetheLightthatradiatesunconditonalLoveForgiveHealandhaveFun:)
  5. I call it The Matrix Effect most call it The Mandela Effect some call it The Mandala Effect is it really The Aphex Effect BetheLightthatraditatesunconditionalLoveForgiveHealandhaveFun:)
  6. 'unholy' kiwi pizza is a tangy, pleasant surprise https://www.theguardian.com/food/2020/jan/15/taste-test-unholy-kiwi-pizza-is-a-tangy-pleasant-surprise “I wouldn’t even serve this to my worst enemy,” our waiter says with a smile as he plonks the pizza down on the table.
  7. Yes:) Synchronicity BetheLightthatradiatesunconditionalLoveForgiveHealandhaveFun:)
  8. 100% always been "full of memory". Have heard the song about 4,000 times since it came out. "You have to get a little Lost On your way to being Found" is now sung "You have to get a little Buzzed On your way to being Found" could've sworn she sang lost not buzzed, Ha:) BetheLightthatradiatesunconditionalLoveForgiveHealandhaveFun:)
  9. that was one of my earliest thoughts to myself riding in the backseat of our station wagon going to church ok so what was before that then what was before that and go all the way back what was before that when I finally figure out what's going on That's going to be my first thought again what's before this then before that and... it's the journey and all that i guess who knows that's the Fun:)
  10. Gettysburg Address Abraham Lincoln November 19, 1863 Thursday afternoon I Remember "Four score and seven years ago our forefathers brought forth on this continent..." now it's "Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent..." Haha, come on now:) BetheLightthatradiatesunconditionalLoveForgiveHealandhaveFun:)
  11. vote for chungus remembers stripes BetheLightthatradiatesunconditionalLoveForgiveHealandhaveFun:)
  12. you can't fool me:) I saw the tuss record is selling for around £90 so it would only be £30 for akunk
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