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  1. At this point, (5 years), I'd buy anything.
  2. Great EP. I actually prefer the second of the two tracks but the first is a real monster.
  3. Listening to this most of the weekend. All those samples of phone calls featuring people trying to contact FSOL remind me a lot of the the KLF. I'm pretty sure this album is a nod to 'The Waiting'. Also love that sample at around the fifteen minute mark of some guy saying "You will forget about me." And a woman replying "Why would I do that?" This album feels like falling through some wormhole back to 1992.
  4. https://forum.watmm.com/topic/98720-robin-stewart-time-travel/
  5. Pretty sure this has been timed to coincide with the Bandcamp Artists Fee Waive that is rolling out today to help support artists during the Corona Virus outbreak.
  6. trouble downloading this. Bandcamp is getting hammered today because they've waived artists fees for one day due to Corona Virus.
  7. Killer EP with some haunting, nauseating dub plunderphonics on the title track.
  8. It's been out a while and yet I couldn't find a thread about it. This is a surprisingly good album , harking back to those incredible broadcasts they use to do back in the day. It has all the copyright watermarks etc to give it a real archive feel. While there are quite a few new pieces int this continuous 49 minute piece, they cleverly sprinkle in lots of old early 90s samples that had me misting up. Great stuff. https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/touched-by-silence-please-note-fsol-is-cd-only-boxes-will-ship-in-early-feb
  9. Yeah, fabulous album. It's got a bit of everything in just the right amount.
  10. I don't like it so much. I appreciate that he's trying to channel the vibe from 'Escape from New York' and various other Carpenter movies but it's so successful in this that I feel like I'd just as well listen to one of Carpenter's 80s soundtracks. This doesn't sound at all like the S>>D stuff (which was much more interesting and varied). By the sixth or seventh track I was pretty bored. Just the same insistent, ticking sequencers and ominous chords. For recreating scenes of Snake Pliskin on a rescue mission or Doctor Dan Challis trying to escape the clutches of an evil mask maker - these tracks do a great job. Unfortunately thats all they do.
  11. I don't buy his stuff anymore. He forces people to buy blind. No Spotify. Only ever previews one BandCamp track. Everywhere you look, there's nothing.
  12. http://snake.popapostle.com/html/episodes/Escape-from-New-York.htm
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