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  1. great track! could go longer though, for sure.
  2. cheers! we should be on all the services - we're on spotify here: (it should be available worldwide but please let use know if it's not coming through) also bandcamp: http://spectralgates.bandcamp.com thanks so much!
  3. cheers! yeah, it was a bit less aggressive originally but our mastering guy pushed the kick and snare pretty hard and i think it came together pretty well. bit of a nightmare to play live but we're getting there 🙂 thanks again!
  4. the album this is from comes out on monday next week. we made another clip for the lead track, it's a bit of a weird one. maybe a bit like a shoegaze-y talking heads instrumental. we had to hand-code a sudoku solver, a bacteria colony simulator and a physics engine for the clip, among other things. some of the other stuff on the album is a lot more electronic, i hope you forgive the band-iness of this one.
  5. cheers! yeah this one (and the album it's from) is already baked in, but we're heading into the studio for three days of drum tracking in a couple of weeks, will likely give something like that a go. thanks! cheers all for the supportive comments, it's appreciated.
  6. ah sorry for the late replies! thanks for the comments. yeah the launch went great. was good to shake some rust off. this one felt right going out pretty raw and basic. a lot of our stuff is jammed out and primal/linear, but we have a new album complete and coming out soon with a bunch of longer journeys on it. yeah it was a really impossible mix, thanks for the feedback though. cheers all!
  7. so... we've been sitting on this for a while now. 'spectral gates' are a sydney-based rave/doom/math two-piece. albums #1-#3 have had a bunch of local radio play and some spotify - album #4 comes out early 2022. this one is a rolling linear live rhythm freakout over an 0coast and a pocket operator beat. steve (the drummer) told me there's a 13 in the time signature. i couldn't figure out where the 1 was though, so it doesn't matter. lots of home-made DSP (delays, mostly) in here as well. we've been writing software for a much more elaborate video clip for a more conventional lead track from the forthcoming album, but we were burning out on that so we smashed this clip out in a few days. hope you like it. if you're near sydney, we're playing 21 nov - ping for details. cheers!
  8. Album is out now - dubby, soundtrack-y electrorock. Cheers!
  9. Hi all. Hope you're all well. I've *just* hit the "upload to Spotify" button for the third Spectral Gates album, 'lunar', and we put a clip up for the first single 'moontruck' today. We're a Sydney-based instrumental two-piece, playing dubby electronic post-rock. Our previous album was mega sludgy, but 'lunar' has a lot of sharper sounds on it. The feature track is propulsive electro-rock. Started off as an attempt to do something like 'future sound of london - papua new guinea' but it ended up nothing like that by the time we finished. We custom developed software to make the clip (and the song, for that matter) - there's a bunch of video re-synthesis in there, piecing together frames from tilesets from old videogame footage (and there's a lot of custom software on the audio side - some of my plugins ship with the Reaper DAW, and I've ported them to other weirdo DSP platforms that we use a lot on-stage). 'lunar' should be up in a week or so - I'll update the post with links. Cheers! Happy to chat technology on this one (or provide stems for remixes, for what it's worth).
  10. New album 'holocene' is out! Retro scroller demo here, 1987 forever: https://spectralgates.com/holocene.html Bandcamp and streaming below: It was always going to be a bit weird to follow up the completely improvised, single-day session that turned into our debut album with an actual 'composed' album, but I think we managed to get something that feels coherent with our previous stuff. Really happy with it, thanks for listening!
  11. Oh, and because this is the 'full release' thread - this track is from one of three upcoming mini-albums, 'Holocene', which should be out in the next month - just waiting on artwork (building a system to generatively produce album covers is slower than just making a cover from scratch, but whatever). We split the new material into mathy/doomy, upbeat/electronic ('Lunar') and experimental/dubby ('Perihelion'), to be released over the next few months.
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