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Community Answers

  1. yes i'd like to meet my fellow watmmers at field day been on this site almost 9 years and only met one but he didn't give me his name at forbidden fruit '17 i should be pretty talkative that day:)
  2. tickets still available did you get yours yet?
  3. are ya gonna be there @Schlitze? i remember from years ago you said you really like afx pretend analog extmix 2b,e2,ru acid rave awaits
  4. the early bird link looks like it'll be live until general sale tomorrow
  5. i'm in climbing the walls til then
  6. feel like pitcard dammit Q!
  7. waiting for the link as well maybe get one at 10:59
  8. field day tickets on sale friday 11:00 sign up to their mailing list & get early bird tickets thursday 11:00
  9. i'm now thinkin there might be some new music this year with field day and all:)
  10. just booked my hotel to see aphex before tickets have gone on sale hopefully tomorrow never done that before but rooms were disappearing around vic park and i'm not gonna miss this summer acid rave
  11. hopefully aphex gets 3 hours to perform this time
  12. i haven't eaten cake since the last time i saw rdj at forbidden fruit 2017 time to celebrate at birthday rave:)
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