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  1. Now I want this oven too
  2. curious to listen as vsnares used to be one of my faves. he's very original
  3. here they dox Nazis and tip off law enforcement. they step in throw down with Neo-Nazis and KKK and Proud Boys when those thugs show up to intimidate protesters. they run local mutual aid groups and other community outreach programs they vary from region to region and country to country b/c it's decentralized (it's anarchist driven after all) - there's no rank and file, payroll, offices, etc. i'll take dumb street fighters fucking up properties over mass shooters targeting anyone who isn't white or right-wingers. Yes, here too. Antifa people have done some amazing things in terms of reporting right-wing terrorists to law enforcement, debunking whole clans of those fuckers, possibly saved lives. It's a big sub culture here too, with lots of different people. Dumb ones, smart ones, fake ones, authentic ones, etc., usually open minded kids, but lots of nutters as well. Autechre played in a venue in Leipzig that's typically a leftist/antifa venue, was a great show
  4. It depends with what mindset they do it, imo. People at nursing school typically spend a day blindfolded to be able to put themselves into the position of blind people better. The same way you can spend a certain amount of time on the streets to see how it is and how it affects you, how people approach you etc., if it helps you empathise with homeless people.
  5. He is probably coordinated with muslims and other hostile invaders of the precious USA. Thanks Obama
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