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  1. Never liked them. Probably the most over-hyped band ever. It's good too see that many on here found their way into electronic music through Daft Punk. I'm sure many of those folks have now found out that there is supremely better music in almost every way to be heard from other artists. And those fucking outfits and helmets. Good way to shift the focus away from their naff music. Just my opinion. Don't flame me.
  2. https://bleep.com/release/220708-thomas-fehlmann-boser-herbst
  3. Those Tumblr tracks are proving difficult to download. Must be the way they are embedded or something.
  4. There is also the 'Christmas Lights' release from 2014. The Bandcamp download also features two bonus tracks (that cannot be previewed unfortunately). One of them is 'Equinal Sound' - probably the best Freescha track ever (for me). I've included a very short 1m sample below. I hope Nick doesn't mind. 821126956_EquinalSoundSample.flac
  5. I bet many people on here don't know of this. (2015)
  6. And there is this little known gem too.
  7. There is also his Terror Train project from 2011. This can be seen as a transition album (IMO) where he started to move away from the Freescha sound towards Night Sequels. Also there is also a truly wonderful mix he did a few years back. It collects together all the inspirations for Freescha. Some of the choices seemed strange to me back in 2015 when he released this. And yet, when you listen to Freecha's catalog and all the solo stuff, you can see where the origins and vibes that make up their sound came from. Be sure to read Nick's notes on the tracklist. If you're a real fan
  8. Guys, this is one half of Freescha, in case you weren't aware.
  9. It's basically a remastered (and quite bit) remixed edition of Chill Out. This is the original version before samples were added, not an “edit”. It also has additional parts not on the “Chill Out” version and is mixed a bit differently. But I really miss the BBC Radio 'Rock Radio' voice of Tommy Vance "Rock Radio...Into the Nineties...And Beyond." And the Van Halen sample.
  10. It's not new. It's an alternate take. Seasoned listeners will notice quite a few new details and the odd omission. They must have remastered it too because it sounds a lot nicer sonically than the original. Cleaner and more detailed. You can stream it most places but there are also FLAC copies floating around now, presumably lifted from Tidal or QOBUZ. An incredible album that somehow doesn't seem to age compared to some IDM. Last month they also released 'Sonic State Logic ' - a collection of singles and other oddities. Apparently there are more back catalogue gems to
  11. New album and EP. https://attacknine.bandcamp.com/album/tascams-2010-2021 https://attacknine.bandcamp.com/album/slug
  12. Good new stuff. Cassette is sold out but I mailed the Bandcamp page and they said digitals would be forthcoming. This is kind of what I hoped the new Martin Gore EP would sound like (although that's good too). https://boomkat.com/products/doors-of-poprioception-12345678
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