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  1. set up a page on onlyfans there's still time to make a splash in this world
  2. What if I told You i became a grand master with that matrix post
  3. what if i told you bring on the matrix
  4. i too remember the stryped lynx spider now its striped
  5. i grew up in kansas where you were taught to kill every spider found in the house then in 2005 while asleep i was bit on the face by some rando arachnid something changed inside me never smashed another spidey again i became a defender of all things on a web probably have at least 60 or more throughout the house in the corners and along the walls some had babies a couple of weeks ago the ones here in ireland keep down the bugs and are very chill
  6. spider-man eating lunch in the south with uncle sam who remembers his striped hat for the big turkey day parade
  7. i'm around 50 points before i break outta this veteran chrysalis any tips on the decorum of a grand master from those in that highest state of watmm ?
  8. i really like this idea:) i remember getting lost in my imagination from the cover art and if i was lucky enough to play the game being disappointed at how it did not look like it promised until i got lost in the playing of the game
  9. diatoms

    170871 50

    yeah i did but they only had the yellow one to offer and i really wanted the chartreuse so i passed i didn't want a 7 ft tall yellow aphex teddy standing in the corner even if it was the orange one i might've said ok
  10. diatoms

    170871 50

    "Richard D. James" The new album from Aphex Twin. Out Now Win an Aphex Twin Teddy Simply fill in the speech bubble with what you think Aphex Twin is saying and you will be entered into a competition to win one of the 7 ft tall Bear costumes seen in action at 'Big Love' Tie-break question. Complete the following lyric from 'To Cure a Weakling Child' from the album "My Feet, My Arms and My Ears... __________________________________________________" Cut out and send to Aphex Twin Competition, Warp Records Limited, P.O. Box 474 Sheffield S1 2BW Entries must be received before December 14th 1996. Please tick this box if you do not want to receive Aphex Twin information |_|
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