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  1. Rush - Counterparts.

    Primus - Pork Soda.


    A bottle of Iced Tea (still haven't quite worked out why, because I hate the stuff), guitar strings, and a jar of coffee. :ok:


    during a time in my life, those two albums have a real togetherness factor. the complement each other. recently;


    Seed 5x5/1

    Seed 5x5/3 + Digitonal Live at Norberg 2005

    Seed 5x5/4

    Dreamfish: Dreamfish 2

    Paul Simon: Graceland

    Nine Inch Nails: Broken (first pressing w/ the 3" CD)

    B12: Electro-Soma (TVT version)

    East Flatbush Project: Tried By 12 (remixes CD, Ninja Tune version)

    Infinite Scale: Automated Compositions

    Digitonal: The Center Cannot Hold CD

    Posthuman: Posthuman EP 12"

  2. had the vinyl for years. always just wanted the CD. kind of marks the end of an era for me. it was the last Aphex thing i always really wanted. guess i could always get Joyrex J9 pic disc or AB2 but GAK CD will always have a special place.





    ps- i'd say '97 was it. its almost been 10 years since the end of electronica.

  3. i laugh whenever a magazine tried to be a priceguide and give something value anymore. ebay and the internets destroyed their ability to asign value to anything long ago.


    Q-Chastic, if it were physically avaliable, would be worth over a grand possibly, being as AB5 has sold for that and we've seen plenty of real copies.

  4. Blur - Leisure

    Blur - The Great Escape

    DJ Food - Refried Foods 12" part 3

    Goldfrapp - Black Cherry

    The JAMs - 1987 12" (45 Edits)

    Massive Attack - Protection

    µ-Ziq - Tango 'N Vectif (2xCD)

    Ulrich Schnauss - Far Away Trains Passing By (2xCD)

    Woob - Woob


    and one other thing. can't remember.

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