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  1. angels on my head jordans on my feet i'mma take it to the street and put my organ in the beat
  2. And if "Greg" says it, it must be true! You've really been riding my tits of late... Greg is pretty honest when it comes to music on WARP, so if he tells me that, I personally, am inclined to believe him - you can wait and be your own judge. Oh come on, that can't have wound you up.. I mean, who is Greg? I know you're proud of your industry contacts and whatnot, but it just seemed funny to me, like you pulled a name out of nowhere! No, your little pathetic digs at me recently is actually what's got me annoyed - Greg is one of the guys at WARP, a solid, honest guy, and I wasn't namedropping, but merely trying to generate interest and confidence in what will be a fucking amazing boxset like no other, AND, passing on a bit of info that's certainly gotten me excited over this boxset. Calling my digs pathetic is completely subjective, I think they're utterly genius and it's this freedom of expression that makes me proud to be a member of this forum, mein fuhrer you suck at sucking. you need to practice... every morning look yourself in the eyes in front of a mirror and ask yourself "is today the day when i will become a bonafide practictioner of the art of [email protected]"
  3. no pleather [email protected] NO MONEY FROM ME. if i could go back in time i woulda ordered a pleather analord 10 set cuz i heard rephlex fucked up united states shipments and to make up for it they tossed in analogue bubblebath 5 12s or 2x12s or whatever it is... where's penguingod when you need him, [email protected] and whilst this is all nice and good and oooh ahh we love you warp, cut the shit, where's the new aphex [email protected]
  4. That quote is misquoted as well... Doctor Who - Planet of Evil (1975) "The Doctor: I'm not human Sarah, I'm a Time Lord... I walk in eternity." i'm going to use that at a bar very soon.... girl: "so what do you do (for a living)?" me: "i'm a time lord.... i walk in eternity" boom.
  5. i remember i won free tickets to a tech n9ne show at the congress theatre, and as i was showing up there were people in facepaint. i saw what i assumed to be a pretty good looking young woman doing the whole facepaint thing so i decided to inquire as to "what the hell caused you to paint your face up!?"@" she started dancing like a monkey grabbing his balls and yelled out "cuz i'm a juggalo, baby!#@$#@" to which alls i could say was "yes you are" as i walked away to enjoy a night of freestyling in the smoking room (ill bill and tech [email protected] free show yeah)
  6. welp this is why i asked... "just released" is something i said cuz i made some of my usual rounds on record hunting and happened across this!tne after i had not been to the record shop in a couple'a months... i look forward to having this one, tho its not quite the all eyez on me 2xLP that i had to drop thirty on =/
  7. so i'm spending too much on rap records today and in the electronica section under B i see a boards of canada 12", intrigued, i look at it, figuring it's perhaps dayvan cowboy which would be a nice addition to my vinyl based arsenal, but instead of that a closer inspection revealed it to be a "dj vinyl promo" and under the boards of canada logo it says "unreleased tracks" the track listing is as follows: A side 1 - midas touch (remix) 2 - korona B side 1 - trapped (hell interface remix) 2 - trapped (short slow version) so i'm sure someone else on teh board has this... i havent had a chance to get it home to the record player yet, so what's the word on [email protected] is it a shrewd [email protected]? is the short slow version the one off of the few old tunes / mixtapes where it's the "other"/older version of their hell interface remix of colonel abrams' trapped, the one with more standard fare hiphop-type beats as opposed to the full up IDM-style treatment the proper hell interface remix on that mask compilation got. but yeah yeah someone tell me something about this odd $10 record i came across, now my third boc record, after hi scores and the dead dogs two 12"
  8. did you remind him that he bit "weapon of choice" from "reg" by mike and [email protected]$# if you didn't, then your life is pathetic and worthless and for an added bonus here's how you have that conversation him: hi, i'm norman cook. you: oh man i love your work... especially that cut you nicked from richard james... which one, oh yeah weapon of choice christopher walken dancing on the ceiling fucking brilliant [email protected]$#
