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  1. UNCRAT "Face the Wunder" (Proper line 003 Lp/digital) Release date 12/11/2019 - PRE-ORDER link https://properline.bandcamp.com/album/face-the-wunder-ep The third chapter of the Proper Line techno saga signed by Uncrat. Raw sounds make their way into a dreamy and mutable soundscapes, Techno and IDM merge to create a banger mix. The careful acid programming and microtonal tunings rises up on algo-movements drums. Influenced by, you know
  2. thx I'll give you the second release if it happens ?
  3. Some new Uncrat stuff on the way..hope you like it https://hardwax.com/label/proper-line/ Bandcamp: https://properline.bandcamp.com/ be associated to the teacher is scary but also happiness ?
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