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  1. He’s an artist who has a very loyal, hardcore following. I know a few of them. Though it’s a old fashioned phrase he ‘never sold out’. Though like Aphex he definitely dabbled in the pop charts and then would then reverse out of there as quickly as he appeared. Takes unique skill to do that. Release records that appeal to both hardcore fans and pop fans. I’m thinking of his duet with Kylie Minogue and I remember seeing it on Top of the Pops!
  2. He’s written some incredible songs. In the past I went through a phase of investigating the tunes within his albums because there would be guaranteed killer tunes. But there was only ever 2 or maybe 3 which blew me away. I think the last album I listened to was Push The Sky Away. I think he’s an artist you either worship or feel indifferent about. Or hate. I’m in the middle.
  3. PiL are a tricky band. A small portion of their music is brilliant, the rest I have trouble with. Jah Wobble played on Metal Box, which is easily in the top 10 albums I’ve heard which I should love but just leaves me cold. Low by Bowie would be another example. I think Metal Box influenced a lot of bands with their (I guess at the time) quite a radical new sound. I’m pretty sure Andrew Weatherall seeked his bass playing on Screamadelica as well.
  4. I can recommend Radioaxiom: A Dub Transmission and Solaris Live In Concert. Of which the latter was reviewed by Pitchfork.
  5. Not a fan of the album but really enjoyed that article. Thanks Top Cat 🤝
  6. Whoooo I’m having a midlife crisis. I bought a Harley Davison and a leather jacket, ooohhh I’m such a rebel. Look I’ve grown a goatee and wear a bandanna. Fuck Off You Soppy Prick. Get the drugs in, create a cult in your head, and follow it! And don’t come back. Find your master Satan.
  7. Definitely into this record. More than I expected. First 4 tracks are ace, then Drive The Nail seems a bit of a dud, plods about a lot not achieving much during its life span. Then we’re up and firing on all cylinders again. I haven’t worked out the second half so much but Ceiling Granny and Midnight Flit seem to sound absolutely spot on. Wow, seems like high grade Mogwai.
  8. Never liked them. Appreciate that Homework was a massive record that got shitloads of kids into electronic music.
  9. Ceiling Granny is spot on. I was also surprised by how much I enjoyed this album on first play. Hopefully it’s not smoke and mirrors.
  10. On the 4th track. So far this is fucking great.
  11. Love this album. My favourite of his.
  12. Trust me my friend, I don’t wish to dislike Aphex Twin albums 🙂
  13. Pretty sure I need a new Aphex album this year. Syro still disappoints, so it’s been a longtime. It’s excellent he uses his soundcloud to give us a few treats but I feel like it has to be all singing and all dancing Aphex Twin album no. 7. I wonder what it will sound like? There’s not many artists who are so far into their career you can say that about. I think if I could choose it would be double (obviously!) one side ambient and one side total rip-your-face-off-and-skewer-your-brain bonkers. Ying and yang.
  14. I think this is one of my favourite posts of all time. I’m sure if ‘The Brothers’ could see it they would lol as well 😃
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