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  1. Not knowing how to water plants is pretty DM instead of IDM
  2. That AFX quote that may not be from AFX is pretty damn good though
  3. Is there any scientific proof for either "heat" or "night"? Or "nigh-eeat" even?
  4. My take on this would be that I agree with y'all wholeheartedly for the full 90%
  5. 🎉🎉🎉
  6. PAPAT4 sounds like simply having a wonderful xmas time lol
  7. It seems (at least on Spotify) BW changed some of the tracks on the albums?? On ROB Interlude is now the Mix 1 version instead of the 'normal' one for example. The normal one now seems to be put in the April album
  8. Yeah that one's a winner yek The chord progression reminds me of twin peaks ost. Same thing going on with terminal welt, during the 'chorus'. Good stuff
  9. https://youtube.com/watch?v=3Y7DAqSn_SE Bochum welt - star cluster
  10. Merry xmas 🎄🎅🤶🧑‍🎄🎄
  11. Maybe Behringer deserved this though, maybe its the result that counts. But it's kinda like some lame ass gamer threatening to give a bad review to get the game for free. Except the money here goes to charity
  12. Undiluted moral high horse this has a blackmail feel to it, idc who's morally on the right side of things. It's about the "how" not the "what" right here
  13. Ah cool, that explains some of the cheesy piano melodies, I'm okay with that now
  14. Berk


    Gotta love that wholesome videoclip
  15. Ghost of Tshushima on ps4 pro at the moment. It's pretty much perfect. I was surprised by the lack of ragdoll / canned animation though, but that's basically the only thing i didn't like
  16. Yeah had the same feeling playing it for 5 mins, maybe will try again someday
  17. Removed the spout from my portafilter and pulled a shot of espresso. It sprayed all around my kitchen table and it pissed me off lol Guess I know now i was pulling trashy shots all along, gotta find out how to fix it. Pretty frustrating
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