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  1. Hello hello, Low Arts Club invited me for a mix (and interview), for which I combined my own works and music that inspires me, varying from Aïscha Devi to Ben Frost, to duh… Autechre. Spend a lot of time on this, as I really wanted the different tracks to blend/morph, in a way that the end result would sound like one long piece… one long drift, wonder how you guys perceive this! https://lowartsclub.com/FLUQS Really like their webdesign, fits with the the mix I think, but here's the SC link as well: Cheers!
  2. Thanks, yeah big fan of Actress!
  3. Thanks again! Here's a new mastered version I did for Soul Feeder's compilation EAposting#4: Great compilation, lots of variety yet a shared interest for experimental club inspired music, leftfield, soundscapes, etc: Cheers
  4. Made a new track for the Italian Biodiversita Records, for their latest compilation 'Digital Diagenesis'. Inspired by the stirring of club music and the (micro)textures of contemporary electronics, it got to this heavy blend, first track of the album. Also first time I got a track mastered by somebody else. Wonder what you guys think! Full compilation and options to download here: https://biodiversitarecords.bandcamp.com/album/digital-diagenesis Cheers
  5. Like it! Really dig the rhythm, really groovy and playful. Hard to detect the reducing, but like it for how it's unpredictable for me. Cheers
  6. New track online! Faster build-up than my previous tracks, almost poppy? :/ Don't ask me what the title means. Cheers
  7. Thanks! It's not gonna be d&b though, more some kind of abstract beats.. I'll drop it here when it's done
  8. Work in progress, this will be part of a longer track. Development might get slower aswell, or atleast when performed in a live setting. Curious what you guys think so far! Work in progress, an intro of a longer track. Development will be slower aswell, atleast in a live setting. Any feedback is welcome!
  9. Well there's so much going on, like being on a crowded square. So not surprised and really enjoy that aspect. Too bad cpu is a bitch.
  10. Great album, but would like this band so much better if they reduced the vocals by like 80%
  11. Great stuff! Love these organic, glitchy textures and how they unfold over time. Totally my cup of tea. So what do you use to make this? ;)
  12. Was 2 hours too late for the sale, damn it
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