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  1. fumi


    I think this will be one of the most expensive mistakes in movie history. The trailer looked good but this is one movie that will not connect with an audience. I was amazed when Blade Runner 2049 came out and totally enjoyed it but audiences didn't care. Dune is even more of a niche SF market. If you've ever read the book, you'll know that this will movie will not appeal to the mainstream audiences. The trailer was made for people who love Dune, it will not resonate with anyone else.
  2. https://boomkat.com/products/sketches-of-everything
  3. Carl Sagan saying the word "billion" once during the first episode of Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, stretched to last one hour.
  4. So, so happy this finally has a digital release. Low-key synth & keyboard studio album by Swedish all-rounder Gustaf Dicksson. Limited edition of 300 copies with insert. From the early days of the found-sounds recordings (like the downright scary Unga Röster album and the hilarious Mandys Bil 7"), the homespun kitchen recordings/tape collages of the still-going Idiotmusik series to the more carefully elaborated and precise Leendet Från Helvetet and Knutna Nävar albums, the massive Livets Ord dropped like a bomb when it originally surfaced as a self-released cassette in 2018. Heavily based on synths and keyboards and clocking in on no less than close 70 minutes over 4 LP-sides, this is arguably THE epic album from the cluster around the Förlag För Fri Musik empire. Gustaf Dickssons' fascination for christianity/religious assemblies shines through once again, the title Livets Ord ("The word of life") derived from the Swedish free church/sect with the same name that was based in Uppsala between 1983-2013 and casting a pastoral shadow over the ambient music of the album. While dabbling with a long tradition of kosmische musik and private-pressed new age wonders, Blods now patented sound of a Björn Isfält-gone-sour still lingers throughout the entire recording. A cornerstone in contemporary Gothenburg underground music. Featuring guest appearances by Emelie Thulin and Jerker Jarold. Truly beautiful stuff, especially the 22min closer 'Ute Blaser Sommarvind' which has a wistful, life-affirming quality to it.
  5. God forbid you could at least be thankful I even post here anymore with heads-up stuff. Ungrateful shit.
  6. Exclusive on Boomkat. Lynch protégé and Twin Peaks sound designer Dean Hurley coaxes an incredible puzzlebox of atmospheres and mood pieces in a killer contribution to our Documenting Sound series, perhaps its most cinematic and neon-lit instalment thus far. It sounds like a smudged and overdubbed copy of the BoC Maxima tape, with added iridescence. Cassette edition & Digital.
  7. Sean Canty and Andy Votel explore new territory within the realms of broken music, mechanical composition, spoken-word and noise collage with the help of multi disciplinary artist and longtime cohort Rick Myers, feeding Pre-Cert's gothic ambience into more unnerving corridors. We’re very here for it. Myers is Votel's longest running collaborator (and co-author of his very first releases in the mid-90’s) and alongside Sean Canty the trio find a genuine and naturalistic plain to create some of the collective's most bizarre and beautiful installations yet. Devised fast and loose via cassette overdubs between Manchester and Massachusetts, and further expanding the syncopated vocal work found in Myers' very limited "Obstacle #69: Sentences In A Magnetic Field" from 2019, the two longform pieces that make-up this release are narrated by Myers in a way that sounds like a forlorn John Cooper Clarke riding some abstracted, unheard and unfathomable b-cinematic sound design. Inspiring an ongoing practice of automatic non-musical sound composition while drawing long term influences from lesser known sound-art projects, such as Milan Grygar's Acoustic Drawings in Prague or Hungarian sound poet Katalin Ladik, and Swiss-German mainstay Dieter Roth, this first soundset reduces the trios reactions with dense and elongated results, piloting this ongoing series under the name HUMAN ENGINEERING. This limited cassette release, housed in artwork based on Myers personal work, proceeds an upcoming vinyl project under the same name, while providing a welcome addition to each members catalogue via Pre-Cert, Popular Mechanics, Demdike Stare, Cacophonic and Rick's own printed work for Primary Information in America, Neives in Zurich and his own Northampton MA based Editions Muta forgery. https://boomkat.com/products/human-engineering
  8. What exactly were you expecting? A twelve paragraph introduction?
  9. Four guys. 5 trillion dollars of business. It's running live now.
  10. You should get this. Haunting and unsettling stuff.
  11. In case you missed this. Posted pre-covid madness.
  12. Mmm. The album cover is nice. I'm less than excited about the album itself. The genre is exhausted. Lately, I've been more inclined to search out actual library stuff from that era rather than modern day artists attempting to imagine/invoke the nostalgia of the early 70s. Also, GB seem to have made real attempts to broaden the appeal in recent years, shying away from the unsettling quality that made them once so notable. The last thing I really enjoyed from them was the recent Focus Group album - it had that unfinished, abandoned vibe that I find really appealing.
  13. Out tomorrow. https://kasseljaeger.bandcamp.com/album/swamps-things
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