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  1. Hum - Inlet added to my massive list which equals three It's not that I don't like new music, I spend most of my time listening/discovering music from every decade, and the latest tunes don't take priority. also other records I've enjoyed Kelly Lee Owens - Inner Song Avalon Emerson - DJ Kicks Mr Bungle - Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny
  2. Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini - Illusion of Time First play only a couple of tracks I liked but as the album title suggests, that was just an illusion and over time the record grew on me. Fabulous stuff! Deftones - Ohms It's the Deftones but in full flight and in attack mode. Striking stuff!
  3. I know November is a month for sleepy time, but this is now out (just in case you were snoozing).
  4. A perfect beautiful Autumnal rainbow. Lovely picture.
  5. Can’t believe they have new music. But is it any good? I’ll find out later 🤘
  6. You fucking Devil Worshipping simpleton! You were supposed to suck my cock not chew into shreads!! Satan laughing spreads his wings!!!
  7. Satan’s mousey wangus maximus laughing spreads his ballsackus
  8. Google ‘best of boomkat’ and whichever year you’re looking for and the charts will come up. There doesn’t seem a way of doing it via their homepage (apart from 2019 under ‘charts’) There is a mountain of stuff there to get stuck into (especially if you consider the artist charts!) Too much for me lol. Enjoy.
  9. Boomkat definitely do end of year lists, it’s 5.40am and I need to get my skates on otherwise I’d try and find for you. I’m sure they are there on their site somewhere.
  10. Mogwai are the perfect band to spend a day discovering on Spotify. I think the problem is since Happy Songs/Mr Beast their albums are very patchy but do have some gems on. Especially Hardcore and Les Revenants. I’m not a massive fan of them but I always give them a good listen.
  11. In the 90’s they were quite offensive towards Blur 🧐
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