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  1. saw this posted on reddit, forgot this about live performance of aisatsana [102]
  2. haha:) it was an amazing ending to the aphex summer as soon as i saw that poster it was coming down since the festival was over, ha! and started the night before with cruising for burgers, it was a pretty special afx weekend which i'll never forget:)
  3. so far all i've seen are the two videos posted on reddit. luke dropping fenix funk 5 (which i don't remember hearing, ha) and squarepusher - red hot car with some looping. i think i remember universal indicator red spun by luke but just now on reddit someone found vibert's ace of club - classid trax ep uses almost the same acid pattern as universal indicator red a6, so maybe that was it? we need a full upload of vibert's set! i pretty much remember all the songs of aphex origin that rdj spun during the summer (no matter what state i was in:) and hearing synthacon 9 that night at forwards then again by luke (from my memory) i would've thought i wouldn't get the tune wrong but so far i have:) the mystery of the aphex afters continues...
  4. here's luke vibert dropping fenix funk 5 at lost horizon, ha:) i was feeling good that night and a little mistaken its vibert's favorite aphex tune as well from the syrobonkers! interview: https://web.archive.org/web/20141103131334/http://noyzelab.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/syrobonkers-part1.html dave: so is that a synton fenix in that? rich: Yes , actually its TWO synton fenix's patched together making that vocal baseline riff, using all the bandpass filters on both machines.... it sounded a bit more vocal on an earlier pass, thats the thing with complex analogue patches in the context of a 'song' and not just fucking about with them in experiments, they just change all the time and its pretty imposs/extremely hard to keep them sounding the same throughout the whole process of making a big track , i like the challenge though, like i say you have to be slightly mad to even attempt it, i have quite a few tricks I've invented to keep things in tune over the years though. My friend had an argument with luke vibert who likes that fenix funk track, i think he said it was his fave track of all time to me once which is just a huge massive complement coming from him, thanks luke! but anyway luke was telling my mate it was a vocal sample and you couldn't get a sound like that out of a synth , another top indirect complement, cheers mate!"
  5. holy cow, ha! just found this: https://imgur.com/a/m1k7QHL
  6. ha, just looked up the thekla and its a moored ship in bristol floating harbor! sounds like a show did you happen to see him glasto 2014 when he played a secret set? i remember reading this at the time:) from https://thatfestivallife.com/the-best-glastonbury-shows-ever/ "At our very first Glasto a generous soul tipped us off about a secret Aphex Twin gig, in a treehouse of all places. We knew it would be limited capacity so we left Carl Cox at The Glade early. To say The Spike was small was an understatement, there were about 10 people there including us! It was f-ing surreal, all 10 of us were just standing in front of Aphex Twin who was sitting down with his decks on some rickety fold up table. It was over 2 hours of acid house, techno and mind bending breakcore. At the end he chatted with us all as he packed up the CDJ’s."
  7. congratulations to Jonny aa!!! loved all the afx stories! thanks to rdj for all the music, raves & memories
  8. 24 hours some pretty epic and amazing aphex stories!
  9. please like, burger, farns, etc. your favorite aphex stories  :aphexsign:

  10. one of my favorite gifts from afx:) vordhosbn run through
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