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  1. TBK


    ^check bottom of page2 about 25 min into part 2.. leterel?
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YKcNMmnazE#t=2m30s here's a cool live version of that track. the ending of 2 dollars blends so well with the intro of chinsaki and i just love that extended intro here! haven't seen this particular version anywhere else, but i always come back to it whenever i get into the mood for some again and that usually starts with this album.
  3. good thread... this is necessary sometimes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVCZV_BXjK8 a hidden gem of his "anger" tracks lol
  4. just came across this recording in soulseek... DL not the greatest quality but i'll take it!
  5. Ultra thanks on this! Big thanks here too!
  6. That's the only part of their meltdown set that's ever been broadcast - originally went out on a John Peel show but it was only that track that was played. There's a full version of a similar set floating about, 1998 new york I think. Soundboard recording so a bit dryer and no crowd noise. Well worth checking out, it's got live versions of gaekwad and draun quarter and the last 25 minutes is pure unreleased lp5-era madness. Fuck i need to hear this. Cheers for the info, will try hunt it down Anyone found this? Sounds amazing!! "Autechre___1998_08_09___Canada_British_Columbia_Vancouver" is that file. It's also under "2000-xx-xx-usa-new-york-new-york-city". They are exactly the same tracks so there must be some mistake.
  7. anything 2008 (if this ever happens then wow...) otherwise interested in 1996 I know we have Flex but the sets during that era varied quite a bit too (Sonar 1996), would love to hear more of that. also generally interested in anything from 1993-1997 who knows when they started recording their sets though...
  8. bought all 4 in an instant. this store hopefully paves the way for recordings from other years? one can dream... these will last me a while though
  9. http://forum.watmm.com/files/file/1573-autechre-live-in-birmingham-england-1993-part-iflac/ highly recommended if you like their earls works the other good stuff was already mentioned :) like this one: http://forum.watmm.com/files/file/1644-autechre-2008-04-12-canada-ontario-toronto-remastered-by-fredd-e-mp3/ epic last few minutes
  10. http://mega.co.nz/#!W5JkEBhT!wlG71PZZ-NlwS3EWBbOciJetHO3ZBu6Idi0MbDGNvC8 here's AeKrkowAmnieq56.mp3 not sure if's the most up to date version amni made, it's the one he posted in the krakow topic
  11. really loving that 1st live set! a unique composition just for the purpose of being performed live, just like autechre have always done it. hopefully scanner finds those tapes he mentioned on sc
  12. finally a full length 1994 set! don't have to tease myself with those britronica clips anymore...
  13. recognize that one, it's from the 2010 webcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oexaXqyrKPI
  14. Second Crane. The track from Stormy Waters. Someone find that please.
  15. I'm 6'0 and L seems to be a good fit. Maybe it's a tiny bit too long but the washing machine will take care of that.
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