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  1. Currently half way through the 3rd season of Cobra Kai 🐍 👊 💥 Unexpectedly very enjoyable 😎
  2. Excellent! Nice to see the sun shining and short sleeves. It’s weird weather near London, not really pleasant at all. Cold wind, sometimes very warm sunshine and then massive downpours. Crap in other words.
  3. As is the priory church. Definitely worth a visit 🙏
  4. Go on mate. You can do it. Thats right. Align the annular nail with my erect cock and japs eye. Are you ready? Good. Prepare the hammer blow…. Go in smash it in!!!!! 👁 🔨 💥 🤪
  5. QUIT YOU WHINING TINKERBELL!!! AND SHUT YOUR GODDAMN PUSSY SQUEALING SUGARPLUM FAIRY FACE!!! THE COLOSSAL SQUIDS FROM THE DARK OCEANIC FATHOMS HAVE LEARNED TO LIVE ON LAND!!! THEIR PREY DECIMATED BY INDUSTRIAL TRAWLERS!!! THEIR ONLY SURVIVAL CHOICE IS NOW US!!! Eyes glowing through the shallow waters on the beach like giant circular lanterns. Chattering hooks by the thousand on their gloopy pulsing suckers. The snapping and snatching parrot beak hidden behind the writhing twisting ball of tentacles. Now they are upon the first of the fisherman’s huts. Belly floppin’ deep in squid grease. They move fast. The oil lamped lights of the shore dwellings quickly extinguished the beach district is gone and now resembles their previous home, the inky blackness of the oceanic abyss. PACK YOUR KNAPSACK PIPSQUEAK!! AND DON’T FORGET THE BISCUITS!! THE GARDEN FORK AND SPADE ARE OUR ONLY WEAPONS!! BEER DRINKING BUCKTOOTHED CREEP!!! The phone rings. The nuclear submarines leave port.
  6. Let’s get back on track. I was hoping Syro would take the same trajectory as Drukqs (but no such chance). Like a capuchin attempting to climb the monkey puzzle, Drukqs was a true sonic conundrum for me when I first played it and was for many repeated plays. I was simply bamboozled by the light-years ahead genius of Aphex trickery. I’m not sure if younger listeners nowadays, with every track and album ready to play at the touch of a mouse understand the concept of the ‘slow burner’ an album that takes many months, sometimes years to reveal their true glory. For me I think the Joy Division albums took a long while to like (not sure why….) and I’m trying to rack my brains and think up others but it doesn’t matter because Drukqs is the master of slow burners. Even this spring I decided to sit with this album and ‘listen’ even more. And yes of course more deep Aphexian magic was revealed. I can’t believe now, looking back and thinking about my initial reaction to Drukqs this is my favourite Aphex Twin album. But it is. I guess it would be ultra cool to hear some tracks that never made the final cut. I remember Ivan Ooze saying something about Drukqs and ‘feels like dying in a corner at a rave’. Which is a way to describe some of the sounds on here, but even the more savage tracks are cloaked in bristling, potent darkness. Anyway I’ve ran out of steam myself. No more words.
  7. I think the bit when our bunch of coked up clowns go for a bit of paint gunning and rob a high security military base was beginning of the end for me.
  8. ‘Was’ watching Animal Kingdom. Done a season and a half, and kind of losing interest. Part of it appeals to me but another part of me thinks I should be spending my viewing time much more wisely.
  9. What kind of music is this! He’s just pressing buttons! Anyone can do that! Look! (Wacks todger onto 🎹 while making a gurning face)
  10. I’m getting long in the tooth, and getting more grumpy than ever before. So fuck all. And turn that bloody noise down you fucking scroat!!!!!
  11. Just hopped in on my spacehopper to say I could call my old school mates up. Massive DnB headz they were/are. I was firmly studying at the school of Aphex Twin at the time 🤓 and still am.
  12. Suck my piss. Always happy nowadays when I feel like posting a negative comment and somebody else does it for me and I can just chill and press the ‘like’ button. That’s how I like to cruise nowadays 😎
  13. I was also flabbergasted. I fucking love Spotify, and you’d have to be pointing a Raygun at my head for me to quit but reading this assholes comments almost made me do it. I guess I sleep soundly at night because I paid lots of cash for my records over 3 decades. Spotify comes into its own for my playlists, which I guess are like micro jukeboxes.
  14. Gently drop your steaming nutsack into the cool shallows of the River Loddon Gently dip your steaming dopper into the village duck pond 🦆
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