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Community Answers

  1. I’ve listened to lots of TH but never really seen (or heard) the light. I’ll still play this when it comes out though. I think Ravedeath is also my favourite but it never blew my socks off. Might blow the dust off it and give it another spin…
  2. Hopefully the live stream? Maybe other sexy Aphexy treats?
  3. Got a feeling this a good year for loads of stuff. I’ll get back to you 🖖
  4. Kind of glad I didn’t have my card because I was about to push the button on a £135 vip garden ticket as that was what was left. And in hindsight that’s just too much money. And I don’t need vip nonsense.
  5. Flol. I never carry my card on me unless I know I’m specifically going to need it and you cannot pay via my phone/PayPal. That’s the end of that then. No ticket today for me. I knew this would be a stress. I need a beer 🍺
  6. Listened to Empty The Bones Of You this morning. It’s aged really well. Super record.
  7. Rejoice 🙌 This is back up on Spotify. Along with C2. In my humble opinion it’s one of his best releases. I was looking for Returnal, as that also disappeared some time ago, but unfortunately is still missing….
  8. Don't be a sloth with these tickets folks! Lets hope the rail dispute is done and dusted because if that rears it’s ugly head on that Saturday…
  9. Just realised the new Elizebeth Line runs from Liverpool St right to my local station Burnham. Maybe not so tricky after all…
  10. If I go, I think I may have to book the nearby Travel Lodge. Getting back to Berkshire from Victoria Park isn’t really something I relish. Though I did it last time. The website says no tube trains are running so it’s kind of impossible anyway. Maybe I’ll take one of those tinfoil survival bags, some Kendal mint cake and just sleep in a hedge until the trains start running Sunday morning…. 🦉
  11. Most definitely imo. Sometimes it’s a bit silly but that’s fine. And it hits the ground running from the first episodes and to be honest it doesn’t really sag at all throughout all five seasons.
  12. Almost done with all seasons of Yellowstone. I see Deadwood is on Paramount+ which I’ve always fancied but before I go all Western again I’m thinking of the US Office or Wolf Hall for a change of scenery.
  13. Hah! I've been thinking about this thread for ages, and wondered where it was buried and wether the relic would be unearthed. There's some funny stuff in here if I recall correctly..... (didn't think it was a massive 70 pages though!)
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