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  1. Always love that Demis Roussos Sample of 'Forever and ever' at the 2.16 mark on Moonquake 6. Just brings a smile to my face every time.
  2. This kind of stuff isn't really my kind of thing but after listening today, I went and immediately bought it. Lovely, uplifting sounds.
  3. @joshuatxuk @Nebraska This sounds superb from the samples. 1980s spoken word weaving in (now almost ancient) synths in the style of Laurie Anderson.
  4. Some of this sounds incredible. It almost has an early Bola/SKAM vibe.
  5. Found new clips. https://www.phonicarecords.com/product/biosphere-shortwave-memories-lp-pre-order-biophon-records/177490
  6. I also agree with brisk. It's fractured and fleeting and by the time you're admiring some really beautiful moment, it's gone. However, I think this might be kind of intentional . OPN does this a lot. A couple of minutes of meh, then ten seconds of something extraordinary - then back to the mundane again. Even BOC mentioned this way back in that old XLR8 interview circa Geogaddi. It's made that way to keep you coming back for that few second hit.
  7. Listening now. Awesome. If you're not a fan of his style, you're never gonna like this. But this fulfils all my needs.
  8. https://percivalpembroke.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-shin-megami-tensei-dungeon
  9. Boomkat should re-issue the first Stranger album. The last track, 'I'll be seeing you' is where The Caretaker first began.
  10. Really nice track. I'm such a sucker for this stuff.
  11. Rick Myers & Matt Krefting - Movements For Reginaphone + Cassette Peter Zinovieff - South Pacific Migration Party FUJI||||||||||TA - KŌMORI
  12. Actually, I've listened to this now. It's a fake for sure. Especially given the EP's description. There are two fakes now floating around. One of them is Asleep Country’s album Next Year’s Snow
  13. But not available to purchase until the 6th. Maybe he'll move the Bandcamp page forward a little.
  14. Let's hope there is a last minute surprise with some digitals. I cannot roast chestnuts around an open fire without some new Burial.
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