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  1. Out tomorrow. https://kasseljaeger.bandcamp.com/album/swamps-things
  2. Boomkat: Limited to 100 copies. Volume 4 is perhaps the most unsettling and uncanny in the series so far, mirroring the latter stages of The Caretaker’s ‘Everywhere At The End Of Time’ series with what sounds like a trace echo of disembodied choral voices floating in and out of field recordings and found sounds coalescing in ghostly formation. As per usual, we’re not gonna attempt to guess any of the included material, except to say that to us it sounds like deepest drone, concrète and sound art deployed at an almost imperceptible BPM, with diffused obscurities merging into foley, industrial and phantasmagoric atmospheres and the kind of multi-layered chicanery this lot have become so effortlessly good at piecing together. I finally received my tape today. Sounds fantastic. Best in the series so far - the Caretaker reference is spot-on. It sold out on Boomkat within two hours but Sean Canty has one for a reasonable price on Discogs.
  3. That demo set was originally only released as a limited run of 100 tape copies on Blackest Ever Black. Rare stuff. First time on digital.
  4. Mark has now released more stuff. https://dalhous.bandcamp.com/track/lost-discarded-or-simply-forgotten
  5. New album. https://berceuseheroique.bandcamp.com/album/bh-065-jay-glass-dubs-soma-lp Had an early listen to this. Starts off well but then the vocals start coming in on a few tracks and the whole thing just goes off the rails. Big disappointment (IMO) after the excellent 'Epitaph". You should still check it out as YMMV.
  6. Just got email on this. It's from 2018 but I'm assuming it hasn't seen a release until now. https://dalhous.bandcamp.com/album/young-hunting-a-list-of-indignities
  7. I'm also so proud of Kanye telling everyone how proud he is that Kim is now officially a billionaire. In today's modern world, with all of us weathering the craziest of storms, its important to remember that financial wealth is the only true measure of a human life.
  8. Xerrox Voyage is an early favourite but Calypsoid 2 is the real killer track on this album. Shades of 'Shutov Assembly'.
  9. His output now is absolutely nothing like his early stuff. If I listen to Fi or Handcranked, it might has well have been created by another artist. I know a lot of people like Vignetting, but even by then he was moving away from that early sound (which now sounds rather magical in a BOC kind of way).
  10. This is a very beautiful piece of work. Stunning sounds. Instabuy.
  11. Very nice artwork on the cover. Haven't liked his output since the Mush era albums though. Just not my thing. But Phantom Brickworks is the exception. That album was solid.
  12. I've had this the past week and it just gets better with each listen. I was initially thinking this would be some Com Truise generic synth wave but it's got quite a lot more to it than that. I'm pleasantly surprised at just how many of these tracks seep into your consciousness and demand repeat playings. Great stuff. Still an appalling name but the content is excellent.
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