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  1. I think Sean and Rob should have paid you for their new album cover instead of Designers Republic.
  2. 🍆🍆🍆 hah lol, I will use this in the future for obscene gestures with my mates on WhatsApp and on watmm 😀
  3. yes I came back here under the cloak of darkness on a clandestine mission to quietly delete my old post, a voice was telling me c'mon steve go back and get rid of that angry, belligerent post on the Squarepusher forum, be a good boy, no need for bad vibes but of course it gets quoted 😃 anyway sorry for the full moon post 🤝 (it happens from time to time)
  4. Hah I remember when TH was due to drop and Rough Trade had closed up for the day, and they were putting up a window display of the album, quite possibly rearranging some lights and those dudes on twoism were spazzing out and gonna jump in their cars and drive down there from all over the country. Even one of the cool headed moderators was ready to burn rubber and get to London just in case BOC turned up in capes, lasers and billowing fog machines. It's just a window display lads, calm down. I think all the Red Moon business, all the Geogaddi satanic stuff, only 2 or 3 live shows, then all the years of 'radio silence' were vital ingredients for BOCmania. And after the fermentation of Radio Silence when things reached fever pitch we had a release announced in codes about an album which was themed about the incoming apocalypse. It doesn't get much better than that in my opinion 😎
  5. Wow it’s 5.15am, feel a bit fuzzy but okay, had a few different Northern Monk pale ales as well yesterday which were just fine. Seems as though my Tesco has invested in some new craft ales, they also had quite a few Magic Rock bits and bobs. I’m not massive into Craft Ale, as Stephen says it’s rather pricey (2 cans of beer is sometimes equal to a decent bottle of wine!) and sometimes all I need is a bog standard pilsner and I’m happy. However that stout was very, very tasty 😋
  6. It weighs in at 9% and I’m gonna buy more for Saturday night, and fire up the Post Something Random thread, and eat salt and pepper squid until The Kraken appears out of my fiery arsehole the following morning!
  7. Mister Wabbly from Barleycorn recommended this.... Just pulled the trigger on this bad boy The fucking thirsty Wolf and the savage Badger is happy Slips down the neck like sweet treacle but blows your brain into smithereens like a UXO bomb!
  8. People keep telling me I should watch The Umbrella Academy. So I will.
  9. Personally speaking, primarily it was when I read further into the finer details of Geogaddi of which were completely unknown to me for years, I was astonished and that certainly took them up a few notches in my mind. I thought it was genuinely fascinating. The subjects they write about (apocalypse, cults, psychedelic camping trips, the devil etc etc) through mostly instrumental music is genuinely fascinating. And also how they keep themselves in this day and age mostly a mystery, is, yes genuinely fascinating. I don’t worship them on any ridiculous level as I’m too old and busy with my life for all that but I’m acutely aware I totally love them to bits.
  10. Holy guacamole! Listening now. Rocking back and forth like a demented woodpecker to this 🤘
  11. A lot of these tunes I've never heard, so I'm definitely interested. Speaking of Top Boy, I watched the first 2 seasons and there were a lot of super good tracks on there, but I had a really hard time finding a comprehensive list of the tunes that were played. Quite annoying. I'm sure one of these tracks was a super heavy, almost industrial ambient track. Not sure if it was Eno though.
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