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  1. If you're into his work, you won't need any introduction as to what to expect. Lucrecia seems to temper his harsher stuff and make this new album a bit more accessible. Well, may just a little. Also worth a listen is 'The Gag File'.
  2. if Burial can go the Bandcamp route, I don't know why it can't happen here. I'm sure there is a small (yet pretty loyal) fanbase out there.
  3. This sounds good but the recent Jarre release (in a very similar vein) is way better. It's not even close.
  4. Magic OPN was in my top five from last year. It obliterated Age Of which (IMO) was an embarrassment to his name. The early stuff still has the edge though.
  5. My recommendation would be In, Demons In! https://boomkat.com/products/in-demons-in
  6. Wow. This has been on repeat for me all weekend. I never imagined he'd do anything this good so late in his career. Some really beautiful (and odd) sounds on here. It's like floating down the Amazon and every so often passing by little, isolated settlements. An incredible piece of work.
  7. If you ordered from Bandcamp and are wondering why this is still not showing up - it's officially out today, I've contacted Marc and he said he will speak to the label.
  8. This is actually rather excellent from Jarre. There were moments when I thought "Any moment now, the arpeggiators are gonna hit and the drums patterns begin". Luckily, he thought better of it. Some good restraint shown here (considering the vast array of studio technology at his disposal) and it pays off well on this album. Like Eno might have once told him, "Less is sometimes more."
  9. Essential listening. https://www.qobuz.com/gb-en/album/the-white-room-the-klf/bambz1xzzdeob
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