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  1. Just finished s03 of Barry. Can’t wait for new episodes
  2. *waiting on artist with name Nigel Garage whose tunes get submitted on the Slav YouTube channel *
  3. It fucking sucks when you pass 30 and relatives start dying that’s for sure
  4. Berk

    House Music

    https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=C4xCXvxATA4&feature=share this may be the pinnacle of house music tho
  5. Def one of their best imo
  6. This story needed a breakup to be 10/10 imo
  7. Just finished six feet under. It is indeed for people who like to cry a lot 9/10 tho
  8. Berk


    Barcelona is great loved it except for the fact that some cunt stole my phone over there lol
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