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  1. Love this classic Paulie bit also loled about Silvio at the end
  2. Flol at that paulie bit Also watched the movie few days ago. It was okay. As in "your sister's cunt!" ok
  3. I read in an AMA on Reddit that this was basically the setup He's the only 'normal' guy in the show, while the rest are goofballs. That makes it extra funny. Of course he's a douchebag though which makes it even better (more cynical). And yeah the Sopranos.. im almost into the last season:(
  4. Janky cassette tape in the case of heliosphan probably lol
  5. Elaborate? sure: TV Shows and movies with concept shit going on like that, usually rely way too heavy on it, and all the other aspects that make a show good don't get enough attention. What I mean: Inception for example, it's the biggest piece of shit movie ever really. Southpark parody was 100% on the money, laughed my ass off: "Sharon: Just because an idea is over convoluted and complex doesn't make it cool. (...) Cobb: You don't get it because you're not smart enough." But like I said, I haven't given Severance a 100% fair chance yet
  6. George Costanza is probably the most funny guy in existence come on
  7. I thought Severance was kinda meh. Usually the case for me with shows built around these kinda concepts (forget what you did at work when you get home and vice versa whooptyfuckingdoo). Anyway I should give it another try maybe Sopranos is killing it though, season 4 so far, only about 3 seasons to go, hate when it's gonna end 😞
  8. Finally started watching the Sopranos. 💯 Percent worth
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