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  1. Good evening IDMates Not sure where to post this, so here we are. I kind of twigged that StephenG/Hugh Mungus hasn’t been around for a while, then I clicked on his profile and last visit was middle of August. Is everything okay with him?Just thought I would ask. I don’t immerse myself within a lot of threads so maybe in the dark about something?
  2. Fire up the engines and prepare the ship for another battle!!
  3. Lord have mercy!!!! (On my liver) (apple, banana, broccoli, soya milk smoothie)
  4. Yeah I’m also happy with that 🤝 8 weeks off work, and free from institutionalised zombies, I feel free. Back to my old self. Two fucking weeks to go and I’m back. Back in Satan’s grip. Soul sucking demonology. Goodnight.
  5. I’m fucking drunk. Surely some of you beastly men are on the Driwned in Swonund forum? C’mon WHO ARE YOU! I can’t imagine how this thread would go down on there. ARE SOME OF YOU KEEOING IT SECRET? The Magic Cat. Just draw some tits, maybe draw a crown (for Queen and country) ‘oh I used to call myself Aphextwinkletoes, but I’m so offended by (the biggest troll in music history) that I now must just call myself Twinkletoes!’ I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER SO I CAN SUCK EVERYONES COCK ON THAT FORUM AND NOT FEEL BAD BECAUSE APHEX TWIN IS NOW MY ENEMY, I MUST SUCK DROWNED IN SOUND COCK!! In The Name Of God Die by the fire of the Saturnian Frilled Cock Lizard. WHILE I CUT OFF YOUR TOES AND FEED THEM TO THE APHEXIAN LIZARD!!!!!
  6. I see you over there (You Know Where) Owl Man. You’re one of the few who makes sense. I was thinking today I’m sure BOC themselves, or at least Warp have dropped clandestine operatives in that territory, to stir things up a bit. Otherwise they would be officially the most dullest band of all time on planet 🌍 🦉 🤘
  7. Happy days, bagged myself the bleep clear edition 🤙
  8. This dude is like an American country bumpkin spitting image of my real life supervisor at work. Every time he appears it just cracks me up 😂 Rarely does a comedy make me laugh so much.
  9. Randomly started watching Schitt’s Creek. It’s very, very funny. Dan Levy character is brilliant, as is everyone else. Starting season 2 today. An excellent discovery 👍
  10. Yeah, sometimes I think I’m a bit of an anti-social rebel and should just chill out and chat with friends. Maybe half a dozen mates I know have left social media in the last year. They tell me to stay away. Dunno. Just the attention seeking vibe bothers me. I don’t like poseurs.
  11. Did I mention that I’ve never been on social media? (apart from watmm) Well that is technically a lie. I was on Facebook when it first appeared, many moons ago, what is 15 years or something. I was travelling in Nepal and India at the time and this Israeli couple (metal heads, lefties, nice) set me up with an account and obviously most of the backpackers were on it and it was well handy to meet up with friends at different locations across the world. Then when I returned home this really excellent tool that had some genuine purpose quickly metamorphosed into an entirely different beast all together. This beast was devil. All the possible negatives that people have been recently flapping about I could see it crystal clear, years ago. So I just denounced this beast! And I chucked it in the pit of fire and watched it wither into ash. Cackling like a hyena high on LSD
  12. Playing this now Its ‘experimental jazz’ (yawns) but it’s on Warp Records, and seeing as I am a Reasonable Person and generally regard myself as one of their most loyal and hardened henchmen I thought that maybe should give it a little delicate twirl on the eardrums. It’s actually rather pleasant. Space 1, 3, 6 & 7 seem cool. Maybe I should file this under jazz albums I would play again. With the other 2 or 3
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