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  1. I've been using a (heavily discounted) Surface Pro 2017 w/ Reaper and a Focusrite Saffire rig to do portable 16 track recordings, and it's been working great for me. No concerns.
  2. almost certain that it's deliberate, although there should be a toggle to disable it. the specific bug i reported is a bit subtle - there's a MIDI command to reset all CC values to default, and this should (in theory) cancel out any CCs that are being traced, but that's not what happens. i'll nudge the bug again at some point.
  3. Reaper tries to play forward the last registered value for each CC when you restart playback at a later point, and in this session it was glitching params that were meant to be left as default. It's deliberate behavior but wasn't working well with the provided MIDI sequences. I hacked up a JS effect to drop the first few MIDI messages on playback start which hopefully let the group move past that blocker.
  4. some lovely sounds on there
  5. That Vormaks II rhythm is *rad*.
  6. i am ten years deep into Reaper MIDI (and I wrote some of the JS fx on there) - PM me, maybe I can help. (or email dan @ remaincalm.org ) you want to add a MIDI/midi_logger plugin the very end of the track that's sending to your G2, hit start/stop from an empty MIDI section, and report what shows up. i can also suggest a good set of vanilla MIDI device options in case some of them are in a weird state now.
  7. just listening to 'sigil' - great sounds, love the bass on it.
  8. ...how does that work ("image sonification"), exactly? seems a lot more tonal than i was expecting. this is great! reminds me a bit of the limbo soundtrack - https://limbogame.bandcamp.com/
  9. I have a new album! It started out as a track-by-track deconstruction of LFO - Advance and a bit of a tribute to that era of Warp Records. But the more I read about LFO and Mark Bell and everything it all went a bit dark and weird and it kinda turned into a meditation on the battle between human creativity and time. Also that maybe comes through a bit in the video. Dunno. Free download on bandcamp: https://danielarena.bandcamp.com/album/a-map-the-size-of-the-kingdom Also on Spotify: Cheers!
  10. this is stunning stuff. great work, all. can't wait for the next layer.
  11. Ah, I remember that. Sounded amazing.
  12. am skimming a 2016 bootleg now - they played a lot of stuff from that, but not a straight copy, a lot of things shuffled around or drastically different
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