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  1. Was checking out "when they see us" yesterday evening. It's alright. This track caught me off guard though, great vibe and reverb in that piano
  2. Berk


    Ahh yes marvelous finally some goddamn ART
  3. Yeah for sure, it's a great price Someone on gearslutz already found out how to mod to make the cy and hh more punchy
  4. k52vEdR1MCk Some videos out there already. Imo hihats sound a bit too thin And I'm skeptical about the accent. On the og it really changes the timbre of the instruments, it probably only makes them louder on the beh Also: no rd9 yesterday despite the fact that it was 9 September, I still cri because of that
  5. Haven't been in the loop but checking out some of the bandcamp tracks. Really liking Many expectations on the serenity album, it's something special for sure
  6. Same. If you're ok with using hardware instead of vst, I'd check out eBay or something similar for old mixers, they tend to have built in spring reverbs or bbd echo and can often be had for around 80 euros
  7. Model samples looks pretty nice, shame about the lack of individual outs. But will definitely consider this one thx Also saw akai mpx16. But apparently it has a bug (or is it design?) Which causes it to always be on omni (midi in wise), so yes it's fucking useless lol Would be awesome otherwise, about 150euros
  8. Gave horizon zero dawn another go. It's pretty fun. They totally ripped off Witcher 3 gameplay wise, but they did a good job at that. The gameplay is pretty great. The Story and voice acting is meh. And I don't care much for the machine stuff, even though the game is built around those things lol. 7/10 I guess. It frustrates me that I cannot enter huts though. I mean I want to check out interiors of houses and shops. Only the ruins at the start seem to be an interior thing
  9. I'm off today and woke up way too fucking early. some beers last night and was just chilling. Now I feel like shit and tired but not able to fall asleep. Hate it when that happens
  10. this seems like the best option for me, just a standalone drum plug,. unfortunately I couldn't find a way to change the MIDI channel. so I had to load it up in ableton, and then got the cunting midi lag again. i probably should get a new interface at some point too. got an old edirol ua20 that's not even supported by win10 anymore lolz been checking out the dr550/660/770 series but alas they don't have 707 samples afaik. pretty nice prices to those machines otherwise
  11. Tr8s at 600 euros first hand and 500 second is a lil steep. I see 626 is going for about 180, but I think it sounds a bit too rock for me and not enough Chicago house
  12. Yeah, it's taking really long. There's this fb post from May though that kinda restored faith for me. I've got an RD8 and it works pretty fine I gotta say. But it did freeze a couple of times and sometimes on start the first step doesn't sound. I read that if used with Ableton sync horror is brutal " RD-8 Bug Fixes We are aware that the RD-8 needs improvement related to various issues such as MIDI sync. We have decided to rewrite quite a fair chunk of the firmware so we can also integrate it with the SynthTool. Please give us a bit of time - we'll get it right. Thanks"
  13. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I sold my 505 a while back. I got it for 50 back then lol. Now they're like 150+ I reckon? The505 was pretty nice, though I was missing the soft snare from the 707 and things like that. Bubba you make a good point, but I prefer not to sample analogue (707/505/626 is another story). I love having dedicated (clones of) 808/909/606 etc. Makes me feel like " I'm controlling lightning in a box" to quote someone on gearslutz or whatever. It's impractical and irrational as fuck (nobody will probably hear the difference, especially when you use nice outboards and record to tape) but music is about dem feels innit. I have a nice big table that I can use but I'm beginning to run out of space. Maybe run by a thrift store at some point to look for another table or desk. Bought a nice double keyboard stand for 50 euros that saved up a lot of space for me. @yek yeah 150 is about my max price point for such a drum machine. So annoying that the price has gone up so much. 707 is definitely overpriced right now, the sounds though can't be argued with.
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