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  1. Great photos so far. We've Basically got em all. Machines, Mokkas, French presses. BCM what is that nifty thing you got there? I tried to Google it but couldn't find anything Also no tea in Here pls Read the Rules omg
  2. Disc ground packets. Those are probably meant for Senseo machines which you should stay the hell away from if you don't like drinking coffee that tastes like your grandma's ashes
  3. Not sure if Stinson even wanted that book and all the unreleased music out, and the buzz that's surrounding drexciya right now created by other people. He seemed pretty serious about his music and story, and somewhat of a control freak, in a good way. To me it feels a bit disrespectful; all the stuff that's going on - even if it's family that's behind some of these things - just people, not Stinson, giving the background of Drexciya sort of their own twist and releasing the stuff via official channels
  4. so yeah this shit is the weirdest thing
  5. I haven't even looked up yet what that thing does exactly, but it looks sexy as fuck
  6. Yeah stumbled upon this as well. Don't sleep on this guys, it's a really great channel with loads of gear talk. And yes, it's actually entertaining, and not cringy unlike a lot of those channels out there. This probably being the best vid on there. This is a full fledged documentary actually Maybe this thread would be more successful in the ekt subforum
  7. Yeah great stuff, thanks for sharing
  8. Got a pair of akg k240s (first pic, in the right) 👍
  9. ^Not shown are my 70s mixer with lush spring reverb, my new Korg sq1 and the neutron I'm receiving today. Now I gotta stop being a gear slut for a while. My excuse was that I'm not or hardly spending any money on going on vacation etc, but yeah..
  10. Yeah those warp20 tracks are the shit
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