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  1. Few songs are ok, but synths are repeatable and boring, not so innovating album.
  2. I really like your new releases, thank You far that but after all this years still think that "This one's for you" is your best album Is it just a tittle or it was directed to wider audience from the beginning ?
  3. + releases that sometimes appear few days before they leak to what.cd and other music trackers :)
  4. Great album but little too gloomy.
  5. He's got it over a month ago, so what, he wont leak it.
  6. Not bad for the first clark's unplugged album.
  7. So this is another "old" track which we already heard in Kode9 live set (at 3:00).
  8. Hmm some b/w movies materials have as much of data in picture as normal color movies (greater pallete of color shading) for example Casablanca Bluray. Btw INNI BD is out and some scenes look really poor like a DVD and some are worth of BD. Disc Title: SIGUR_ROS_INNI Disc Size: 20.661.393.569 bytes Size: bytes (movie) Length: 1:15:00 Total Bitrate: 26,75 Mbps Video: MPEG-4 AVC Video / 21327 kbps / 1080p / 24 fps / 16:9 / High Profile 4.1 Audio: Icelandic / DTS-HD Master Audio / 5.1 / 48 kHz / 4010 kbps / 24-bit (DTS Core: 5.1 / 48 kHz / 1509 kbps / 24-bit) Subtitle: Japanese / 1,008 kbps If you know where to look for it you will find it. ;)
  9. I just found this trailer for a festival where I will go soon, here's a full version track, now bow down and enjoy!
  10. Judging by samples and this demo track, this gonna be my favourite autumn album
  11. Aviator EP Tracklisting 1. Aviator 2. Totem 3. Sleepwalking 4. Sleepwalking (FaltyDL Remix) 5. Cecconi Closer EP Tracklisting 1. Closer 2. Closer (Pinch Remix) I know that some of you will say that d'n'b producer like Photek making house/dubstep music sucks a lot, and this is just for money. Yeah maybe but this tracks are very nice, especially closer which btw sounds like Clubroot. It's worth to try.
  12. This One's For You is still for me the best Gasman's album, but I enjoy almost all his new releases, keep an eye for a few crazy unreleased tracks
  13. 1 The Untitled Ballad Of You & Me 8:19 2 It Leaves Us Silent 4:55 3 Polish Love Song 4:25 4 Kitten Plays The Harmony Rocket 4:42 5 He Loved To See The World Through His Camera 3:56 6 From Where It Was 5:11 7 Horse Lullaby 4:40 8 Scary Movie 6:33 Cello – Hildur Guðnadóttir Violin – Chester Diamond Written-By – Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie, Chantal Acda gizehrecords Nice album for SOTL fans. :)
  14. Galactic Melt You should know already 3 tracks from this LP : 08 Glawio 10 Futureworld 11 Galactic Melt All 3 was available on myspace, now only 2 left here & here
  15. Yes indeed, but Nemo Loon dubstep track are sick, I really like it. BTW. if someone has too much free time and empty pockets, you can download almost complete No Noia My Love tracks (without few ending seconds)in pieces from here LINK with DownloadHelper in firefox. One song is in circa 10 pieces. So after that, you got to join this pieces in some editing software. I was in a middle of this proccess but instead just bought whole album. Good luck. :)
  16. It's a great album,I had just bought it on junodowload. I don't understand why there's no big noise about this record, rephlex should be jelous about it. ;) Highly recommended, but first tracks so far sounds better than further dubstepish compositions.
  17. [bug Web] BW006 - The Gasman - Alpha Plus EP Release Date : 10 Mar 2010 "UK finest, The Gasman hits us with an EP in his very own, funky & fresh 'Gasman' style. A combination of off beat breaks, acid basslines & funky samples which trademarks the man from Portsmouth.. 6 Tracks / File under : IDM, Electronica, Acid, Rave, Jungle" Tracklist 1. Glash Fish 1 2. Burnt Toast 3. Frish 4. Coob7 5. Flit 6. Rtn300 Download from website: www.myspace.com/bugweb DirectLink: MediaFire
  18. apatch

    is Monolith AFX?

    Yeah I read the rules already, still don't know what was wrong with my post, internal link ? Please give me a tip before banning
  19. apatch

    is Monolith AFX?

    read the rules. look at me, i'm on a roll! Yes I should say Hello first , HELLO FOLKS , what's more about "read the rules" I just don't know, please enlighten me. Personally I don't care who it is , maybe it's not a best album but just a good sound.
  20. apatch

    is Monolith AFX?

    I'm not sure if AFX = Monolith but when I was on AFX show at Sacrum Profanum Festival - 19.09.09 Sacrum Profanum LINK , DJ Rephlex played all Monolith material along with Analord music, maybe it's not a coincidence. ;) Nice music BTW.
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