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  1. I didn't think much of Mindhunter (only watched 3 episodes) but seem to be in the minority with that opinion.
  2. I quite like watching band documentaries if there is a good story to tell, even if the music sucks. UB40 would be a classic example. Back in the early 90's they were fucking huge (they were quite popular in the 80's) but they were selling out football stadiums in the early 90's. They get home after some huge world tour. Where's the money? There isn't any! The record industry since day one of the blues artists has been the devils work. And the cunt who runs Spotify is the latest shadowy character making deals at The Crossroads.
  3. Wasn't it always the case, that bands even fairly big ones made little money from record sales, even back in the day when record companies were charging £13 for a CD. Pretty sure it was, apart from maybe a few exceptions (U2 springs to mind) Pretty sure there was even a UK government enquiry into it. Wasn't it the reason why George Michael and Prince both rebelled against their record companies because they made hardly any money from record sales because of the original contracts they signed as youngsters? I remember Don Henley saying he made a few thousand dollars from one of his biggest multi million selling solo hits because David Geffen personally screwed him over on some contract technicality. I think sometimes people are looking back with rose tinted glasses and think that everyone back in the day before streaming made a mint by being in fairly well known band. What I'm saying is that it's mostly been the case that musicians have been ripped off by the music industry. Spotify isn't new in that respect. I haven't read this thread in its entirely so maybe there is something I'm missing, but just thinking out loud really.
  4. Thought this was very average. Didn't do much for me at all. Bit too 'disco' if you get my drift. Double Standard was okay when the drums go fast. Hmmm not usually disappointed with Skee Mask, probably fine on the dance floor though. Not for me.
  5. Lot of people I know have watched this and its supposed to be fucking terrible, especially that gimp Connor MacGregor (or whatever his name is)
  6. I haven't listened to Random 35 Tracks Tape as much as I should have. Maybe only half a dozen times. Criminal isn't it. I think you gotta be in a certain mood for it, if I remember it's really down tempo? Will listen this week.
  7. Funny, I'm not really into studios and all the gear as I don't make music but I'd be champing at the bit if I could take a peak into Aphexs and BOC studios. Bet it's absolutely fascinating. God knows how excited some of you lot would be!
  8. I have a question for you wise folks. I have about 8 old fashioned photo books where the photos were stuck onto glued pages, then a transparent film place over the top. These old books are falling apart (even though they rarely move) and shockingly as I have just discovered the adhesive is beginning to deteriorate the colour of the photos. I really need to fix these old albums for good and stop any more deterioration, so is it possible to give them to a professional who will be able to recreate each album by digitally scanning the photos in high quality and then reproducing them in book form?
  9. To be honest this would be a good post just to end this thread and now just wait until it drops. So mods can delete my post if they wish. It's fine by me.
  10. Yeah it's a classic! It doesn't let up all the way to the final episode. Enjoy!
  11. Lol it's nothing! Just arguing about JK Rowling. Bummer.
  12. Just gone onto Twoism and the new album speculation thread has leapt from page 1141, to page 1144! So without even reading it my spidery senses tell me something is afoot. Let's find out what it could be....
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