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  1. Why would you create this topic and then just say oh it’s probably not gonna happen? I’m probably half way through my life, just fucking get on with it. Release it just or just don’t fucking bother. I don’t get this bullshit of Ohh Tom is never connected to his fans. I’m pretty fucking sure someone on here has a beer with him or a glass of wine. And he knows the fucking score with these tunes. Maybe it’s just me floating in some strange fucking world, but most of his fans are probs got hair around their balls and cock. And got life to deal with. All the kickstarter, charity stuff sounds a bit cringeworthy. Rich did it first and that was cool, this will not have the same effect as the return of Aphex Twin. Just press it up and release it. Or don’t bother.
  2. This album fucking rules 🤘
  3. Part of me would actually do cartwheels down the street for these tunes. Another part of me has grown weary of thinking about great Warp artists releasing parts of their treasure troves. Let's hope Tom will be in cartwheel mode no one expected the Soundcloud Dump
  4. If your not interested in his music (I'm sure once upon a time he was pretty great) this bloke seems like a right twerp His wife is fit but I'm sure if I spent any modicum of time more than gazing at her face and tits when they occasionally pop up on my radar I'd find her also a very annoying twerp Look at me! Look at me!! Look at me!!! Look at me!!!! Me! Me!!! Me!!!! Fuck off and die. Both of ya. And those who billion other twerps who 'follow' you. FOAD
  5. Love the first track on this EP Something dark and evil on your trail, but you have the tools, speed, fitness and cunning to be comfortably ahead.
  6. New Skee Mask threads (take your pick!) falls rapidly from the top 20 New & Upcoming Release on first week of release? There must be a reason for that. Yeah I think one good track on each EP. Reefer Madness and Mbass123. Reefer Madness is pretty fucking mad imo. But the rest isn't up to much imo.
  7. Blast from the past! John Peel used to play them all the time. I liked what I heard. Sort of forgot about them as I never see them mentioned.
  8. I should watch the Bowie one. I'm gonna check out when it's on. (It's on Sunday 9.30pm)
  9. Anyone who has met Aphex and got his signature on a record sleeve is the fucking Don. No contest.
  10. America seems like a country full to the brim of total fruit loops from every possible part of the human spectrum. But in extremities. And with fucking guns. Hell yeah!!! (who can I kill next) (which one)
  11. Sorry to sound like a perv (but I'm not really sorry) I can't stand her fucking music, which is primarily down to her really fucking-spoilt-brat-mewing-like-a-screaming-fucking-cat voice but I think the Grimes 2016 show is on (somewhere) (red button, blue button, green button, whatever fucking button) It's good because of the three very sexy chicks dancing on stage with her. I remember getting back home from the pub (probably the pub, maybe somewhere else like the river path or my den down in the thicket) and ballooning on the sofa with my gut full of beer and chuntering to myself like a madman about........ yeah anyway watch it (if you like sexy chicks dancing, if you don't like sexy chicks dancing? Then don't fucking bother lol)
  12. It took a minute for the penny to drop, but got there in the end flol
  13. Just the usual stuff. I did not drink blood straight from the the cattle's neck or anything like that lol. I think adventurous food tourism has become more popular since youtube, Parts Unknown etc and I finished my serious travelling about 14 years ago which was before all that. Also think it depends on the countries you visit. I never visited the west, where I'm sure monkey brains poached in voodoo liquor is run of the mill.
  14. If, like me you are hetrosexual then you'll be pleased you pressed play on this. I don't usually watch bikini fashion shows (honest!) but randomly clicked on it because it had 4 million views, which seemed quite high. The reason why it's had so many views will become apparent real quick. Just unbelievable! Your eyes may pop out your head so get ready to catch them!
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