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  1. Berk

    House Music

    Also good call on Andres and of course Mr fingers. There's a lot of stuff in this thread I still need to check and I better do it before the links are all dead
  2. Berk

    House Music

    Goddammit how am I gonna listen to all this music out there This is also amazing
  3. Berk

    House Music

    youtube related tracks are still the best suggestions
  4. Berk

    House Music

    lol this bass is so sick
  5. Fuck! I missed that one :'(
  6. Also recently discovered these guys. Very chill stuff!
  7. Found this via Tim heideckers office hours podcast and he was yapping right through it like after 5 seconds like he always seems to do. Doug seems nicer in that regard. Glad I could track it down anyway lol
  8. Wow this an amazing band
  9. Just started playing Dishonored, really love it. Deserves the praise it gets on here
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