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  1. ^so you exclude black people from the "we"? racyst... 😉
  2. ^It's almost as if people manufacture problems if they don't have real problems.
  3. I guess that says more about me than about the AI.
  4. I don't really know much about Persian music. Seems the Persian empire included parts of Egypt (didn't know that). But modern Persia is just Iran. I've heard a couple of Ethiopian jazz records that were influenced by the local folk music and some Ethiopian folk music compilation of old records and the melodies strongly reminded me on it.
  5. interesting method to waste time 🤷‍♂️
  6. dunno, as soon as it is able to mutate by its own it might do interesting stuff at some point. doesn't matter whether all of it is useful or not. can just be inspiring/funny/interesting. sort of like technological poetry. you mean using brain computer interfaces that are wired to neurons? ... and that can be used to (indirectly) wire neurons to other neurons that don't belong to the same brain? the indirectliness can vary of course and be minimal 🧠🧠 🧠🧠 🧠🧠 🧠🧠
  7. ^Can definitely hear the Ethiopian/Eritrean influence but what's Persian about it?
  8. It's certainly good enough to generate WATMM responses. Would be fun to have a WATMM AI bot as a mascot. Or how about an online forum with only AI bots that respond to each other? Would be sort of pointless Is it possible to create a recursive feedback loop of a code-generating AI recreating new versions of itself infinitely based on its own source code, given there is infinite processing power. 🤔 ???WHAT IF WATMM IS A BOT AND YOU ARE THE ONLY REAL USER? ??....
  9. So as I understand it you can feed it text - or any info - and it logically completes it/"thinks" it further with the knowledge it has (which is basically all public knowledge on the internet). So what if it is generating source code based on its own source code? Is GPT 3 able to generate GPT 4? Is GPT 4 able to generate GPT 5? Etc. Sorry, totally ignorant on coding and machine learning.
  10. What happens if you feed the source code of GPT 3 into GPT 3? 🤔 (or is it only for English language and not for coding language?)
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