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  1. Yeah burr grinder makes a huge difference compared to blades. It go brrr I use a light roast for my moka pot btw, it's better imo Any Gaggia classic (pro) experts out here on watmm though? Does it need the mods? (Last post on previous page; Seems i got pagebreaked here (no worries though IOS lol))
  2. I'm at this stage in my life now too. I read up on this machine. Do I really need a PID and a temperature meter and a scale to make anything close to a decent espresso? I only have a manual burr grinder so far for my moka pot, and it works fine for that (rhinowares, the tall grinder). It's not stepless though. All these coffee nazis out there are making me anxious. My Melitta caffeo solo died, and I don't want another one. It was pretty good but after a couple of years the coffee residue gets everywhere in the machine, and it gets hard to clean properly. I love the crema though, which is why i want to move up from moka pot again -even tho it's pretty decent- after only a month or two lol.
  3. Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning on ps4, never played the original. Like someone mentioned on here before: big dumb fun, it's really generic rpg shit, but i really enjoy the vibe and artwork. Reminds me of the good old days. Plus the combat system is pretty dope.
  4. I'm getting jazzband vibes from this
  5. Thurston was probably a huge douche in the breakup, but I'll take his music anytime over this stuff
  6. Global Warming's Terrifying - Quick Maths!
  7. Berk


    man that overanalyzing drexciya's music is cringy af just as cringy as clone releasing all these dead man's unfinished tracks, without him having any say in it
  8. "Her best work is Selected Environmental Writings 87-93" lol
  9. found this new boc album https://thurstonmoore1.bandcamp.com/album/screen-time-2
  10. Facepalm has never been this appropriate
  11. Kinda miss the "filter by tie colour" option etc. But otherwise saved to fapfolder
  12. We just bought a Samsung fridge and it's making a lot of noise like some reviews mentioned, but there were a ton of other reviews negating the noise. I now suspect Samsung of posting fake reviews....
  13. Lol Everyone's gonna put up their RD8 MkI and TD3 for sale....
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