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  1. dis sentwnce is false amd must be deboonkt theres no taxonomical rank named race in biology
  2. "Race" isn't a biological or even scientific term, so you can't use it when talking about genetics.
  3. I'm drunk enough to tell you that I got a lot of money, like A LOT, from such an investment. Could have made much, much more, tho. Fuck that tho
  4. he better stop talkin shit or else
  5. Did Basinski really finish the album just the second before the twin towers collapsed as he says? Sounds to me like he made that all up
  6. I really like the way you play this piece. It sounds like you've played this one often, you put really interesting and subtle expression into everything. Very difficult to do with such a bland instrument as the piano
  7. That's exactly what I was criticising.
  8. Sniggers. Ooh, those uncivilized yanks. “Amis”, I believe you call them? "Amis" isn't pejorative - it's like calling Britons "brits". And yes, the US as a world power who went dangerously close to authoritarianism isn't normal- really odd that you try to put me into the nationalist anti-American corner while I'm in the anti-Dumbfuckery corner.
  9. Biden is pretty far to the right. His social reforms regarding unemployment were worse than what most far-right parties in normal countries would do. You lost your job and were unempmoyed for a certain amount of time before? Well, time to get homeless
  10. this is a real position that a subtantial number of ppl on the left hold, though I hold that position, too, in a less extreme form. I think taking away a person's freedom requires a lot of justification. People who are a danger to others should of course go to jail, to ensure other people's freedom, but you can theoretically get into jail if you get caught fair-dodging too often. Prisons are responsible for an increase in crime, too (I suspect), they're universities of crime. Currently the US has as many prisoners as a small nation has inhabitants. US prisons are basically labour cam
  11. I don't normally use strong language but Donald has to get the heck out!
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