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  1. wild:) from: http://www.somethinggeography.com/2016/10/where-is-south-america.html?m=1 Where is South America? Someone discusses the Americas and you instantly create a mental map of the two continents. How accurate do you think your mental map really is? Are you picturing jagged coastlines? national borders? Did you even put South America in the correct location? Try looking at the image below. North America has been sliced through at Mexico. Central America is missing. South America has been pushed further north to make it easier to compare. So which is correct? A or B? It is A. As seen in the Google Earth map below, most of South America extends east of North America. Locate the meridian (line of longitude) 80 degrees west. Travel the meridian from north to south and discover that it resides on the extreme eastern portion of Florida and only barely crosses the western portions of Ecuador and Peru. The rest of South America lies east of Florida. The two continents could have just as easily been called East America and West America. First read on: https://old.reddit.com/r/Retconned/comments/bsca9y/geography_website_inadvertantly_points_out_north/ I Remember B Be the Light that radiates unconditional Love, Forgive, Heal and have Fun:)
  2. That's basically me at feeding time in the mornings You have to record that morning cat chorus:)
  3. that cobra that ice cream cone that muscle tee oh that MacGuyver figuring it out:) Memories of when nothing else was on our two channels growing up Thanks ManjuShri:)
  4. Awesome Thoughts:) Be the Light that radiates unconditional Love, Forgive, Heal and have Fun:)
  5. Mum with terminal cancer baffles doctors by ‘treating herself with cannabis oil’ Basit Mahmood Sunday 7 Apr 2019 4:17 pm https://metro.co.uk/2019/04/07/mum-terminal-cancer-baffles-doctors-treating-cannabis-oil-9129504/ 'A mum who was given weeks to live after she shunned chemotherapy has stunned doctors by ‘treating her cancer’ – with illegal super strength cannabis and Manuka honey.' "Susan Dhillon, 51, a mum-of-three, was diagnosed with inoperable stage four cancer of the mouth, nose and lower skull in June 2018. Doctors said unless she had chemotherapy – and then incredibly risky facial surgery – her only option was end of life care. But despite the tumours growing at a rate of 5% a month, she shunned the treatment. She started taking a near-pure form of illegal cannabis tablets which her friend makes at home, by growing her own cannabis plants and using oil to make tablets. Sue, a grandmother-of-one, then buys the drug from her friend at a cost price of around £16 a day. After five months of taking a tablet a day, doctors were shocked to discover some of the tumours had disappeared, and others had stopped growing or shrunk altogether. A letter from her ‘pleasantly surprised’ consultant confirms the regression and states: ‘I can only conclude that Mrs Dhillon appears to have gained significant benefit from the Manuka honey and Cannabis oil treatment’. Nine months since her diagnosis, a scan carried out last month showed ‘encouraging’ results – her disease was found to be ‘completely stable’ with no sign of progression. Susan is now holding out hope she will one day enter remission and is still taking a cannabis tablet every day. Sue, a former NHS prescription administrator, from Slough, said: ‘It’s an absolute miracle. ‘I was told I could die in weeks or months. They told me it was inoperable. She added: ‘I was over the moon. It was the best news I could possibly have been told. ‘I didn’t think I’d see my next birthday. The cannabis is keeping the cancer at bay.’ Sue went to the doctors after food started to come out of her nose while she was eating and she noticed she had holes in her mouth, in May last year. She was fast-tracked to see specialists at Wexham Park Hospital, Slough, for an urgent cancer referral and given an MRI scan and a biopsy. Two weeks later, in June last year, she was told she had stage 4 advanced sinonasal carcinoma involving the skull – a rare cancer of the nasal cavity. Sue, said: ‘I went through a really sad time with my family. ‘I didn’t know what to do with myself and spent a lot of the time being very upset. She added: ‘I didn’t want chemotherapy. It’s not natural and I don’t believe in it. ‘I was willing to try anything. I didn’t know what else I could do.’ After five months of daily doses, she went back to hospital in December for a scan to see if her tumours had grown. Incredibly, her consultant was stunned to find ‘no obvious sign’ of a tumour in her mouth or nasal cavity – despite being diagnosed with advanced tumours in both areas six months earlier. The consultant was ‘pleasantly surprised’ to see the cancer had regressed, and told Sue he was happy for her to continue taking the illegal cannabis oil drug. Sue received the positive scan results a few days before Christmas which she described as ‘the best Christmas present ever’. She says her case is ‘proof’ that medicinal cannabis can be used to treat cancer and wants ‘all cancer patients’ to be prescribed medicinal cannabis so others can benefit in the same way she has." Be the Light that radiates unconditional Love, Forgive, Heal and have Fun:)
  6. The Two years my Family lived in Lawton, OK 1988-1989 I played Super Off Road as much as I could at the local 7-ELEVEN couldn't believe a quarter didn't last longer, Ha! Anyway, this brought back Memories:)
  7. If only all monorails resembled giant cats:) pppprrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring along...
  8. jamie's here to help maybe everyone started making their own at home no need to go out
  9. So Awesome!!! I Really needed to Experience Interface Right Now Thanks ambermonk:) Be the Light that radiates unconditional Love, Forgive, Heal and have Fun:)
  10. 9 Lives in 7 Years:) Live Life like Grumpy Cat!
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