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  1. Comment from user18081971 (RDJ) SoundCloud: "**fresher and cleaner and very smooth and not at all dry** 1990 This was the fastest techno track in existence when i made it, jus sayin, time is the strangest thing" Aphex Rave
  2. I Remember RDJ said in an interview that ccai pt. 1 was on drukQs
  3. Aye Carl Thanks to Z3R0GR4V https://old.reddit.com/r/Retconned/comments/hhnc7j/found_old_earth_in_aqua_teen_hunger_force_by/ BetheLightthatradiatesunconditionalLoveForgiveHealandhaveFun:)
  4. I Remember 1 Dog year equals 7 Human years of life things change:) human age = 16 ln(dog_age) + 31 Every human year not equivalent to seven dog years, scientists find Study of DNA changes in labradors suggests puppies age much faster than older dogs Nicola Davis Thu 2 Jul 2020 15.07 https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2020/jul/02/every-human-year-not-equivalent-to-seven-dog-years-scientists-find "Dogs do not simply age at seven times the rate of humans, scientists have found in a study that reveals young dogs might be “older” than previously thought. The findings suggest a one-year-old puppy is actually about 30 in “human years” – an age when humans, at least, might be expected to have stopped running riot with the toilet paper. However the rate of ageing in dogs, compared with humans, slows down as the years roll by. Indeed, the findings suggest a one-year-old dog would have a “human age” of about 30, while by the age of four they’d be about 54 in “human years” and by 14 years old they would be on a par with a human in their mid-70s. The relationship, the team say, is described by the formula: human age = 16 ln(dog_age) + 31. In maths, ln refers to the natural logarithm of a number." https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2020/jul/02/every-human-year-not-equivalent-to-seven-dog-years-scientists-find BetheLightthatradiatesunconditionalLoveForgiveHealandhaveFun:)
  5. That's Awesome QBLA! What I do to stay in remission only eat organic so my body doesn't have to deal with the constant herbicides/pesticides on food consume Rick Simpson Oil Diatomaceous Earth helps clean me out only drink water I can relate to everything feeling loopy at the time when I took chemo Creating Music will help with that can't wait to hear your Rave Tour de Force:)
  6. Yes, you would ... I Remember Deer Hunter as well no The
  7. lots of awesome memories on this page:)
  8. Have you listened to Dark Side of the Moon ?
  9. youre missing out on good music mate you're right i don't own akunk:)
  10. Since October 2013 I've only listened to RDJ no other music sounds alive to me hope that helps, Ha:)
  11. Make sure your Heart is always in the right place BetheLightthatradiatesunconditionalLoveForgiveHealandhaveFun:)
  12. Marina Abramović and Ulay Rest Energy 1980 Rest Easy Your Heart is no longer on the left BetheLightthatradiatesunconditionalLoveForgiveHealandhaveFun:)
  13. Kieselguhr is basically the same thing as diatomaceous earth. Ha, I didn't know that:)
  14. when i switched from synthetic thyroid (after 21 years it destroys your mental capabilities and cardiovascular system) to bovine thyroid, diatomaceous earth helped clean everything out and before I switched seem to help combat the effects of the synthetic thyroid on my body before I realized what was happening so glad that part of my life is over couldn't make sense of anything there for a while i still take it today to stay healthy and the reasons you mentioned above:) Love You fossilized diatoms!
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