  9. 2 live crew - shake a lil something jesus,... i remember those fucks, people used to be like oh you like the thrill kill [email protected] i'm the electric messiah, as a matter of fact oh then you'll LOVE the lords of acid HEY WHORE, HEY WHORE YOU DON'T GOTTA BE A WHORE NO [email protected]$#$ THE LORDS ARE [email protected]#[email protected]#%@$ fuck taht. ministry's version was infinitely better fuck taht bitch. she was wack back when paul barman tried to clown his way into rap relevance, and she sucks now
  10. i'll have my people's people's people get at jj abrams' people's people's people's people and we'll get it done up. incidentally, i know i'm a little bit late... but did anyone else think that star trek movie was a pile of good looking [email protected] it'd be like finding dinosaur shit in your back yard and you'd look it over marvel at its details but then when you're done you're like "ok that was some pretty cool shit, but in the end... it was just a hunk of dung"
  11. well not the individual people... i mean the actual fo-real conservatives, like miss garofalo pointed out, prolly had some issues with the way things have gone from 1981-present day. i mean republicans as in the people in the government and all of the big money big influence big power people. or something... whatever the case there's gotta be something like that, cuz really, watching american politics i'm just sitting there like "man this can't mean anything... who cares about this [email protected]" for example: i love when the daily show will sync up obama terror speech clips with bush ones and it's the exact same phrase. i think the year 2000 was when they said "fuckall, let's get this done" cuz now republicans along with conservatives wanna disown the bush people, but that's when they got bold almost let the world know that our elections are meaningless and rah rah rah. incidentally, would anyone ever trust an all-computerized [email protected]?
  12. she just seems like she's a decent looking bitch who can sing being transformed into some neo-clockwork-orange droog high art thing going up on stage and writhing around like... i bet she's prolly aight without all that facial shit... yeah actually lemme look this up: yeah see like she really looks like this: but now that she's big and famous, she has to look real: seriously, i'm starting to doubt whether or not i'd fuck this bitch with a stolen dick...
  13. well that's kind of refreshing, actually, cuz when i never took your shit seriously at least you weren't either =D
  14. there's plenty of common sense and forethought into just about every major decision made. see [email protected] say hi to china. people's republic of china, even tho china is neither a republic nor does it belong to their people. we, as in the whole fucking world, are on the path to being a whole world of china. maybe not quite every detail like that, but as technology increases so dwindles the number of people needed to wield it to fuck over large numbers of peasants en masse, and as that ratio decreases (or increases, depending on how you look at it) things are never going to get progressively better. the big money/power establishment has everything they could ever want but more power, and really, slowly but surely barring another 9-11/type manufactured (world?) crisis to fuck everything up and put us all under emergency un/type rule to which we never recover, we'll just have to sit here and watch republicans and democrats, the cokes and pepsis that tehy are, force the soda down our throat til we're old fat bitter adn listening to other old fat and bitter white people on fox news spewing fear and hatred of anyone unlike them or who they do not understand (or secretly wish they were) so fret not, there's a very intelligent design behind the whole... i mean go to any metropolis and stand in the middle of their most decadent architectural areas and try to imagine all teh money exchanging hands in just that one city at that one moment... it'll blow your mind. the whole stupid/inept/gridlocked/partisian thing is really a cover for the fact that we're all heading one direction and really republicans and democrats are just different factions of the same party: the globalist party.
