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  1. Witcher is mostly pretty boring, sometimes quite good. Mostly boring. There’s quite a delightful brunette mage which makes things a lot more interesting.
  2. We’re well into 2022 and making the most of a quiet period, appreciate this sweet recommendation. Never heard of TM404 before (I think) and enjoyed this. ‘spesh Drumati, Oxfor and Roofto. Nice work. 🤞 species8472 and dcom next. Then chill.
  3. I have listened to almost everything he’s done, and I know he’s talented but I’ve never seen the light. Still I shall look forward to listening to this asap.
  4. Heard a few good things about season 2 so just started The Witcher so see if it’s any good. I quite like the old dungeons and dragons, sword and sorcery stuff but kind of feel for years it’s been done to death and just gets predictable. We shall see.
  5. I like the first one. Suits my present mood perfectly.
  6. Still want that World Map 🌍 but definitely don’t have a spare £250 😔
  7. I’d be more than happy to man the guillotine.
  8. It was. It zapped their minds. That’s why they are sat, dribbling, in silence.
  9. Gonna purchase one of these. Nice shirt. https://gzaworld.myshopify.com/products/liquid-swords-g-tee-1
  10. PHEW! So this thread proves that Aphex and his fans aren't sliding into Dad Rock territory.... Jolly good!
  11. I’m not sure if it’s common knowledge, but he also did the soundtrack to The Empty Man film.
  12. Analord 02 vibes (which means it’s killer)
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