  15. so somewhere somehow on a television in the background i've heard the name "lady gaga" and she was spoken of like she's some big pop act and even madonna takes time to go see her concerts when she's not doing her own concerts and i'm like whatever. and then one day eventually like 5:30am i see some bit of a music video and i see this ugly bitch in some weird costume flailing in quite possibly the most overtly done up ugly fake fingernails ever: is this just another massmedia creation of a semi-to-fuckable bitch who can sing getting out there and weird quasi-futuristic/dadaist slutting it up with an excess of no-doubt-mandated style upon her in the hopes that she can become a thing, or perhaps is tehre something deep true and real about this [email protected]
  16. hmm, i wonder what could've happened to green day after dookie to make them change into an assembly line of essinestially-identical songs?! for what reason could they possibly want to make the same songs over and over and over and over and over [email protected] what were they getting out of it?! wouldn't they know that people on messageboards with vastly superior tastes in music to that of the average peasant would be ripping them down, even mocking their [email protected] why would they do [email protected] oh yeah. a complete fucking assload of money. not just one assload, but at least 6-10 asses figure for the 3 dudes in the band and their 3-4 girlfriends/mistresses/whatever. and that's just all the money they can fit in their asses, as obviously their bank accounts are nicely filled. i understand what happens to groups like this, or even rappers like eminem... tho with greenday they just happened to fill a post-nirvana vacuum where pop was looking to move on from moody smackhead rock and they got onto greenday's vibe and that album was so huge they could never do anything like that again. i'll give them that they tried to reposition themselves as some sort of "anti-establishment establishment act" with the whole american idiot thing and evidently i think they wanna keep that vibe alive with this know your enemy shit, which i first heard of when my 50something longtime pop/rock-guy uncle wanted to hear the song and was telling me i couldnt download it and rah rah... and i download it and it's like... that. and then whenever i turn on my tv there it is, whether it's univerwise premieres or even at the end of a colbert report. and well, i get what tehy're doing and understand it and all that, but really, there is no point anymore. i almost shed a tear when i saw eminem's new "we made you" video cuz like, man, you figure after a few years away maybe he comes back and is like "fuck it. i'm rich. i'm going to rap about something real now" but nope, instead, we get some cliche video with him in 37 costumes parodying today's pop culture as if to say "HEY LOOK I'M NOT DEAD I'M STILL [email protected]#$" and... yeargh. there is no hope. i was about to ask a question here but i'll make a thread for it
  17. THE GIANT HEAD OF RICH KOTITE. LOOKING FLUMMOXED. i think there's pills for people like me... right?
  18. dammit, you were so close to having the ammunition to expose venetian snares as a wanky sampling hack... but now, we're going to have to continue to consider him obscure musical genius =/
  19. i wish i had the power to telepathically drop bombs on guam
  20. its not a bulls thing cuz i'm from chicago.... but FUCK THE [email protected]$# the bulls arent going anywhere. this year is kobe vs lebron and that's that, but still if the bulls can take out the celtics that's doing the lord's work as far as i'm concerned. so is anyone else watching this, or are y'all all soccer/world-football and/or hockey [email protected] d-rose's block on scalabrine made my family think i'm insane. i verbalized.
  21. fuck off. i'm being real and that's what matters. this thing was genetically engineered. go find some sort of semi/alternative news source you trust and see if they're saying that too (keep in mind i am allowing for disinformation to permeate my little supposed counterculture websites, but generally, i dont think our ruling class likes us much in fact we're just air breathing obstacles that annoy them with our obvious inferiority... so why not send a few rounds of viruses to knock out as many of the dumbasses/not-chosen-by-god/third-eye-not-shining people as [email protected] incidentally, i am a warrior of god and i will always be here to help. count on that =D
  22. yeah you know what, whenever theo kind of rallied against me and went full blast to annoy me and call me a drug addled piece of shit, it's like dude, sure i've annoyed you on a fucking msgboard when i type too much or make some claims i cant fully backup... whatever... for all of my supposed shittiness i've never done anything wrong to anyone on this board like you did that. i mean poor pale, whatever happened to [email protected] is he a local legend on some city's idm scene, or did his run in with nastytoe records seal his fate as idm wonder and lore?! but yeah i mean i know i'm supposed to be this or that, but i ain't that, you know?!
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